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					                              Rialto Student Ambassadors

Mission of the Rialto Student Ambassadors
The Rialto Student Ambassadors of Georgia State University seek to educate, entertain,
and inspire the student body by introducing them to the Rialto Center’s diverse,
innovative, and exceptional arts programming.
Mission of the Rialto
The Rialto Center for the Arts at Georgia State University, an intimate, cultural
centerpiece in downtown Atlanta, educates and entertains diverse audiences by
presenting innovative and exceptional arts programming and cultivating community

Selected students must meet and maintain the following requirements:
    1. Show enthusiasm, loyalty and dedication to Georgia State University and the
        Rialto Center.
    2. Must be taking a minimum of 9 hours Fall and Spring semesters.
    3. Must be in good disciplinary standing as defined in the Student Code of Conduct
        (see the On Campus Student Handbook), and prior disciplinary actions may be
        taken into account when determining whether the student will be considered
        further in the application process. All students will be required to sign a waiver
        allowing the Rialto Center to review their disciplinary and other relevant
        educational records.
    4. Must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5.
    5. Exhibit strong public speaking and interpersonal skills – speak clearly & precisely
        with groups and individuals.
    6. Exhibit an understanding of, or a willingness to learn about, all aspects of the
        Rialto Center – history, administration, programming, mission, etc.
    7. Participate in events willingly and professionally.
    8. Display maturity with alumni, donors, etc.
    9. Exhibit the ability to initiate conversations with alumni/donors at events.
    10. Manage time effectively – check and correspond to email/voicemail regularly.
    11. Exhibit strong customer service skills: have a positive, helpful, “can-do” attitude.
    12. Attend mandatory training session and regular meetings.
    13. Sign confidentiality form and photo release form.
                     Applications are due on Thursday, April 14, 2011
             Please return your completed application to Kara Keene Cooper
              In person: 324 Haas Howell or Rialto Box Office, Rialto Lobby
      Via campus mail: Georgia State University P. O. Box 3990 Atlanta, GA 30302
                       By fax: 404-413-9801, Email:
                    Please call 404-413-9822, if you have any questions.
Qualified students will be selected and contacted for interviews during the week of April 18.


Last                First              Middle              Nickname

Panther ID Number ____________________________________________________________

Date of Birth ______________ Local Telephone _____________________________________

Local Address ________________________________________________________________

Cell Phone Number _____________________ E-mail Address _________________________

Home (permanent) Address _____________________________________________________

Home (permanent) Phone _______________________________________________________

Emergency Contact Information: Name ___________________________________________

Relationship to you _____________________ Phone _________________________________

Will you be living in on-campus housing in the fall? Yes___ No____ Which one?__________

Expected Graduation Date _______________ Current Classification ___________________

Academic Major _______________________ Academic Minor (if applicable) ___________

School/ College _________________________ Current GPA __________________________

Fall Semester 2011 Class Schedule
    Monday            Tuesday           Wednesday            Thursday            Friday

Are you bi-lingual? If so, which language? _________________________________________

Have you completed GSU1010 or FLC? Yes _____ No ______ Which one?_____________

Please list all extra-curricular activities, organizations and leadership roles held at the
university. Include the length of involvement for each activity. (Attach additional sheets as
necessary.) ___________________________________________________________________

Please indicate any awards of achievement received or other accomplishments while at the
university including any scholarships received. _____________________________________

Work History: Include company/organization name, position held, date of employment and
duties starting with your most recent (or current) employer.
1) ___________________________________________________________________________
2) ___________________________________________________________________________
3) ___________________________________________________________________________

Volunteer Experience: Include organization name, date of volunteering and duties.
What are your expected plans after graduation? ____________________________________

Other than classes, are there any days of the week or times for which you will not be
available? If so, please indicate here. _____________________________________________

Do you currently live in Georgia State University on-campus housing?__________________

If not, have you lived in Georgia State on-campus housing in previous years? ____________

Do you plan to live in University Housing in the fall? Yes* ______        No ________

Have you ever been placed on disciplinary (not academic) probation or suspension at
Georgia State or another college or university?             Yes* _______ No _________

Have you ever been convicted for violation of a federal, state or municipal law, regulation
or ordinance other than minor traffic violations?              Yes*_____ ___ No _________

      *If yes to either question, attach an explanation with dates and specific circumstances.

Please list the name of an individual (Georgia State administrator, faculty member or
organizational advisor) who would be able to serve as a reference for you.
(Please be sure to inform this individual that you have listed their name.)

Name _________________________________ Position/Department ___________________

Phone Number _________________________ E-mail _______________________________

I have read and understand the requirements of the Rialto Center student ambassadors. My
signature below authorizes the Rialto Center to check my academic and disciplinary records to
verify my current cumulative grade point average and to determine if I have ever been found
responsible for a Student Code of Conduct violation for determining my eligibility for the
application process. I also understand that my signature qualifies me to be considered further for
the selection process and that absence of my signature will result in termination of this

Signature __________________________________________ Date _____________________

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