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									              We need YOU to help us stop the State Power Grab
Supporters of expanding state power and for-profit interests in public education
are attempting to mislead voters and change the state constitution to allow what
the Georgia Supreme Court ruled was illegal. On November 6, 2012, Georgians
will decide whether to amend the constitution and let the state override the
wishes of local communities and siphon more state dollars away from our public

Georgia’s local charter schools and traditional public schools are suffering.
Ongoing multibillion-dollar state cuts continue to cause class size expansion,
cuts to student services and the academic year, and teacher furloughs and
reductions in force. Despite these painful cuts, the state plan will push more state
funds to state charter schools and for-profit companies. State schools will receive
more than twice the state funds that local schools receive, and proponents have
identified no way to pay for this plan without taking more state funds from local

Help us defeat the amendment and refocus Georgia’s attention on our public
schools and the 1.6 million students they serve. Visit to learn more, donate, and get involved.

  Remember, a NO vote November 6 is a vote FOR public schools

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