AssessmentInformationSheet Construction Carpentry NCCER by ZyECgmN


									                          Assessment Information Sheet

Program Concentration Area: Architecture, Construction, Communications &

Career Pathway:          Students must successfully pass the following four courses in
Construction             order to sit for the End-of-Pathway Assessment:
Carpentry                    46.54500 Occupational Safety and Fundamentals
                             46.54600 Introduction to Construction
                             46.55000 Carpentry I
                             46.55100 Carpentry II
Credentialing Exam:      NCCER Carpentry Level 1 Certification
                         Exams taken at the end of each of the following modules:
                             Basic Safety
                             Introduction to Construction Math
                             Introduction to Hand Tools
                             Introduction to Power Tools
                             Introduction to Construction Drawings
                             Basic Rigging
                             Basic Communication Skills
                             Basic Employability Skills
                             Introduction to Material Handling
                             Orientation to the Trade
                             Building Materials, Fasteners, and Adhesives
                             Hand and Power Tools
                             Reading Plans and Elevations
                             Floor Systems
                             Wall and Ceiling Framing
                             Roof Framing
                             Introduction to Concrete, Reinforcing Materials, and Forms
                             Windows and Exterior Doors
                             Basic Stair Layout

                         Students must successfully pass each of the above exams at the
                         end of the related module to receive the Carpentry Level I

                         NOTE: The high school program must be NCCER
                         accredited through CEFGA to support the HVACR Level I
Testing Agency:          NCCER
Exam Blueprint:          NCCER Carpentry Curriculum available through Pearson Learning

                          Assessment Information Sheet

                         Go to the following link to view a copy of the exam blueprint:

Exam Cost:               Module Exams available through NCCER Curriculum
Duration of Exam:
Number of Questions:     15-35 questions
Exam Cut Score:
Test Ordering            After completing each module, students take the end of module
Information:             exam which will be dispensed by the instructor. The exam
                         consists of both a written and performance component. All
                         student work is submitted to the Accredited Training Sponsor
                         (ATS) to be evaluated. The ATS in Georgia is the Construction
                         Education Foundation of Georgia (CEFGA). Once student work is
                         approved by CEFGA, CEFGA notifies NCCER of approval and
                         NCCER provides the credential to the student.

                         NOTE: Instructors should keep very thorough documentation of
                         student performance as students complete module exams
                         throughout each course in the pathway. Once students have
                         successfully completed all module exams in each designated
                         course of the pathway, instructors should inform the CTAE
                         Administrator of students who have obtained the Level 1
                         Certification and be prepared to share the necessary
                         documentation of student performance with the CTAE
Proctoring Guidelines:   Industry Certified Instructors act as proctors.
Testing Format:          Written and performance
Required Computer        Web Access
Test Availability:       Year round availability
Testing Agency           Name: Kevin Ward
Contact:                 Title: Director of Operations, CEFGA
                         Telephone Number: 678-889-4445 ext. 303
                         Email Address:
GaDOE Contact for        Name: Mamie Hanson
Credentialing:           Telephone Number: (404) 657-6279
GaDOE Contact for        Name: Carol Burke
Curriculum Area:         Telephone Number: (404) 657-8308


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