7 new geothermal group sheet by Z4Rv5z


									                           Geothermal Energy Research

Group members: _______________________________________ Hour _____

  1) Renewable or nonrenewable?
  2) What is geothermal energy (how is it found, brought up and used: give a
     quick explanation)?
  3) Where does Earth’s geothermal energy originate from?
  4) How does Earth’s geothermal gradient allow for heat to rise to Earth’s
  5) What is the History of Geothermal Energy? (What did it used to be used for
     (hot springs, etc.)?; how has this technology been changed and used over the
  6) When and where did Geothermal Energy first begin to be used for building
     heating? Home heating?
  7) What is Geothermal Energy used for today (Name 5 things)?
  8) What areas are Geothermal Energy limited to (for use in
  9) What is the thermal efficiency of Geothermal heating?
  10) Which country is the largest user of Geothermal Energy? Which state in the
     USA (name, where, how many megawatts produced, etc.)?
  11) What company is the world’s largest Geothermal Energy producer?
  12) List 5 other Geothermal facts.
  13) Home Geothermal use:
           How many homes in the world use this?
           How many is the USA?
           How many in Michigan?
  14) How expensive is it to build a Geothermal plant?
  15) How expensive to install Geothermal heating in a home?
  16) Name 5 environmental effects of Geothermal Energy.
  17) How likely is it that Geothermal Energy will be used by more people and
     cities in the future? (Give statistics and reasons why or why not it will be
     used more)
18) Include a pie or bar graph that shows how much Geothermal Energy is used
      in the USA compared to other types of fuel (coal, petroleum, wood,
      nuclear, biomass, etc.)
19) Include a pie or bar graph showing how much Geothermal Energy is used
      compared to other renewable energy sources.
20)         Include a diagram of how Geothermal energy works to create energy
      (home or power plant).
21)         Show 7 pictures of what Geothermal energy/plants look like.

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