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             C o n s u lta n t A p p lic a tio n

              Why Should I be a Professional Consultant?

        Professional recognition as an expert in your field
        Opportunity to increase client base
        Community involvement
        Expanded awareness to people who would not otherwise utilize your services
        Listed in the Professional Consultant Directory

1. Yes, I am interested in offering my services on a “volunteer” basis as a consultant to
   provide a one-hour, one-on-one professional business consultation to small business
   members of the Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce, or small business
   clients of the Business One Stop Shop (BOSS), the UGA/Small Business Development
   Center (SBDC), our local SCORE chapter, and/or the Columbus Public Library Business
   Resource Center.

2. I understand there is a one time fee of $100.00, payable to the Greater Columbus Georgia
   Chamber of Commerce, for inclusion in and referral from the PCP Directory.

3. Firm name _______________________________Date:____________________
4. Address:       _______________________________________________________
5. Consultant’s name: ________________________________________________
6. Phone: ____________________                     Fax: ______________________________
7. Email: _________________________________________________________
8. What services could you or your firm provide?
9. How much time would you or your firm be willing to volunteer?

    Weekly __________ Monthly _________                          Annually ___________

10. Give a short description that can be used in the directory for your services.
 For more information, contact Ron Hinze at the Chamber’s Small Business Department at (706) 596-7007, or fax to (706)
                                 327-7512, or email rhinze@columbusgachamber.com
                                    Thank you for your support of the Chamber!

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