Project-The German states by Z4Rv5z


									Project-The German states

You will
 work with a partner and research one German state (you will draw it from a hat).
 present to the class.

Poster board will be provided.

Information will include:
 a map
 population
 capital city
 major bodies of water (lakes, rivers, etc. )
 major cities
 industries
 sites of interest (historical sites, museums, etc.)
 well known people from that state
 food specialties
 1-2 others things you find interesting (historical events, etc.)

Content                Presentation            Appearance                  Individual
         5                       5                        5                     5
All components are        Made good eye              Nice work.        Did job to the best
     included.          contact, and spoke       All words spelled    of his/her ability and
                        with authority about          correctly.      participated fully in
                             the topic.         Visuals included to        the project.
                                                    add interest.
         3                        3                       3                     3
     Almost all             Generally a               Generally            Generally
    components              satisfactory         satisfactory work.    participated in the
    required are        presentation. Could       Could have been      research but could
     included.          have been improved      improved by proof       have done more.
                        with more practice.        reading more
         1                     1                          1                    1
 Some components        Weak presentation.       Project is thrown    Did not do much of
   are included.         More practice          together and many        the research.
                            needed.                misspellings.      Did not “pull his/her
                                                                         weight” in the

_________/20 = ______________%

You will be asked to evaluate yourself and your partner.
Name of partner_______________________________

Your name___________________________________

What letter grade would you give this member of your group based on the rubric on the

Give reasons to support this grade.

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