Golden Triangle Community Association (GTCA) by 2U4mb9C


									                   Golden Triangle Community Association (GTCA)

I am proud to announce the Chandler Creek Homeowners Association will be officially
joining the GTCA in April. The Golden Triangle Community Association is an alliance
of neighborhoods located in the Peachtree Ridge and Collins Hill High School Districts
in Gwinnett County Georgia. The area got its name from a triangle that is formed by I-85,
SR-20 and SR-120.

The mission of the GTCA is to make it possible for local residents to have a greater
influence over issues, programs, and projects that affect their neighborhood and

The alliance was formed to provide collective influence of community issues in local and
regional government such as:

      Zoning
      Traffic flow
      Transportation corridors
      Environment
      Improving schools
      Enhance government services
      Watch over the use of our local tax dollars
      Improve safety in our community
      Enhance cultural offerings in our community
      Improve parks and recreation in our community
      Setting up liaisons with our local government officials
      Networking opportunities with other board members
      Referral of and negotiate pricing of contractors
      Share resources for educational purposes
      Sharing ideas to help each other run our neighborhoods

More information can be obtained at the GTCA website:

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