GHC Reg 5 Oct 2007 Minutes by ZyECgmN


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      Call to Order at 7:05 pm by Gregg Martin
      Minutes were read by Charlie Kerscher  amended X not-amended and approved.
      The Treasurer’s report given by Tanya Kingsley showed $ 941.12 in the account; $31.86 had been
      spent on supplies.
      16 members and guests were in attendance.

      Old Business:
Topic               Discussion                                   Action            Person Responsible
Event Insurance     Gregg reported that the rates quoted to him thus far would exceed the potential revenue
                    from the poker ride. He will continue to look for alternatives
Club Status         Changes in the state organization prompted a change in our horse club this year. While
                    members will continue to work with the state organization to determine status of a regional
                    organization, such as ours, members will investigate the need to formalize the club,
                    incorporating, and evaluating mission and purpose.
Open Discussion General discussion concerning GHC, GHC regions, our club, questions that remain,
                    suggestions for the future of the club.

      New Business:
Topic             Discussion                                                                 Person Responsible
 Development of   Members submitted lists of farriers, vets, feed and tack stores. They      Bonnie Martin
a horse support   were asked to email additional information to Bonnie. The list will be
list              provided to members, posted on the internet site and will be made
                  available to stores and other organizations
GHC status        Email GHC members with concerns relative to the direction the state        All members
                  organization is taking as well as the impact at the local level.
State Equine Day Feb 4, 2008 from 9:00am to 2:00pm at the state capital.                     All members
                  Recommended that members write their representatives to attend.
11/10 - 11/11/07  Cattle Sorting Clinic
11/10/07          St Jude Ride at McIntosh
11/15 – 11/18/07 GHC ride at Silver Spurs

      Guest Presentation: No guest presentation at this meeting
Topic: At next months meeting Ron and Lisa Brier will discuss the rescue effort at Cheyenne Farms in
Williamson. See their website at

      Meeting Adjourned at 8:19pm
      Minutes submitted by Charlie Kerscher, Recording Secretary                        One Attachment

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