Superstars by 2U4mb9C


									                                  CureFinders® Superstars

                                                                          Edmond Memorial High School
                                                                            2006-2007 CureFinders
                                              St. Ignatius School           Top Fund-raising School

     Cincinnati Reds Cheerleaders
  CureFinders Local Honorary Chairs
      Greater Cincinnati Chapter

                                                                              Student Youth Board
                                               Chipper Jones             Alabama Chapter – Mobile Office
                                      CureFinders Local Honorary Chair
        Willis Junior High                    Georgia Chapter
CureFinders Local Lunch Sponsor
        BJ’s Restaurants

                                         Will, Sarah and Luke            William Howard Taft High School
                                                   ®                                                ®
                                      CureFinders Ambassadors                 2007-2008 CureFinders
                                        Greater Illinois Chapter              Top Fund-raising School

        Mackenzie Rosman                      Contact your local Cystic Fibrosis Foundation office
CureFinders National Honorary Chair
      Deer Creek High School
                                                   to find out how you can be featured as a
      2005-2006 CureFinders
                            ®                               CureFinders® Superstar!
      Top Fund-raising School

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