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Mark Pytellek Workshop


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									                                    Know your rights and freedoms!
                                               Introducing Mark Pytellek

          Hosted By Love For Life – Fiona And Arthur Cristian – - 0418 203204

                           Barristers Have Stated That Mark Is Worth $1500.00 per hour
                        You Can Have Access To His Wisdom And Information For Only $50

See An Example Of The Results Of Attending Mark’s Workshop here:

What: 1 Day Workshop.
When: Tuesday 8 July 2008. 9am sharp to 7.00pm
Where: Bowral – Southern Highlands of NSW – 80 Minutes Drive South/West From Sydney. (Venue to be advised)
Email: - Snail Mail: Fiona Cristian PO Box 1320 Bowral NSW 2576

Have you ever wondered what Law is all about? How it has evolved and what, if any of it really applies to you?

Mark was born in 1960 to German parents on the land mass commonly called Australia.

At an early age he became aware of the opposing stories of World War 2 and it raised doubts as to the integrity of our
so-called system/establishment.

In 1985 he completed a Bachelor of Agricultural Science despite revealing certain truths about final year results; further
confirming suspicions that we are not all told all the truths and that truth is actively suppressed!

It wasn’t until 1999 that he began a steep learning curve - discovering Investor International, he became the No. 1 agent
in 2000 and was speaking for 2 years on Asset Protection, Privacy, Tax Minimization, and Wealth Creation. Around this
time he obtained Edition 1 of the manual – Redemption in Law, the uniform Commercial Code. This came via a
Barrister friend, which led to the study of financing statements and commercial lien. One of the biggest impacts was
exposure to common Law in 2002-04 studying the works of Malcolm McClure, Steve Lamb and Richard Garneau, this
lead to 500 letters written in this period successfully closing presentments with contract and common law combinations.

Mark has continued to study and research Admiralty Law/UCC and the Honour and Dishonour system and working on
50 plus Notarial protests and problem solving on many levels full time. In 2006 he commenced the Honour Dishonour,
‘Know who you are’ workshops in three Australian states and is still today conducting full weekend workshops to spread
a message of sovereignty and thereby empowering people to take personal responsibility for their affairs and deal with
legal problems/presentments at all levels.

This is a one-day workshop not to be missed and the proposed subjects to be covered are:

        Understanding who you are, either the slave/vassal of the state or the free man on the land. Mindset shift
        Fear V Love, the motivators and their source
        How, when and why the majority of the world’ population became enslaved, mostly without their knowledge or
         willful consent & by whom
        Presumption and Intent: How to break the states presumptions of being a slave/debtor/entity/straw man
        The Power of the Spoken Word. Used with deadly precision in Admiralty, statute and free man of the Land
        Private V Public
        Hierarchy of authority. Hierarchy of laws
        4 categories of people
        How to deal with any and all issues/obligations/presentments privately, and with 100% success
        The Notarial Protest, an Administrative Private Resolution Process.     COMMUNICATION!
        Some examples addressing: Debt, Tax, Rates, Debt Collectors, State Penalty Organisations, Police, Legal
         Firms, Courts, Government Departments or people, ASIC/ACCC/ASIO, Private people, Companies etc
        Asset Protection
        Moving Toward Freedom and Sovereignty out of the System (in this world not of this world) to the Private
         World, Free Man on the land status
        Solutions Template

Sounds like we all need to know this!

Please book by emailing with heading Mark Pytellek Workshop stating your name and
contact phone number & receipt of payment $50.00 to Fiona Cristian ANZ Bank bsb: 012547 a/n 5576 81376

**Sessions will commence at the stated starting time so please aim to be seated and ready to go at
least 10 minutes before the starting time.

Love For Life: Inspiring Men And Women To Help One Another In Community - Stepping Out Of The System

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