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									                 2001: Legal & Other Reference Documents
                               for Georgia School Library Media Programs

   American Association of School Librarians            
     Information Power                                   
     The Information Powered School                      
   National Board for Professional Teaching Standards   
   Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA)
     AASL CIPA Web Page                                  
     ALA CIPA Web Site                                   
     GDOE CIPA Web Page                                  

   Official Code of Georgia Annotated (OCGA)       
      20-2-160     Guidelines for Counting FTE
      20-2-161     Identification of Program Weights
      20-2-167     Spending Allocation Restrictions (100% in category /90% location)
      20-2-181     Base Size School Guidelines
      20-2-184     Funding for media specialists salaries, media materials & equipment
      20-2-212.2 NBPTS Certification
      20-2-260     Facilities Planning Requirements
      20-2-1013 Lost/Missing Books
      24-9-46      Patron Privacy
   GDOE Media Services: QBE Funding      
   State Board of Education (GBOE) Rules           
      NSBA Code           Rule Number       Title
     CGB              160-5-1-.22    Personnel Required
     IFBD             160-4-4-.01    Media Programs
     FEDB             160-5-4-.16    Facilities Design & Construction Standards
   GDOE Facilities: Square Footage Requirements
   Georgia Professional Standards Commission  
   Georgia Learning Connection                
   Georgia School Boards Association: Online Policy Manuals
   Georgia Media Specialist Handbook

Accrediting Agencies & Standards
   Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)
     Commission for Elementary & Middle Schools
     Commission on Secondary & Middle Schools
     Georgia Committee for Elem. & Middle Schools - Site%20Map
   Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC)      

Dr. Elizabeth Bennett & Dr. Kathy Brock, State University of West Georgia                     COMO, November 1, 2001
Professional Associations
   Georgia Library Media Association (GLMA)                      
   Georgia School Superintendents Association (GSSA)             
   Georgia Association of Educational Leaders (GAEL)             
   Georgia Association of Educators (GAE)                        
   Professional Association of Georgia Educators (PAGE)          

            Topical Index
 Topic                   Sub-topic                                 Reference Document

 Facilities             minimum requirements                      GDOE
                         adequate shelving                         GAC
                         adequate to support programs              SACS

 Finance                required expenditure per student          OCGA, GDOE
                         adequate for program needs                SACS
                         allowable expenditures                    GDOE

 Personnel              qualifications                            NBPTS, GPSC, SACS, GAC
                         required positions (media sp.)            GBOE (Rule CGB), SACS, GAC
                         required positions (clerk)                SACS, GAC
                         re-certification requirements             OCGA, GPSC

 Program & Policy access throughout school day                    GBOE (Rule IFBD), SACS, GAC
                   collaborative planning                          GBOE (Rule IFBD), 6-8/9-12 SACS
                   flexible scheduling                             GBOE (Rule IFBD)
                   information literacy                            Information Power, GLC
                   Internet use policy (IUP)                       CIPA, 6-8/9-12 SACS
                   lost books                                      OCGA (20-2-1013)
                   media committee                                 GBOE (Rule IFBD)
                   patron privacy policy                           OCGA (24-9-46G)
                   policy for responding to challenges             6-8/9-12 SACS
                   support of school goals                         K-5/6-8 SACS
                   training for students & staff                   6-8/9-12 SACS

 Resources              current print & non-print resources       K-5 SACS
                         number of books per student               K-5/6-8/9-12 SACS, GAC
                         number of books for new school            9-12 SACS
                         number of periodicals                     6-8/9-12 SACS
                         resource maintenance/replacement          6-8/9-12 SACS
                         organization via cataloging system        6-8/9-12 SACS, GAC
                         technology                                SACS, GAC

    Local board policies and procedures may also have information about many of these topics.

Dr. Elizabeth Bennett & Dr. Kathy Brock, State University of West Georgia                    COMO, November 1, 2001

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