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					                16th Annual Elvis Aaron Presley Memorial Quiz Tournament
              University of Wisconsin - Madison, January 31 - February 1, 2003
     Packet by Martin Bykowsky, Supplemented by MIT and Brandeis from 2003 Terrier
                                       Round 10 Bonii

1. Given a work by Pablo Picasso, say whether he painted it during his Blue Period, Rose
Period, Classical Period, African Period, or Cubist Period, for 5 points for one, 10 points for two,
20 points for three, and 30 points for all four. The moderator will not say the correct answer
until all parts have been read.

A. Two Youths, 1905

ANSWER:                            Classical period

B. The Old Guitarist, 1903

ANSWER:                            Blue period

C. Houses on the Hill, 1909

ANSWER:                            Cubist period

D. Two Acrobats and a Dog, 1905

ANSWER:                            Rose period

2. Name the song from its opening line FTP each, or for 5 points if you need the performer.

A.    (10 points) “I was like good gracious, ass bodacious!”
         (5 points) Nelly

ANSWER:                                    Hot in Here

B.    (10 points) “Pack it up, pack in/ let me begin...”
         (5 points) House of Pain

ANSWER:                                    Jump Around

C.    (10 points) “Growing in numbers/ growing in speed...”
         (5 points) Moby

ANSWER:                                    We Are All Made of Stars

3. Name the following terms from circuit analysis, FTP each.

A.    This is a point at which two or more elements have a common connection.
ANSWER:                                  node

B. This is defined as a string of various nodes and elements with no node encountered more
than once.

ANSWER:                                  path

C. Very useful in determining unknown values for current within a complex circuit, this is a
closed path that contains no other closed paths inside of it.

ANSWER:                                  mesh

4. Yes, they really do exist, and though it’s hard to believe, someone actually thought these
words were innocent. FTSNOP, answer the following questions about words and phrases that
would cause the average third grader (and the average quiz bowler) to start giggling.

A. For 5 points, if the handyman shows up at your door to fix your ballcock, you would direct
him to which room of your house?

ANSWER:                        bathroom (accept equivalent)

[The ballcock is the large floating round object inside the back of a toilet, which helps in
releasing the fresh water after flushing.]

B. For 5 points, in electrical engineering terminology, the Siemen is the standard unit for the
reciprocal of what circuit quantity?

ANSWER:                        resistance

C. FTP, if you had the option of placing a come bet, you would be playing this casino game.

ANSWER:                        craps

D. FTP, the prehistoric remains at Big Bone Lick State Park, are located in eastern Boone
County in this southern state known for hillbillies.

ANSWER:                        Kentucky

5. 5-10-15, given the name of a university in the state of Georgia, name the city in which you
would find it. Here’s a hint: all answers begin with the letter “A”.

5: The Georgia Institute of Technology, a.k.a. Georgia Tech

ANSWER:                        Atlanta

10: The University of Georgia, main campus

ANSWER:                        Athens
15: The Medical College of Georgia

ANSWER:                           Augusta

6. Name the composers of these operas, FTP each:

A.     Manon Lescaut, Turandot

Answer:        Giacomo Puccini

B.     Attila, Aida

Answer:        Giuseppe Verdi

C.     Amelia Goes to the Ball, The Island God

Answer:        Gian Carlo Menotti

7. FTP each, two players, stand up and demonstrate the following penalties from three different

A. Basketball: charging

ANSWER:                           [Player who is defending stands still while player who is
                          dribbling runs right into the defending player]

B. Football: roughing the passer

ANSWER:                   [Player who is passing completes a throwing motion while player who is
                          defending tackles the passer a few seconds after he has finished the pass]

C. Hockey: cross check

ANSWER                    [Player who commits the foul hits the other player as if he is holding a
                          stick with both hands off the ground]

8. The small Mid-Western town has traditionally provided the backdrop for the traditional
American heartland. FTP, name these small towns of American literature.

A.     In Sinclair Lewis's Main Street, Dr. Will Kennicott moves here with his wife

Answer:        Gopher Prairie

B.     Pecola Breedlove lives in this Ohio town in Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye.
Answer:         Lorain

C.    Dr. Parcival, Alice Hindman, and George Willard all live in this town created by
Sherwood Anderson.

Answer:         Winesburg, Ohio

9. Given a headline from an article in The Onion’s book “Our Dumb Century”, name either the
date of the event or the date of the article’s publication (the day after the event), five points for
the date and five points for the year.

A. Art Critics Impressed by Saturation Bombing of Guernica...Slaughter of Hundreds in Spanish
Town Called “A Stunning Breakthrough in Post-Cubism”

ANSWER:                          April 30, 1937 (also accept “April 29”)

B. Hitler Neutralizes Polish Menace...Europe Relieved as Heroic Germans Lift Grim Specter of
Polish Tyranny from Continent

ANSWER:                          September 2, 1939 (also accept “September 1”)

C. Nagasaki Bombed “Just for the Hell of it”...Second A-Bomb Would Have Just Sat Around
Anyway, Say Generals

ANSWER:                          August 10, 1945 (also accept “August 9”)

10. Answer the following related questions, FTP each.

A. Name the star you would see if you stood at the North Pole and looked directly up.

ANSWER:                          Polaris

B. Polaris is the North Star right now, but when the ancient Egyptians studied the sky 5000 years
ago, they noted the north celestial pole was near the star Thuban. This is because the Earth’s
axis itself is rotating. Give the name for this phenomenon, which can also be seen in spinning
tops and gyroscopes.

ANSWER:                          precession

C. In about 10,000 years, precession will cause this current “South Star” to become the North

ANSWER:                          Vega

11. Name these members of the the administration of President Ulysses S. Grant, FTP each:

A.      His first Secretary of State
Answer:         Hamilton Fish

B.      The Secretary of the Treasury who exposed the Whiskey Ring

Answer:         Benjamin Helm Bristow

C.      The Secretary of War who resigned when it came out that he had accepted bribes.

Answer:         William W. Belknap

12. Answer the following questions about clocks, FTP each.

A. Since his work in astronomy required precise timekeeping, this Dutchman patented the
world’s first pendulum clock in 1656.

ANSWER:                          Christiaan Huygens (HI-gins)

B. This nemesis of Batman’s has the given name Temple Fugett, and when advice to lighten up
his punctual attitude from then-lawyer Hamilton Hill makes him late for an important court
appearance, he ruins Hill’s campain for mayor of Gotham City and tries to crush him beneath the
hands of a clock tower.

ANSWER:                          The Clock King

C. This El Segundo, California-based company is the world’s largest watch manufacturer.

ANSWER:                          Citizen

13.Identify the playwright from works, 30-20-10.

30: MacBett (not a typo), Thirst and Hunger

20: Exit the King, The Lesson

10: Rhinoceros, The Bald Soprano

ANSWER: Eugene Ionesco

14. Identify the historical figure, 30-20-10

30) He published Thesis on American Commercial Relations with England after his exile during
the French Revolution brought him to both of these countries.

20) He split with Napoleon after the Treaty of Tilsit was signed, realizing that he could no longer
influence him.

10) He was France’s main ambassador to the Congress of Vienna.
ANSWER:          Charles Maurice de Talleyrand Perigord.

15. He broke his months-long silence in a letter published in November 2002, in which he denied
accusations that the pro-Indian movement was “finished”, but did hint at apparent splits and
rebellions in the group that staged an armed uprising in 1994. FTP each, name

A. This man, leader of the movement based in the Mexican state of Chiapas.

ANSWER:                           Subcomandante Marcos

B. The group that Subcomandante Marcos leads, named after an early 20th century Mexican
ANSWER:                        Zapatista Army of National Liberation or Ejército Zapatista de
        Liberación Nacional or EZLN

C. The political party which Subcomandante Marcos denounced in his letter, calling them “a den
of forty thieves, waiting vainly for their Ali Baba,” the ruling party in Mexico for over seventy
years until Vicente Fox took over the presidency in 2000.

ANSWER:                         Institutional Revolutionary Party            (also   accept   Partido
                         Revolucionario Institucional or PRI)

16. Answer the following about three British poets and diplomats, FTPE.

a) This author of the Areopagitica put aside his poetry to serve as Cromwell's Latin Secretary;
only after the Restoration did he write his great epic.

ANSWER:                  John MILTON

b) Milton's assistant in the office of the Latin Secretary, his political verse includes The Last
Instructions to a Painter and a Horatian Ode upon Cromwell's Return from Ireland.

ANSWER:                  Andrew MARVELL

c) Marvell in turn hired this man, a future political rival of Marvell who would write Annus
Mirabilis and The Hind and the Panther.

ANSWER:                  John DRYDEN

17. Pencil and paper ready. Consider an alternating current i(t) [i of t] represented by the
function i(t) = 2 cos(50t) amps flowing through a 10-Henry inductor. Using the variable j as the
square root of negative one,

A. For 10 points, what is the impedance of the inductor?

ANSWER:                           j200 ohms
B. For 5 points, what are the units for this impedance?

ANSWER:                         ohms

C. For 5 points, what is the average power consumed by the inductor as time approaches

ANSWER:                  0 [purely reactive loads do not dissipate energy]

D. For 10 points, what is the phase angle, in degrees, between the inductor current and inductor

ANSWER:                         -90 degrees        [voltage lags current in an inductive circuit]

18. Name the following “marginal” terms from economics, FTP each.

A. This refers to the increase of happiness as a result of consuming one more of a certain good.

ANSWER:                         marginal utility

B. This is defined as the rate at which the consumer is willing to exchange one good for another
good. It is also the derivative of the indifference curve.

ANSWER:                         marginal rate of substitution

C. This is the amount that consumption of a good changes in response to an incremental change
in disposable income. It is equal to the change in consumption divided by the change in income.

ANSWER:                         marginal propensity to consume

19. Name the following types of clouds from a description, FTP each.

A. Coming from the Latin word for a tuft, or curl of hair, they only form at very high alititudes
and are very wispy and feathery looking. They are composed of ice crystals and are so thin, light
passes right through them.

ANSWER:                         cirrus

B. Coming from the Latin word for heap or pile, these clouds are puffy and resemble giant
cotton balls. When they do not get very tall, they are indicators of fair weather.

ANSWER:                         cumulus

C. Adding this word to the name of a cloud means it is giving off precipitation.

ANSWER:                         nimbus
20. Identify the philosopher from the somewhat strange sounding things that they say
about morality FTPE.

A.     He makes the claim that it is always in the best interest of an individual to be
moral. Since we always act according what we think is best for us, when we act
immorally, it is always due only to ignorance.

Answer:         Plato (accept Socrates)

B.      This philosopher claims that the only thing that can make an act good is to do it
solely out of a sense of duty. If you have any desire whatever to do that act for any other
reason, it cannot be a good act.

Answer:         Immanuel Kant

C.      Among his many famous quotes are “Morality is the best of all devices for leading
mankind by the nose” and “Morality is the herd-instinct in the individual.” He
recommended that those who were strong enough simply ignore the slave morality of

Answer:         Friedrich Nietzsche

21.) Name these figures of early Islamic history, FTP each:

A.      This man was the first caliph to be assassinated by other Muslims.

Answer:         Uthman Ibn Affan

B.      This man, revered by Shi'ites, succeeded Uthman to the caliphate.

Answer:         Ali Ibn Abi Talib

C.      This founder of the Umayyad dynasty based his rebellion on Ali's failure to punish the
assassins of Uthman, who was his relative.

Answer:         Mu'awiyah Ibn Abi Sufyan

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