Cobb County School District - DOC 5 by HC120918002145


									       Cobb County School District                                                    Form JRAA-3
       A community with a passion for learning!

                                MIDDLE TO HIGH
                  **Form should be placed as the first page inside each permanent record

   Remove all staples. (Exception: one staple securing lengthy legal documents)
   Purge the folder, leaving only the following documents in the following order:

       1**. Checklist for Cumulative Record: Middle to High;

       2*. All middle school report cards/transcripts;

       3. Georgia immunization record;

       4. Georgia Dental, Vision and Hearing Record (3300);

       5. Standardized test information card and/or reports;

       6. Learning Preference Inventory (if applicable);

       7. Confidential File Card (if applicable);

       8. Gifted Eligibility Report (if applicable);

       9. ESOL test data annual proficiency measurements, Language Assessment
          Conference forms, ELL/TPC form (if applicable);

       10. Red sheet that indicates student is on SST (if applicable);

       11. Medical documents (if applicable);

       12. Legal documents (name change, adoption, notarized statements); and

______13. Social Worker referrals for attendance (if applicable).

       14. All other information shall be removed from the cumulative record.

*Indicates item is required before sending the record to middle school

____________________________            _____________________       _______________________
Student’s Name                           Middle School               High School

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