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                                 INFORMATION FOR NEW VISITING FELLOWS

    We hope you will find your time as a Visiting Fellow of the Centre for Criminology, profitable and
_   enjoyable, and that you will take advantage of the many opportunities to participate in the intellectual life
    of the Centre. This document contains some basic information which we hope may be of use.


    Please consult the Centre’s website for comprehensive details on how to get to Oxford, and how to find
    us. The Centre is not able to give detailed guidance on how to find accommodation during your stay
    (indeed the variety of accommodation on offer for short-term visitors to Oxford is as wide as it is
    expensive) but here are a few useful starting points:

    The University website offers details of university and privately let housing under ‘relocation’:

    The University accommodation office ( may also be helpful,
    in particular their provision for so-called 'transit housing' for new staff and also academic visitors:

    The University Gazette also advertises private rentals:


    We look forward to announcing details of your Visiting Fellowship to people in the Centre and across the
    Faculty of Law. To this end, details such as a short biography and the dates of your visit will be circulated
    shortly before you arrive, and this will enable people to contact you initially via the Centre’s administrative
    staff. This biography will, with your consent, be posted on the Centre’s website in the ‘Visiting Fellows’
    section for the duration of your stay with us ( It would
    be helpful if this biography could be sent to us on as soon as possible and
    certainly no later than two weeks before you arrive.


    Visiting Fellows are a valued part of the life of our Centre, and it is hoped you are willing to make your
    stay with us as mutually beneficial as your time and research interests allow. It is required of Visiting
    Fellows to give a seminar while they are here and attend Centre events, such as the All Souls
    Criminology Seminar Series, the Roger Hood lecture and the Brown Bag Seminars. You will receive
    further details on these after your arrival. If you want to organize events and participate beyond this (e.g.
    participate in classes), please email Professor Ian Loader (


To gain access to University facilities (eg library services, email, computer access) you will need to apply
for a University Card. The administrator will send you a form shortly before your arrival. Please complete
and sign it and send it back to the Centre accompanied by a passport-sized photograph. The University
card should then be available within a few days of your arrival.


Upon your arrival at the Centre you will be asked to read and sign a visitors’ agreement which specifies
that while you are on University premises you need to abide by its rules and regulations.


You will be allocated a desk and lockable storage in the Open Plan area of the Centre. Each row of desks
in the Open Plan has a telephone, and you can give out the number if you are expecting calls. Please see
the Graduate Studies Administrator if you would like a second copy of the telephone list. Please keep the
spare key somewhere sensible as we cannot guarantee a spare can be found if you inadvertently lock
yourself out of your drawer – and, on your departure, please leave the keys where you found them.

There are computers located on ‘hot desks’ but it is anticipated you will bring a laptop. This will need to be
registered with the IT support team, who are based in the Department of Sociology. This can normally be
arranged when you first arrive at the Centre. The team will ensure you are registered for internet access,
and will hook you up with printers. They will also ask for you to complete a short registration form, for
administrative purposes only. The Graduate Studies Administrator may send you the forms to fill in
beforehand so you are fully registered for IT facilities upon your arrival.

There is also a pigeonhole marked ‘Visiting Fellows’ for post delivered to you at the Centre.


The Centre is housed in the same building as the Social Sciences Library, and the Bodleian Law Library
can be found next door in the St Cross Building. The Libraries are keen to welcome visitors and will be
glad to give you tours of the facilities and explain the collections. Please contact Elizabeth Wells
( at the Bodleian Law Library to arrange a meeting. You will find comprehensive
information on all other Oxford libraries via the University website (


If you know you are likely to want to work in the Centre or Social Science Library in the evenings and at
weekends, you will need to register your card with Emily Read, Reception Manager, at the front of house
desk in the Manor Road Building. It will not be possible for you to access the building or Centre without
doing this. Please note that you are obliged to attend a one-hour Health and Safety seminar to receive
and keep your out of hours access, so that you are aware of what to do in case of an emergency. Please
check the building’s website for details of opening hours at


As a visitor to the Centre, you will automatically be subscribed to the Centre’s mailing list which is used to
pass on news, details of events and other relevant items of interest relating to the work of the Centre.

Upon your arrival please forward your Oxford email address to the Graduate Studies Administrator so you
can be added to the list.


In addition to notices conveyed via the mailing list, you will also be sent details of the All Souls
Criminology Seminar Series. These seminars attract outside speakers and you are invited to attend.

Brown Bag Seminars take place on Wednesday lunchtime during term time, as a forum for all Centre
members (staff, researchers, students, visiting fellows, and associates) to informally and constructively
talk to each other about current or planned work, or other contemporary issues in criminology and
criminal justice. This can include reports on work in progress, trial runs of conference papers, discussions
of planned research proposals, suggestions for articles you would like to critique, or other matters in
criminology you would like to raise for debate (and give a brief lead on). Again, it is hoped visitors take
advantage of this opportunity to speak about their work and hear about the current activities of its


If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask Professor Ian Loader or either of the two
administrative staff, Sarah Parkin (the Centre Administrator) or Iris Geens (the Graduate Studies
Administrator). It is also worth pointing out that the University website ( has a wealth of
information for visitors, and provides information on virtually every aspect of life at Oxford University, from
a comprehensive contact search (enabling you to look up the email address and telephone number of
members of the University) to tourist information, as well as news and daily events across the University.


Centre Administrator:, tel: 01865 274448
Graduate Studies Administrator:, tel: 01865 274444
Centre website:

Ms Iris Geens
March 2011

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