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					                            Reading Bowl 2009-2010 Application

  The Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl (also known as the Reading Jags GAMA Club) will meet during
 the SCORE and HIGH POTENTIAL classes with Mrs. Bogle and Mrs. Browning will also be there.
             The meetings will start in September and practices will start then too.

Students must read at least ten books on the list and write a summary and questions to practice
                                      the Reading Bowl.

 The Reading Jags is part of the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl program of Clayton County School
Library Media Association. The books that are nominated are on the back of this paper are the
                        2009-2010 Georgia Children’s Book Nominees.

All participating Jags must maintain good grades, be of good character, and be a team player –
                      we insist on respect and kindness in our Reading Jags!

   Our Reading Jags must have parental permission to participate. Please be aware that the
                Reading Bowl will take place in February, 2010 on a Saturday.

                                          Thank you!

Name: _____________________________

Birthdate: __________________________

Interests: ____________________________________________________________


Parental permission: ______________________________

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