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									     Stage Two: Making Connections in your Community

Law Enforcement Services

Purpose                  The purpose of this activity is to familiarize the trainee with the
                         resources available in the community to support the families
                         we serve. The trainee should become familiar with the
                         resource, point of entry for clients, services available, and
                         application process.
                         At the completion of this stage, the trainee should have the
                         basis for his/her Community Resource Guide.
Supervisor/              Direct participant Review the website
Training                 Arrange for the trainee to visit the community Law Enforcement
Coordinator              Agency. If more than one resource is available, encourage the
                         trainee to make contact with as many resources as time
                            Assure that the trainee has the information necessary to
                              make contact with the community resource.
                            Provide a copy of the activity worksheet and resource
Trainee                  Complete the online training: The CPS Worker: Making a
                         Case for Safety
                         Print out the certification of completion at the end of the online
                         You will schedule and visit the community resource for a
                         minimum of 2 hours.
                            Ask questions and request clarification as needed to
                              complete this worksheet and Resource Sheet.

The trainee has completed the worksheet, demonstrated satisfactory
comprehension of the subject and received feedback from the
supervisor/training coordinator and/or field practice advisor.

Trainee                                                                             Date

Field Practice Advisor                                                              Date

Education & Training Section               February 2009                                       1
                                    Making Connections – Stage 2
Supervisor/Training Coordinator                                  Date

Education & Training Section             February 2009                  2
                                  Making Connections – Stage 2
        Law Enforcement Services Worksheet

1.      Identify your county protocol for leaving the office when going on assessments or
2.       How are clients greeted upon coming into the reception area?

3.       List services available, bilingual persons, handicap access, etc.

4.       Identify the protocol for partnership with law enforcement when going out to a
         home where there is a concern for your safety or the safety of the child and/or
         when removing a child.
5.       Place the contact number in your cell phone or in a place where you can easily
         access the number.

Education & Training Section          February 2009                               3
                               Making Connections – Stage 2

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