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									                             Southeast Georgia Chapter
October 2008                                                                                       Vol. 9, No. 10

Oncology Nursing Society Mission Statement                     Thank you for voting in our Chapter’s
The mission of ONS® is to promote excellence in                election of officers for 2009.
oncology nursing and quality cancer care.                      The results of the election will be announced
                                                               at the October Members Meeting.
                   ONS Core Values
         Integrity  Innovation  Stewardship                  Involve Nursing has been created especially
        Advocacy  Excellence  Inclusiveness                  for Oncology Nurses and Nurse Practitioners
                                                               just like you—to help you continue to provide
Southeast Georgia Chapter Officers 2008                        your patients with a high level of care. We
President.……………..… Beverly Youmans, RN, OCN®                   recognize how hard you work to help patients
President-Elect ……. ………… Patty Aiken, RN, MSN                  manage their cancer treatment, and that's why
Secretary …….……….… Diane Smoak APRN, OCN®                      we hope you'll take advantage of all the
Treasurer…………………… Dana Coleman, RN, OCN®                       materials and tools this comprehensive
                                                               resource center has to offer.
Chapter Membership                                             The site offers information, handouts (in
For a membership application             Join the              English and Spanish) on cancers and side
contact D.D. Johnson at  350-            SEGA                 effect management, and more. You can
8186 or at                                                     customize the handouts and print them for
                                         Chapter .                                  your patients.
Or –                                                           For information and to enroll go to -
Go to -                                              ;jses
sionid=gjislbny4ouh                                            Anti-Nausea Patch
                                                               Last month the US Food and Drug         Something
Dues are $25.00 for 2008 (not prorated).                       Administration (FDA) approved the        New for
                                                               world's first licensed transdermal 5-     Nausea
Next Chapter Membership Meeting is October                     hydroxytryptamine-3 (5HT3)                  and
                                                               receptor antagonist patch                Vomiting
                                                               (Sancuso, ProStrakan Group) for
        Thursday, October 16, 2008                             the prevention of chemotherapy-induced
                                                               nausea and vomiting (CINV).
Educational Presentation                                       The patch contains granisetron (Kytril) and
Topic: TBA                                                     once applied delivers a steady dose of the
Speaker: TBA                                                   medication for five days. It should be
Location: TBA                                                  available in the USA starting in December.
Supporter: ICU Medical                                         For more information go to -
RSVP on or before Friday, October 10th to:                     emo-nausea-patch-approved
Patty Aiken at 350-9385 Or                                    “Cancer for Two” - Free Book
                                                               Neulasta is offering a free book which gives advice
                                                               to help patients and caregivers face cancer
                                                               together. It includes specific advice on facing
                                                               cancer, practical tips on dealing with cancer,
                                                               techniques that have worked for other patients,
                                                               and more. To order: call 1.866.263.6426 or
                                                            E-mail -

                   SOUTHEAST GEORGIA CHAPTER OF ONS – NEWSLETTER – October 2008 – Vol. 9, No. 10
 NCCAM Updated Information Sheets for                        NIWI - Nurse in Washington Internship
Caregivers and Patients                                      The next NIWI is scheduled to be held March 29 -
Ayurvedic Medicine: An Introduction                          March 31, 2009 in Washington, D.C. The
    Ayurvedic medicine (also called Ayurveda) is             internship includes spending a day on Capitol Hill
one of the world's oldest medical systems. It                visiting legislators. It is hoped that the dialogue
originated in India and has evolved there over               begun during the internship will continue after the
thousands of years. This fact sheet provides a               interns return home.
general overview of Ayurvedic medicine and                      This year, ONS is offering a limited number of
suggests sources for additional information.                 grants for nurses to attend NIWI. The deadline
Go to -                                                      to apply for the grant is November 1, 2008.                        Recipients of the grants will receive full
                                                             registration for NIWI, expenses for travel and
Reiki: An Introduction                                       hotel, and a per diem.
  Reiki is a healing practice that originated in             Applicants must:
Japan. Reiki practitioners place their hands lightly          Have current membership in ONS with two
on or just above the person receiving treatment,             years minimum as a member
with the goal of facilitating the person's own                Provide evidence of current activity in the
healing response. This fact sheet provides a                 legislative arena on the local, state, and/or national
general overview of Reiki and suggests sources               levels
for additional information.                                   Describe all past ONS activities
Go to –                    Describe how the internship experience will
                                                             help his or her current professional role, and within
Paying for CAM Treatment                                     ONS
  If you are using (or thinking about using) CAM,             Be willing to serve as a chapter or SIG
you may have financial questions about paying for            legislative liaison or state health policy liaison
treatment. This fact sheet answers some                       Demonstrate strong communication skills
frequently asked questions on this topic.                     Demonstrate willingness to participate in NIWI
Go to -                                                      by meeting the time requirements for preparation                       A review panel will select the most qualified
Free CEUs from Medscape                                      To apply, members should submit a letter
Medscape is featuring a renewal of one of their              stating that they are applying for a NIWI grant,
all-time most popular activities -- a program                including three copies of all accompanying
provided in collaboration with the National Cancer           information listed above, and current
Institute on how to provide the best possible care           curriculum vitae. For information contact
near the time of death. Video vignettes are         or call Leslie Greenberg at
included, and 1.75 free continuing education                 1/866-257-4ONS x6401.
credits are offered for nurses, physicians, and
pharmacists.                                                 Legislative News
“The Last Hours of Living: Practical Advice for              Making Your Voice Heard…
Clinicians”                                                  Make your voice heard; visit
     Just updated and renewed for another year.              The Legislative Action Center
Clinical concerns in the last hours of living include        from ONS Online …
managing feeding and hydration, changes in         
consciousness, delirium, pain, breathlessness,
and secretions. Learn what to expect and what to             Web sites listed in this newsletter are provided
do. If you have not completed this activity in the           for information only. Hosts are responsible for
past, don't miss one of our most popular                     their own content and availability.
programs.                                                    Editor: Janet Rourke -
Go to -                                            

                   SOUTHEAST GEORGIA CHAPTER OF ONS – NEWSLETTER – October 2008 – Vol. 9, No. 10
Register Now for the                                          THE WELLNESS COMMUNITY LAUNCHES
ONS 9th Annual Institutes of Learning                         CANCER INTERNET TALK RADIO PROGRAM
 and the                                                          The Wellness Community (TWC) is pleased to
ONS Advanced Practice Nursing Conference.                     announce the launch of Frankly Speaking About
Make your plans now for these conferences, which              Cancer, the first Internet talk radio show on the
will be held this November in Seattle, WA. If you             VoiceAmerica Networks Health & Wellness
register by October 2, you'll save $100 through a             Channel focused specifically on how to live a
limited-time offer.                                           better life with cancer. Hosted by Kim
ONS 9th Annual Institutes of Learning -                       Thiboldeaux, President & CEO of The Wellness                                Community, the program features patients,
ONS Advanced Practice Nursing Conference -                    physicians, researchers, social workers and                                caregivers with whom listeners can connect and
                                                              draw inspiration.
Ask Your Burning Question                                         Frankly Speaking About Cancer takes the
Next Chat Series:                                             listener on a journey through topics that inform
Extravasation with Lisa Schulmeister                          and inspire. Episodes tackle critical issues such
For dates and times, visit:                                   as: achieving the best care and quality of life, new           research and treatments, relieving stress and
ex.shtml                                                      anxiety, life beyond treatment and talking to
                                                              children about cancer. Every week, Kim brings
   Do you have that one "burning question" that is            together noted physicians, researchers, nurses
difficult to find the answer to? Are you unsure of a          and social workers, as well as patients and
practice, or policy, and want to ask someone about            caregivers from every walk of life to share their
it? Do you wish you could ask an expert and feel              experiences and unique perspective. A sampling
confident with the answer you're given? Well, now             of show topics include:
you can, by joining us for the ONS Hot Topics Chat
Series! Connect with experts, ask those questions              The Empowered Cancer Patient:
and exchange dialogue with peers. Get your                    Highlights from The Total Cancer Wellness
"burning question" answered! Learn more today,                Guide
and check the schedule for the next Hot Topics                 The Empowered Cancer
chat session.                                                 Caregiver: Why 80 percent report stress
Go to –                                                       and anxiety            Cancer Survivorship: Your
ex.shtml                                                      treatment is over. Now what?
                                                               New Discoveries in Cancer:
NCI’s Disparities Summit Report Available                     Treatments from the Laboratory to the
NCI's Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities,             Land
the National Center on Minority Health and Health              How Kids Deal with Cancer:
Disparities, and the National Center for Research             Spotlight on voices from Group Loop
Resources recently released the report on the
Cancer Health Disparities Summit 2007, Catalyzing             Episodes air every Tuesday at 1:00 pm
Trans-disciplinary Regional Partnerships to                   PST/4:00 pm EDT on the VoiceAmerica
Eliminate Cancer Health Disparities. The report               network at
evolved from a 3-day workshop held July 16-18,      
2007 and can be accessed and downloaded at                    dules/HostModaview.aspx?HostId=546&Chan               nelId=5&Flag=1
Source: NCI Cancer Bulletin Sept 23, 2008 pg 9                Archived episodes are also available as
                                                              podcasts on the VoiceAmerica website as well
                                                              as at

                    SOUTHEAST GEORGIA CHAPTER OF ONS – NEWSLETTER – October 2008 – Vol. 9, No. 10
NCI’s Radiation Therapy Patient Education                health care professionals, and partners or
Materials include:                                       caregivers sharing their experiences and
     “Toolkit to Improve Health Literacy for            perspectives on survivorship. The podcast
Radiation Therapy Patients”                              series aims to provide resources and hope to
     “Radiation Therapy Fact Sheet Series”              listeners.
     “You Can Manage Radiation Therapy
Side Effects”                                            The series launched on Thursday Sept. 4, and
Go to:                                                   new podcast will be available every week                through Oct. 9. The podcasts are available
                                                         online at The Wellness Communitys website
The Curtis and Elizabeth Anderson Cancer                 ( ) and CRs
Institute is sponsoring the seventh annual               website ( ).
Harvest of Hope Retreat, a free weekend camp
for those with cancer and their families. The
theme for this year’s camp is a luau.                    October is
October 10, 11 & 12.
For information, please contact Jennifer Currin           Breast Cancer
at 912-350-7845 or                                Awareness Month
New Pediatric Certification to be Offered in
                                                               … is it time for your
2010 ONCC Expands Certification                                 Mammogram ?
Opportunities by offering the Certified Pediatric
Hematology/Oncology Nurse examination
beginning in 2010. Read more, go to -


The Wellness Community and CR, the
magazine about cancer and survivorship, are
pleased to announce their collaboration on
Surviving and Thriving: Life With Cancer, a
series of podcasts exploring the unique issues
of cancer survivors and their loved ones.

The collaboration combines The Wellness
Communitys extensive educational and
support resources with the integrity and high
standards of reporting from CR, which is
published by the American Association for
Cancer Research, the oldest and largest
cancer research organization in the world.

The series consists of six 10-minute podcasts
hosted by Kim Thiboldeaux, President and
CEO of The Wellness Community, and CR
podcast correspondent Kevin Begos. Each
episode features current or former patients,

               SOUTHEAST GEORGIA CHAPTER OF ONS – NEWSLETTER – October 2008 – Vol. 9, No. 10

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