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					                  Check out our re-designed webpage for
                      all branch news and activities!.

What a swell party it was! Well done to all our fabulous members. A huge thank
you to all the staff at Stockley Farm for making our evening so enjoyable.
Congratulations to Georgia Drummond (best girl), Rob Gilsenan, (best boy), Lucy
Pedley, (BFS Endeavour Award), Georgina Bell, (National Award), Sharna
McClelland, (National Endurance Champion) and all our members who came to
celebrate their achievements over the last year and receive their awards.
                           WHAT A YEAR IT WAS!
                    Check out our website
                      -to keep up to date with branch news and events!
Dear all,

After the excitement and the success at HOYS for the musical ride and the mounted games team,
winter is now well and truly underway with soggy ponies and even soggier gateways! However the
longest day is just round the corner and spring will soon be here. May we offer a warm Cheshire
Hunt North welcome to all our new members and their parents? We hope you throw yourself into
branch life and make the most of all the opportunities that arise. Contact our new member liaison
committee member, Sally Hayward, if you are not sure about what to wear or what a rally is,
(amongst other things!). We look forward to seeing you out and about.

The winter programme is well underway and it is so nice to see you all at the various activities. The
Winter League show jumping teams have already visited North Wales 3 times and the A55 has
become a familiar route! Well done to all our intrepid members and their families for making the
journey to compete for our branch. Check out the league results on our website.

Our own Winter League show jumping competitions at Aintree are just around the corner and all are
invited to come and represent the branch. We also need you all to come and help! Remember, all
our competitions directly subsidise the branch activities; rallies and training events. Likewise, we
also have our first indoor friendly mounted games competition at Aintree and once again help would
be appreciated.

We are entering a very exciting year for our branch. We are 80 years old in 2010! The branch began
in 1930; one year after the Pony Club was launched. What a year we have planned for you all! We
are aiming to complete 80 activities throughout the year, ranging from creating a branch T towel
with all your names and pony pics on, to a grand afternoon Tea Party in the summer where hopefully
members old and new will gather together to celebrate our anniversary. Further information will be
displayed in the newsletter and on the website.

The main focus of the year will be raising the profile of our branch, along with raising awareness of
our branch charity. We will be all “Riding for Ross”, in support of the Christopher Clarke Cancer
Research Fund; a charity that is very dear to our hearts, ( Watch the branch
website for details of the grand launch on 1st January 2010. You are all invited to join in!

Following on from the success at HOYS and over the last year, we have also been asked to perform
two musical ride displays; A “Mamma Mia” dressage to music extravaganza at the British Dressage
Winter Championships and a display at Warrington Horse Show in May. For the dressage display,
members will be selected according to the criteria and the other display will be open to all. It will be
a similar format to the Royal Show display we performed last year. It will be a true celebration of
our branch and all things Pony Club! Again information will follow after Christmas.

Finally, Gail, the branch committee and I all wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Don’t forget your ponies and horses in all the Christmas merriment! They too deserve a special
cuddle for all the work they do for you over the year. We look forward to seeing you all at the
Christmas Fun rally and look forward every year to the fabulous fancy dress costumes!

We hope to see you all out and about in the branch and good luck in all you do. Best wishes to all.


Joan Deakin – District Commissioner
                                 Winter programme.
The autumn/winter programme is now well under way and all the rallies/training sessions have been
extremely well attended. For new members (and a reminder to existing members), the following
may be helpful:

   1. Get your entries in early to avoid disappointment.
   2. Enter on an official entry form, (enclosed, but also can be downloaded from the branch
   3. Entries for branch activities usually close one week before the rally/training event, (unless
       specified), however some rallies may get full before this date.
   4. Check the dress code. Take pride in your and your pony’s appearance. Be proud to be a
       member of our branch.
   5. Make a note of the venue! We do use different venues as our members live in different areas.
   6. If you have entered a rally and have to withdraw, unless we have a waiting list and can fill
       your place, then unfortunately your entry fee cannot be refunded. Please check for clashes!
       Instructors and venues still have to be paid!
   7. If you do have to withdraw from a rally please inform THE PERSON WHO YOU SENT THE
       ENTRIES TO, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If there is a waiting list you may be entitled to a
   8. Times for the rally will be posted on the branch website, please check the website regularly.
   9. All cheques payable to CHNPC or Cheshire Hunt North branch of the Pony Club.
   10. Post dated cheques will reserve the rally place, in advance. However, cheques must be dated
       at least 10 days PRIOR to the date of the rally.
   11. DO NOT feel the need to write multiple cheques. Our poor treasurer then has to log, enter
       and pay in all the individual cheques! As long as you put on the back of the cheque which
       rallies the cheque is for, plus the member’s name, this will save Brian Bibby a lot of time and

                                       NEW MEMBERS.
Welcome to all our new members – it will be great to meet you at our various events.
Unsure about what to wear at the rallies, or what happens at a One Day Event, etc?
Fancy going hunting and want to know more? Contact Sally Hayward, 01606 851928, from
our committee and she will gladly assist in any enquiries. Do come and launch yourselves
into pony club life – it certainly is great fun and you will soon meet other members of your
own age.

                      A plea for help! Parents – your branch needs you!

Throughout the year, our branch runs many different types of competitions and events,
at branch level, area level and national level. We are a highly successful branch and, as a
result, many of our training rallies are subsidised by the branch. However, in order to
continue to be successful we need more help! From putting up marquees, buttering
bread in earnest, to fence judging and the clearing up at the end! Please don’t wait to be
asked, it’s a great way to meet all the committee and getting to know all the other
parents. Whether you have only an hour, half a day or maybe a whole day, your help will
be gratefully received. Remember, a lot of organising goes on behind the scenes - have
you access to printing facilities/photocopying, catering supplies, to name just a couple?

Are you handy with a hammer, (you too can join our Dynamo Dads, recently on display in
Horse and Hound!), or maybe you make a mean cup of tea?

         Whatever skill you have got – we can make use of it! See any committee
         member and come and join us. We will be asking for help over the coming
         months at our indoor show jumping competitions at Aintree and other branch
events. We really do appreciate the help and the surplus raised benefits the members
directly through subsidising rallies etc. A huge thank you in advance!

                                  Stable management evenings
             at Hollins Farm, Hermitage Lane, Cranage, Holmes Chapel, CW4 8DP.
             (Enter via the Granary Conference Rooms entrance on Twemlow Lane).

   A course of stable management training evenings have been organised, working towards the
      proficiency tests. See the enclosed flyer and entry form included with this newsletter.

  The Manual of Horsemanship is the Pony Club essential manual. Order a copy NOW from David
                    Knowles in preparation for the training. Tel 01477 534722.

                                            Working rallies

Working rallies are deemed to be the “backbone” of the pony club. They are a mix of flatwork and
jumping, with a fun element included and each lesson is usually for 1 hour in groups of no more than
6. Groups are selected by age and ability, and when working towards Proficiency Tests, by tests
already taken and passed. Stable management will also be included in the Saturday rallies – timings
will be displayed on the branch website, including details of items to bring along.

Enclosed with the newsletter is a comprehensive guide to what to wear when! There is NO excuse
not to be correctly dressed! Remember, our presentation is one of the reasons our branch is given
many opportunities. Look on the main pony club website ( at the rules for each
discipline to make sure your tack is allowed. Please note the Pony Club rules may be different to
other equestrian clubs/organisations you may belong to, however they have to be adhered to. The
rules are devised to ensure the well being and safety of the rider and the horse/pony. Remember, if a
branch official has a word with you about an item of dress or tack, it is to help you – not to be seen as
a criticism. If you are unsure of any rule etc, please contact any branch official; we are there to help

At all our venues, please help us by taking your turn to “poo pick” the arena and keep the car park
clear of horse muck and rubbish. That way we will always be welcome! Also please note at
Huntersgate, will ALL cars park on the left as you enter the gate. Branch officials are ALL volunteers
so do say thank you at the end of your rally.

       All working rally entries to Joan Deakin, (address at end of working rally section)

                        Working rallies at Huntersgate, Byley
     Saturday 9th January 2010 1-5pm
Working rally with stable management. Quiz and Horse and Pony Care competition practice at this

      Saturdays 13th February & 20th March 2010 1-5pm          Working rally with stable management.
            Tuesday evening working rallies with Bianca Bairstow.
                             Delamere Manor, Cuddington, CW8 2TE
(Please note – older members and C test holders will have priority at this rally – if places left, they will
then be allocated to younger members. Entries and fee to Joan, see below).

                          Lessons in groups of 4 (ridden instruction only)

Tuesday 6pm-9pm:            January 26th,         February 9th & 23rd,         March 9th & 23rd.

                       Instructional working rallies with Jane Carruthers
                At Forest Gate Farm, Delamere Road, Norley, Cheshire, WA6 6NF

Once again in order to work her magic on all our members, we have been invited to Forest Gate
Farm, Norley. The rallies with Jane are always enjoyable and a great learning experience. Lessons
are in groups of 6 for one hour at a cost of £7.50 per rally, (no stable management). Due to the
popularity of these rallies, members may only enter 2 rallies. Please specify on entry form. Dress as
for a working rally. Entries to Joan Deakin, (see below).

Saturdays: 16th January 2-5pm                  6th February 2-5pm              6th March 2–5pm

Thursday: 25th February 6-8pm                    (Members – note clash with Winter League 6.2.10)

Payment for working rallies: Each rally is £7.50. Lessons are usually in groups of 5 or 6, unless

To enter – complete a rally form, STATING THE DATE AND VENUE OF RALLY. Send with cheque
to Ms Joan Deakin, 32 Byley Lane, Cranage, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, CW4 8EJ. Entries close one
week before the date of rally. Please note no refunds possible after closing date. Rallies are non-
profit making.

     An Equine Complementary Therapy evening at Hollins Farm, Hermitage Lane,
                               Cranage, CW3 8DP
                    By kind permission of the Hocknell family.

        (Please use The Granary Conference Rooms entrance off Twemlow Lane).
                        Monday 11th January 7.00pm – 8.30pm

All parents and members welcome to an informative and useful evening, learning all about the
complimentary therapy of Reiki. Samantha, an equine Reiki practitioner will inform us of the
benefits to our four legged friends. Light refreshments will be served. £2 (payable on night).

Ring Sally to book your place, (for refreshments!) : Sally Hayward, (New member liaison). Tel 01606 851928

                     The Blue Cross Horse and Pony Care Competition

                This competition is now an integral part of The Pony Club Championships

Teams of three Members are asked to show their ability to look after, safely and with
confidence, the welfare of the horse, demonstrating their practical and theoretical knowledge
of equine husbandry as required by The Pony Club tests.

Our branch is hosting the area qualifier on Sunday 21st February 2010 at Limes Farm,
Barthomley. Would you like to represent the branch in a team? There are senior and junior teams;
the categories are below:
• Junior team members to be 13 years and under on 1st January.
• With at least one member to be 11 years and under on 1st January.
• The Junior Competition is on The Pony Club Tests ‘D’ to ‘C’
• Senior team members to be between 14 and 20 years on 1st January.
• With at least one member to be 16 years and under on 1st January.
• The Senior Competition is on The Pony Club Tests ‘C+’ to ‘AH’

Horsemastership. - This competition is not a quiz – but a theoretical and practical test as per our
Pony Care.

If you are interested in representing our branch on a team, contact Anna Sherry as soon as possible.
We will be training at the working rallies and additional training will be organised. Contact Anna now!
Tel 07880500369 or email

Want to know more about the competition and to view practice tasks? Log on to and
                               check out the activities page.

                           Fancy being on our quiz team?
                Sunday 17th January 2010. Area 5 National Pony Club quiz qualifier.
                Organised by the Tanatside branch. Contact Anna Sherry if you are
                interested in representing our branch. Training will be organised.

The topics for the 2010 National Quiz are:

      The Pony Club
      Farm Animals & Working Dogs
      On the Highway / Tack
      Horse & Pony Care
      Practical Round (Individual)
      Castles, Royalty & Horses (Pairs)
      Picture Round
      Crazy Horse Parts

There will be no Joker. One AH test holder in each team will be allowed to take part in the National
Quiz. New members come along and have a go. This is a great way to meet other members and
learn something new at the same time!

       Introduction to Mounted Games working rally at Huntersgate, Byley.
                        Sunday 10th January 2010, 1– 5pm

A must for all potential mounted games riders! Come along and have a taster session of Prince Philip Cup
Mounted Games. All members of any age are welcome. This rally will be split into age groups, 10yrs and
under, (juniors) and 11 years and over, (seniors). No ponies over 14.2hh. Dress as per a working rally,
(cream jods!). Look on the branch website for rally list.

£5 per person. Please send entry form and remittance, clearly stating age, to:

Pennie Drummond, Pine View Farm, 69 Northwich Road, Cranage, Nr Knutsford, WA16 9LE.

                                   Mounted games practices.

For the last 2 years our senior A team have achieved the highest accolade of all, riding at the Horse
    of the Year Show! Would you like to be there one day? If you would, then come along to the
  mounted games practices. The following practices have been arranged. £5 per rider per practice,
   payable either in advance or on the day. Information on the first couple of competitions is also
 included in the calendar. We strongly advise you all to read the mounted games rules on the main
                                  Pony Club website,
             Want to know more about mounted games in our branch? Contact Pennie.

                            The following practices have been booked:

       22nd January & 29th January        6.30pm – 8.30pm
       7th February & 14th February       2pm – 4pm
       19th February & 26th February      6.30pm – 8.30pm
       7th March     2pm – 4pm
          th
        12 March & 19th March              6.30pm – 8.30pm

 Please note at each practice the Juniors will ride for the 1st hour and seniors practise for
the 2nd hour. All practices will be at Huntersgate, Byley, unless stated. Dress code as per
                  a working rally, however BLACK jodphurs may be worn.

Entries and enquiries to: Pennie Drummond, Pine View Farm, 69 Northwich Road,
Cranage, Nr Knutsford, WA16 9LE. Tel 07796202160

Trained and coached by Rob Gilsenan, last year our 2 polocrosse teams went to the
National Championships and had a ball! This is a real team sport which is action packed
and great fun. Not played before? Don’t have any equipment? Don’t worry – we have the
equipment and will also teach you the skills needed. Just come along and have a go!
Teams will be selected from the members who attend practices.

POLOCROSSE events we will be sending teams to:
Sunday 2nd & Monday 3rd May 2010 – we have been invited by Headquarters to send 2 teams to
compete at the Leicestershire County Show. A great honour!

SUNDAY MAY 16TH, at Northern Racing College,Bawtry,Doncaster; polocrosse training day and fun
chukkas, hosted by Rockwood Harriers Pony Club.
Regional training day – Date to be confirmed. Attendance will enable us to go forward and compete
at the National Championships.

Practices: Fridays 6-8pm at Huntersgate. £5 per session. Entry form plus remittance to Joan
Deakin, 32 Byley Lane, Cranage, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, CW4 8EJ. (Others will be organised)

                                   5th February                5th March

     Spring & summer practices will be held on the Crown Field at Goostrey.

                    Dressage rallies with Debbie Jones at Huntersgate, Byley

Continuing with the popular and excellent training, more Debbie rallies have been organised.
Already the quality of training that has taken place this winter is inspirational. Remember the basis of
ALL disciplines stems from good flatwork. Due to the popularity of the training we are asking
members to select no more than 4 of the 6 sessions, that way hopefully more members will be
able to take part. You can ask for your name to be put on a waiting list for the other dates; however
a cheque for the relevant rally MUST accompany this request. If not successful, the cheque will be
shredded and you will be informed.

The lessons will be in groups of 3 for 45 minutes at a cost of £16 per person, Tuesdays 6-9pm.
Dress code as for a working rally.

      15th December 2009          19th January         2nd & 16th February         2nd & 16th March

Entries plus fee to: Gail Cooper, The Sheiling, Burleyhurst Farm, Burleyhurst Lane, Wilmslow,
Cheshire,SK9 4LX, Tel: 01565 880001


 Dressage test training evening at Huntersgate, Byley, 6-8pm.
Would you like to have a go at doing dressage? Or maybe just get in some practice riding in an
arena with dressage boards? Suzy Cooper and other branch instructors will help you to perfect your
test riding techniques.
Groups of 4, for 1 hour. £10 per rider.

Thursday 14th January 2010 - Novice Dressage Test 2004 & Eventing Test 2005

Entries plus fee to: Gail Cooper, The Sheiling, Burleyhurst Farm, Burleyhurst Lane, Wilmslow,
Cheshire,SK9 4LX, Tel: 01565 880001


          Winter Dressage competitions at Huntersgate, Byley.
A great chance to practice a dressage test in a real competition but amongst friends! All levels of
experience are welcome and ideal for complete beginners to start having a go. Under 10s ride first
from 10am. Tests can be called.

You can enter more than 1 class if eligible. Please enter early on a branch entry form, with
remittance. NO telephone entries taken. Age as on 1st January 2009 for the winter series.

Individual placings will be awarded at each competition. At the last competition in the series, the
“Darbyshire Cup” will be awarded to the pony/rider combination with the most points accumulated in
any one class. There will also be a Tack and Turnout Award to reward and recognise the
members who turn themselves and their ponies/horses out to the highest standard.

                                  24th January                         14th March
   Class 1 10yrs &        Novice Dressage Test 2004          Novice Dressage Test 2004
       Class 2            Eventing Test 2005                 Eventing Test 2005
   Novice any age
       Class 3            Intermediate Dressage Test         Intermediate Dressage Test 2009
        Open              2009
       Class 4            Open Dressage Test 2008            Open Dressage Test 2008

      Entry Fee £5 per class.
      Entries close strictly 1 week before each competition
      Entries with correct fee to Liz Sutton, Yew Tree Farm, Bexton Lane, Knutsford
       WA16 9BH

Tests can be downloaded from the Pony Club HQ web site or send an SAE with your entry for copies
of the tests. Times will be available on the website or phone Liz Sutton on 0773 6145761 between 7
– 9pm on the Wednesday before the competition.
                                      Show jumping
             Annual Showjumping competition – CHNPC versus East Cheshire.

                  Saturday 23rd January 2010 at Alsager Equestrian Centre.

Classes are as follows: 2 foot, 2’3”, 2’6”, 2’9”, 3’0 and 3’3”. A team will be selected for
each class. Teams will be selected initially from members who have represented the
branch at the Winter League competitions so far this year. Remember – you will also
need to have renewed your subscription and have completed your working rallies! Entry
fee £10 payable to CHNPC. Details re timings will follow. Approximate finish time will be
2pm. Please note ALL members jumping on the day have to stay for the prize giving.

Friday 8th January 2010 6pm – 9pm: Team show jumping practice at Alsager
Equestrian Centre. All selected members will be invited to attend to practice over a full
course. £6 per person, cheques payable to CHNPC.

                            Good luck to all who have been selected.

                         Show jumping training with Richard Carruthers
                At Forest Gate Farm, Delamere Road, Norley, Cheshire, WA6 6NF

This training is aimed at members who are confident jumping 2’9” and above and competing at
that level. The groups will be divided according to ability, members aiming for Novice Championship
level, (2’9), Novice Championship level, (3’), Intermediate, (3’3”) and Open, (3’6” and above). Please
state on the entry form which level you are at.

Saturdays: 12th December 2009 2-5pm                    13th March 2-5pm
Thursday: 4th February 6-8pm

Dress as for a working rally. Lessons in groups of 6 maximum, £7.50 per lesson.

Entries on a branch form and send with remittance to Pennie Drummond, Pine View Farm, 69
Northwich Road, Cranage, Nr Knutsford, WA16 9LE. Tel 07796202160.

             Entries close one week prior to the rally, unless full beforehand.

 Arena cross country training competitions at Huntersgate, Byley.

The evenings will be run along the lines of a real competition, (similar to the SJ training comps). A
chance to try out existing xc skills and develop new skills! The course will be a mix of show jumps
and some xc type fences. A great opportunity for all young riders and those with new partnerships
and young horses/ponies. Each class will be 2 rounds. Time permitting there will be a 2’9” clear
round at the end of the evening. Dress code as for a working rally, (no coats, sparkly
browbands, fancy numnahs,…need I say more!!)

           Friday 15th January 6-9pm                        Friday 12th February 6-9pm

Clear round jumping 6-7pm         Class 1 - up to 2’3”                    Class 2 - up to 2’6”.
Clear round £3 per round payable on the night. £6 per class, payable in advance.

Points will be awarded to go forward to the “Frostbite” jumping league! Trophies will be presented at
the last competition, (12th February).

Entries close one week prior to the competition. Entries on a branch form including remittance,
stipulating which classes you wish to enter to:

Pennie Drummond, Pine View Farm, 69 Northwich Road, Cranage, Nr Knutsford, WA16
                             9LE. Tel 07796202160

                       Winter Cross country training
This training is aimed at all members, whatever level you are at, including a total beginner’s class,
(1’6” – 2’). However, on the entry form please state the height you are currently jumping. There is
also a young horse session – whatever your age!

      Cross country training on the Ash arena at Somerford Park Farm 9 -3pm

          Sunday 17th January 2010                         Saturday 20th February 2010.
Lessons in groups of 6 for 45 minutes -1 hour duration, (depending on entries) £10 per person.
A chance to practice your xc skills ready to go again in the spring! EVERYBODY welcome!
Entries plus remittance and level, on a branch entry form to Joan Deakin, 32 BYley Lane,
Cranage, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, CW4 8EJ.

                        Christmas Fun Rally at Huntersgate, Byley.
                                27th December 2009, 1 – 5pm.
                       Our Christmas gift to you! No charge for this rally.

This has become an integral part of our branch year with fancy dress, seven barrel jumping,
mounted games and a breath taking Chase-me-Charlie! For parents mulled wine and mince pies
are served. Can it get any better than this? Great prizes and rosettes to be won.

There is no charge for this rally and all are welcome. However, to keep a track of numbers
WITH HEALTH AND SAFETY IN MIND, (the fun rally will be divided into age groups), please
complete and send an entry form to:

Sally Hayward, (New member liaison), Manor Farm, Cliff Road, Acton Bridge, Cheshire CW8 3QP. Tel
01606 851928

                    Look on the branch website for the rally list and timings.

               Our 80th year celebrations – whoopee!
   The main focus of the year will be raising the profile of our branch, along
   with raising awareness of our branch charity. We will be all “Riding for
   Ross”, in support of the Christopher Clarke Cancer Research Fund; a
   charity that is very dear to our hearts.

   During our anniversary year we will be aiming to organise 80 events to celebrate!
   YES EIGHTY! Every member can play their part. There will be something for
   everybody. Have you any suggestions? If so, contact Loulie or any branch
   committee member. An 80th anniversary page will be created on the website to
   keep you all updated with the activities and progress. Keep checking!
   Here are some of the proposed activities. Let’s aim big and high…………………

      Launch the year with a Jan 1st walk, (parents & members invited). Colin Cooper will organise
       and has agreed to accompany. Details will be on the website when finalised.
      A garden party in the summer inviting all past and present members Afternoon tea/string
       quartet……. Ex member Fiona Cooper, (nee Bridge) will organise. Venue – Manor farm, Acton
       Bridge by kind permission of the Hayward family. Date to be arranged. 2-5pm. Do you know
       any past members? Details to be passed onto Fiona. (All information will be displayed on the
      We will create our own annual! Similar to PC annual – published in November. We aim to offer
       advertising space to help with costs. Would your company like to support us?

     A celebratory T towel and bag will be produced – members to draw a pic of their face/pony to
      be displayed on the items. Julie Pedley is organising the merchandise and further information
      will be available soon.
     Novice Champs also 10yr anniversary – we are holding an early evening “bash” on the
      Saturday of the Novice Championships, at Kelsall. All will be invited to attend.
     A visit to camp by a “celebrity” in the equine world……… to be announced shortly!
     Warrington Horse Display.
     Mamma Mia Dressage to Music display at Hartpury.

 In addition to all the other things we do …………….we can easily get
     up to 80……………..can you help? Have you any ideas? Each
discipline will aim to do something “special”……… HOW EXCITING!!!!

  Would you like to design a logo for our 80th anniversary
  year? All designs passed onto Joan, as soon as possible.

                                     RULE BOOKS 2010

   It is a recommendation that members and their parents familiarise themselves with
the rules for the different disciplines they compete in. The rule books can be
downloaded free of charge from the main Pony Club website, (
However, if you would like your own handy size copy of the rules, send a branch entry
form to Pennie stipulating which discipline rule book you would like. The branch will
then order for you. Each rule book will cost £3.50, which will include postage and
package, (cheques made payable to CHNPC).

Mounted Games, Show Jumping, Dressage, Eventing, Polocrosse, Tetrathlon,
Endurance, plus any other disciplines you may be interested in.

Forms plus cheque, clearly stating which rule book you would like, to
Pennie Drummond, Pine View Farm, 69 Northwich Road, Cranage, Nr Knutsford,
WA16 9LE. Tel 07796202160.

                                  Dates for your diary.
Check out the calendar on our branch website. Loulie will keep updating the calendar as
                                 more dates come in.

     Sunday 17th January 2010. Area 5 National Pony Club quiz qualifier. Organised by
      the Tanatside branch. Contact Anna Sherry if you are interested in representing our
      branch. Training will be organised.
     CHNPC annual show jumping versus East Cheshire PC 23rd January 2010 at Alsager
      Equestrian Centre. Teams will be selected from members representing the branch in the
      Winter League.

     Saturday 30th January 2010 – CHNPC Winter League show jumping competition at
      Aintree International Arena. Parents, we need your help! Contact
     Area 5 Horse and Pony Care competition qualifier. Organised by our branch,
      (CHNPC). Sunday 21st February 2010 at Limes Farm, Barthomley. Contact Anna
      Sherry asap if you would like to be considered for a team. Training will be organised. All ages
      and abilities required!
     Saturday 27th February 2010 – CHNPC Winter League Showjumping and Dengie SJ area
      final at Aintree International Arena. Parents we need your help!
     Sunday 28th February 2010 – CHNPC indoor mounted games friendly at Aintree
      International Arena. (2 senior teams & 1 junior). Contact Pennie Drummond if you can help at
      this event.
     14th March 2010 – Atherstone Indoor Games Competition (1 senior & 1 junior team place; B
      team on waiting list).
     Saturday 1st May 2010 – CHNPC One Day Event at Smallwood Livery Centre. Could you
      help us on the day?
     Saturday 1st May 2010. Sir WWW mounted games friendly competition at Oswestry
      showground, (see Pennie Drummond for further details).
     Sunday 2nd and Monday 3rd May 2010 – CHNPC polocrosse teams invited by PC
      Headquarters to participate in a “POLOCROSSE DEMONSTRATION BY THE PONY CLUB,
      LEICESTER COUNTY SHOW”. 30,000 visitors enjoyed visiting the show last year!
     Cheshire Hunt South Rosebowl and One day event, 9th May 2010 at Kelsall.
     SUNDAY MAY 16TH, at Northern Racing College,Bawtry,Doncaster; polocrosse training day
      and fun chukkas, hosted by Rockwood Harriers Pony Club.
     Sunday 23rd May Area 5 Mounted Games area competition organised by Sir Watkin
      Williams Wynn.
     Bank Holiday Monday, 31st May 2010 – Branch demonstration at Warrington Horse
      Show to celebrate 80 years of CHNPC, (as Royal Show display)
     Saturday 19th June 2010 – The Rebecca Weston Memorial Combined Training team
      competition at Eddisbury Lodge, Delamere
     Sunday 4th July 2010 Area 5 Eventing Qualifier – organised by East Cheshire branch at
      Somerford Park Farm, combining the Cheshire Shield eventing competition.
     Sunday 11th July 2010 Area 5 Showjumping qualifier – organised by the Flint &
      Denbigh branch.
     Sat & Sun 17th/18th July 2010 area 5 Tetrathlon – organised by Cheshire Hunt South at
     CHNPC Camp 2010 at Organsdale Farm, Kelsall - Next year’s camp will once again be at
      Kelsall, Sunday 25th July – Friday 30th July 2010. Details will follow in the summer newsletter
     Tuesday 3rd August 2010 Area 5 Dressage qualifier – organised by East Cheshire at
      Somerford Park Farm.
     Saturday & Sunday 28th & 29th August 2010 The Pony Club Novice Championship,
      (10th anniversary) - organised by our branch at Kelsall Hill. All hands to the deck!

  Would you like to receive regular updates or even receive your newsletter by email?

In an effort to become more environmentally friendly, we will be trying to cut down on the branch’s
 paper trail! Can you help the planet too? Email Joan at with your full name
       and name of the member/s if you would like to do your bit and receive info by email!

   If you have any news items for the website or the next newsletter, (due out in March), please
 forward to Loulie, (our webmaster). Loulie has re-designed our website and does a fantastic job
                 keeping it updated for you all. A huge thanks to her from us all.

     For sale………… For sale………………For sale…………….
  Although all the horses/ponies advertised in this newsletter are genuine pony club
         ponies, you are advised to have any pony vetted prior to purchase.

                            BRANCH MERCHANDISE

        Fleeces, XC shirts, coats, polo shirts and branch sweatshirts for sale.
                      Contact Sally Hayward 01606 851928
IFOR WILLIAMS 505 TRAILER FOR SALE: carries 2 16.2hh horses; 4 years old, good
                    condition; Green; Data-tagged; Lightly used;
  Partitions with full and half breast and breeching bars; Rubber matting. £2750.
                         Please call Jenny on 07708 073729

                     IFOR WILLIAMS TRAILER 505R FOR SALE-

                   COLOUR CARRIES UP TO TWO 16.2.

     £1500. CONTACT LEWIS OR DEBBY JONES 01298 813915/07795425404

                           F Reg Ford Cargo-Excellent Condition
  2 Horse-Full very Spacious Living, Sleeps 4 with Loo/Tack Area/Horse Wash. Full MOT &
                             Taxed March 2010. Mileage 360Km
                                     Great Price £6,450.
                         Call Delia - 07778 185282 or 0790 9993298

                                SADDLES FOR SALE.

15" brown Farrington pony GP saddle. Narrow/Medium. Excellent condition. £200 ono.

17" black Wintec Isabell Werth dressage saddle. Easy change gullet system - comes with
         MW gullet. As new, hardly used. £375. Contact Loulie 07767 356193.

    Pair of (Dark) Brown Regent Show Jodphur Boots for Sale - size 3.
                       Barely worn, immaculate - £5
                        Call - Alex - 07836 525479.

Items for sale - Biege/black Rhinegold Jodhpurs sizes 30” & 28” – brand
new! Ordered in good faith for HOYS games team but didn’t fit and were
non-returnable. £15 each. Contact Pennie (07796202160)

                                 A VARIETY OF GOODIES FOR SALE

      2 HOYS 2009 plaques £46.00 each
      2 games jumpers 1 x 32" and 1 x 34" - £5 each
      Small black CHNPC British Open 2007 hoody - £5

   Several navy and tweed jackets form 30"-34" £10.00. each.
                             Ring Jane Ashmore 01260 280876


The saddle is a good Jefferies all purpose saddle.
Ring Margaret Withers on 07900 398501 Home 01565 653104 ( Please no messages
on the home number)

                         Experienced Cheshire Hunt North Pony for sale.

                                          Magic is approx. 12.1 hh a Handsome Black Gelding who
                                          knows his job!

                                      He has competed in all pc activities SJ, ODE, Musical rides
                                      at Hoys and the British Open but his favourite is mounted
                                      games, great at all races fast but has brakes. He stands for
                                      the stirrup or runs for a vault. Previously with Sir WWW,
                                      Magic has given us 3 years of pleasure and success 2 yrs
                                      Junior A team, 1 yr Senior B team and is only for sale
                                      because his rider has out grown him. He has done MGA
                                      minis with previous owner. He is 17 years young, fit and
never had a day sick or sorry. A 5* home is required for this treasured pony.

                                     £2900 inc. tack & rugs

                  Contact Nicky 07814 298343 or 01270 583018

                                                                Free To a Good Home
         Suzi......................For Loan.                   12.2hh 9yrs grey mare
                                                             passport, bred 4 super foals
    13.3h.h. 11 yRS old grey mare.
  Been there, done it, got the tee                        never sick or sorry, lives in or out
                  shirt.                                      not broken, but easy to do
   Super all rounder and team                                      lead, load, travel
                  pony.                                     ideal companion, to breed or
                                                                    would break in.
       Jane Ashmore 01260 280876.
                                                                   Tel Jackie Ford

                               Cheshire Hunt North Branch Committee

District Commissioner               Assistant District                  Treasurer
                                    Commissioner                        Brian Bibby
Joan Deakin                         Gail Cooper                         Heath Cottage
(Working Rallies, Camp, ODE)        (Dressage Rallies)                  Well Bank Lane
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Pine View Farm                      Davenport, Congleton                Cheshire CW12 4RA
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