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      Parenting styles are very important. Sharing our value system with our children is critical to this process. In
       sharing values, remember that people pay more attention to what they see, as opposed to what they hear.
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                                                              Rule 19: Do Fun Stuff
                                                                  By L. Lowell

  Lisa Plummer is a single mother of four children and one grandchild. She has degrees in Theology
and Christina Leadership and is working on a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is a
Medical Instructor at Western Career College.

 As a single working mom, money and time are both scarce. It is easy to get so caught up in the daily
essentials so that we miss the little things… if we are not careful. Yes, we are with our children all the
time. But do we really enjoy them? Do we remember to do fun stuff?

 Sure, when they were little we pointed out every new milestone and marked it in the baby books. We
called our mom or mother-in-law to let them know what new and amazing feat they had accomplished.
What about now when they are older? Sometimes it feels like all of our interactions are instructions,
directions and reminders (with the exception of the required, “How was school today?” to which most
kids say “Fine.” End of discussion.) I’ve found that I enjoy my children more when I give myself time to
be with them and do things that we all like to do.

 Any holiday is a great excuse to get creative and spend time doing things that are just a little bit our of
the ordinary. My oldest daughter, now a mother herself, has great memories of spending time with me
preparing goodies for her classmates. My son who is nine years old still likes to take treats to his class.
You can stuff goody bags with inexpensive treats like holiday themed pencils, erasers, stickers and
candy from your local Dollar Store. Purchase plain sack lunch bags and let your kids be creative and
decorate the bags. Baking goodies is a wonderful activity to enjoy with your children. Make cupcakes,
cookies and even ornaments (not only for Christmas) and pick colors that fit the holiday and allow your
children do the frosting and decorating.

 In our family, one of our favorite fun things is movie night. Ours is always on Friday, and the kids and I
really look forward to this time together. They get to pick the movie and our dinner. We call it our
“munchie” dinner and it can be anything…homemade chicken strips, taquitos, pizza or nachos. Of
course, we always have popcorn!

 Although we may not always be able to afford to take vacations with our children, we can still afford
weekend get- aways. A simple camping trip even as close as an hour drive from your home is a fun,
affordable and wonderful way for you to unwind and relax from a busy week. The kids can run, yell,
swim, climb trees and get dirty (not much better than that if you’re a nine-year-old boy.) It is wonderful

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

to be able to watch them enjoy themselves with a sense of freedom they don’t always have at home.
Invite some friends to join you, and it’s a portable party.

 Tradition is a word that is over used but cannot be over emphasized. All of these activities are great
opportunities to create tradition in a world that seems to be losing touch with traditions. These special
family times we spend together give my kids (and me), as well as ourselves, something to look forward
to and plan on.

 The years with our children go by so quickly. I’m not only talking about the years when they are small.
Remind yourself what great kids they are. Spend time doing creative things, make up games, go
camping. We only have them for a little while…. so remember to do fun stuff.

As excerpted from "42 Rules (tm) for Working Moms" Super Star Press 2008.

Laura Lowell is the executive editor and author of "42 Rules for Working Moms." She has gathered
practical advice and information from working moms all over the world to share with others. She lives
and works in Silicon Valley with her husband and two girls.

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                                              Collecting Old Stuff is Fun or Not?
                                                            By Roy J Walker

Collecting old stuff is fun any day. It really doesn’t matter what one is collecting but the mere history
relating to it makes it an attractive concept. There are so many things available in the market. New
things and concepts are coming up every day, making the old one obsolete. These things could be as
small as a needle to that of an air craft.

 There are could be so many obsessive collectors found across the globe who would want to pay any
thing and every this for a simple reason of that thing being really old. The thumb rule I solder the stuff
is the more expensive it is. It could be an antique, a heritage commodity, an original fossil for that
matter. The only criterion is that it has to be old and it would prove to be of real fun and excitement for
a collector of old commodities. You would have to speak to one of old stuff collector and see the sparks
in hi/her eyes talking about the old stuff that he/she own, to know what these old things mean to a

 Over an above a hobby it’s becoming a big time business. A number of websites are emerging on the
internet offering the sale and purchase of real old stuff. Such product are sold and purchased at
unbelievable prices. Moreover, there are companies providing services to check for the authentication
of such products. This is a very good new for collects that are a great fan of old stuff however, don’t
have an eye to know if they are real or not.

 There are so many exhibitions around the country across the globe exhibiting such precious old
antique heritage products. These days’ people not only collect such stuff and pack it inside a huge box;
they take pride in displaying and to so extend using them as well. You would find that most of the
affluent rich families who could afford exuberant furniture pieces for there houses – would prefer the
antique furniture for their well equipped modern houses. The fact that such furniture is used doesn’t
bother these antique lovers.

 Talking of family old stuff is another option for come collectors who love and adore their past. Or
simply don’t want to let go their past. They would have their child hood note books, their first toy etc.
Also there is lot of old stuff that is passed on from one generation to the other and for centuries
remains with a family.

 Most common of such stuff would include – a family stone; an antique mirror; an old grandmother’s
dairy which would almost be treated as bible; charismas tree decorations used over decades etc.
These things would have high emotional value over and above the fact that they would really be old.

 There could be different reasons for some one to collect old stuff – their love for it, the sentimental
value attached, old memories, limited supplies etc but one thing is common about collecting old stuff –
its simply fun!

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