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									Lecture 2

Laboratory Culture and a Brief History

Homework #1 Review Questions 1, 3, 4, 7, 10
Application Questions 1, 3

Pure Culture – culture consisting of only one kind of microorganism


Reality – populations that live in a habitat

Populations make up a community

Effects of organisms on their habitat? Examples?

Pure Cultures can be contaminated

Agar on Petri dishes, poured warm,

Aseptic Technique is used to prevent contamination

What is the significance of Microbiology

Human Disease
Interactions between plants in the rhizosphere (area around plant roots)
Rumen in Cows
Genetic Engineering

Pastuer and Spontaneous Generation
      Experiment with the Swan-necked Flask (Pastuer flask)

Koch and the germ theory of disease
1. The organism is always present in animals with the disease, not in healthy
2. “      “ must be cultivated in pure culture
3. Should initiate the symptons when place in a healthy animal
4. Reisolated from infected animals

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