Running ArcView Scripts

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					              An Introduction to Geographical Information Systems


                              Running ArcView Scripts

This is a relatively short exercise designed to who you how to run ArcView Scripts on the
central network system. It uses a quick script for finding the centre point of a polygon
theme, which surprisingly is not possible using the menus in ArcView!

Running these scripts on the UoA network system is a little different to running them on
a standalone PC because of the general lack of access to read/write permissions.

STEP 1: Locating the Centroid Script and unzipping it to a folder

ArcView Scripts may be found at:

In the Search window/dialogue box enter: Polygon Centroids

When the search returns with the page of example scripts, find the one called:

Polygon Centroid to Point Event Theme

This one works quite well, but remember not all do work!

Download the script (in a ZIP file) to either the S: drive space or to the H:drive (your

Unzip the file using WinZip or PKZip software (this should be found in the Common
Applications/Utilities folder on the desktop). Unzip to the default folder name: as11413

Take note of the name of the folder (as11413) where the ArcView script resides, just
so you can find it later on!

STEP 2: Copying a polygon file to the S: or H: drive

Using the Windows File Manager (MyComputer) Locate the folder:


Copy the following files to the S: drive space or your own H: drive homespace:


STEP 3: Running ArcView, Loading the Province map and the Centroid Script

      Start ArcView 3.3 as normal
      Open the province.shp file as normal (View, Add Theme)
      Tick the Legend box to view the file
      Minimise (but do not close) the View (probably View1 window)
      In the window that lies immediately behind you will see a list of icons (View at
       the top, Tables, Layout, and Scripts)
      Click in Scripts, and click on New

A blank Scripts window opens. It is this window that you will now load the script into.
Usually Scripts that come with ArcView and reside in the scripts folder can be accessed

Scripts, New Script, Load System Script


In this case the script you will use does not reside in this folder. Instead select:

Scripts, New Script, Load Text File

Navigate to the drive and the as11413 folder and select the polycent.ave script

You will now see the script (.ave indicates it is written in the ESRI Avenue programming
language) in the window.

STEP 4: Running the PolyCent Script

      Go back to the View Icon and open your View1 window again. Make sure View is
       visible and province.shp in the legend is selected.

      Return to the Script window with your Centroid script

      The next stage is to compile the script: Scripts, Compile

      Nothing really happens at this stage so just assume it has compiled – unless you
       get an incomprehensible message!

      The next stage is to run the script: Scripts, Run

      You should then be prompted with a message telling you that a Point theme will
       be added to the View

      A new theme will be added to the View comprising Points (which are the
       centroids for each Polygon in the province.shp Theme.

   Take a look at the Table. You will notice that two extra columns or fields have
    been added automatically, comprising X and Y co-ordinates defining the co-
    ordinates for the centroid of each irregular polygon (which is why visually they
    do not at first appear to be centrally located!)

   If you wished to retain the new Polygon file (as I will not automatically have
    been saved for you, you could select Theme, Save as Shapefile) – but this is not
    necessary here.

   Print out and submit the Table.


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