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									                                                        UNIVERSITY OF ANTWERP
                                                              International Relations Office
                                                          FACT SHEET FOR EXCHANGE STUDENTS

Name of the Institution                  University of Antwerp
Head of the Institution                  Prof. Dr. Alain Verschoren
University code                          B ANTWERP01
Website                                  http://www.ua.ac.be

                                        International Relations Office

Head of the office                       Mr. Piet Van Hove

                                         International Relations Office
                                         University of Antwerp – City campus
Address                                  Gratiekapelstraat 10
                                         BE-2000 Antwerpen
General fax nr                           + 32 3 265 41 42
General e-mail address                   international@ua.ac.be
Website                                  http://www.ua.ac.be/internationalexchange

Institutional Exchange                   Ms. Patricia De Clopper
co-ordinator                             + 32 3 265 43 48, patricia.declopper@ua.ac.be
                                         Ms. Jill Aerts (students leaving Antwerp)
                                         + 32 3 265 46 32, jill.aerts@ua.ac.be
Mobility and reception                   Ms. Suzanne Wouters (bilateral agreements)
                                         + 32 3 265 46 36, suzanne.wouters@ua.ac.be
                                         Ms. Nele Voorspoels (students coming to Antwerp)
                                         + 32 3 265 49 61, nele.voorspoels@ua.ac.be

Application procedure
                                         - for 1st semester and full year students: June 15, 2009
Application deadlines                    - for 2nd semester students: November 15, 2009
                                           (ONLY 1 deadline for Economics students  June 15!)
Application forms
- Student application form
- Learning agreement                     All forms and information about our application and admission
- EILC application form                  procedure for incoming exchange students can be found at:
- Request for accommodation
- Certificate of English knowledge*
*compulsory for those who will be
studying or doing research in English

Academic Information
                                                    Orientation day (!)            18 September

                                                    Beginning of term              21 September

                                                    End of term                    29 January
                                                    Exam period                    4 - 29 January
                                                    Christmas break                21 December - 3 January
Academic calendar
                                                             Semester break: 1 – 7 February
                                                    Orientation day (!)            5 February

                                                    Beginning of term              8 February

                                                    End of term                    2 July
                                                    Exam period                    25 May - 25 June
                                                    Easter break                   5 - 18 April
                                                    Announcement of exam results   28 June - 2 July
                                         The University of Antwerp obtained the ECTS label in 2004 for the
European Credit Transfer
                                         complete implementation and correct use of ECTS. More
                                         information can be found on our website.
                          Course descriptions are available in Dutch and English and can be
                          found at: http://www.ua.ac.be/OODE2009.
                          Note that most undergraduate courses are taught in Dutch only!
                          Some faculties organise a programme or a number of courses in
                          English to accommodate international students.
                           The faculty of Law offers the International and European
                            Legal Studies Programme (IELSP) for one or two semesters.
                           The faculty of Applied Economics offers a range of courses
                            and seminars in English and organises two English-taught
                            master’s programmes: the MA in Economic Policy and the MA in
                            Business Administration. http://www.ua.ac.be/TEWENG&n=51091
                            and http://www.ua.ac.be/TEWENG
Course descriptions and    The faculty of Political and Social Sciences offers a selected
language of instruction     number of courses in English in each of their degrees.
   (= MAINLY DUTCH)         http://www.ua.ac.be/PSW&n=49060
                           The faculty of Medicine organises a 2nd semester in English
                            during the master years.
                           The department of Computer Science offers almost all
                            master courses and 6 bachelor courses in English.
                            The department of Physics offers a considerable part of its
                             master’s programme in English. http://www.physics.ua.ac.be
                            Courses at the department of Linguistics and Literature are
                             medium-taught in Dutch, English, German, French, Italian or
                             Spanish. http://www.ua.ac.be/OODE2009
                          Please contact the academic international co-ordinator at the
                          department/faculty for more information on your course selection
                          (see contact addresses below).
                          Dutch: We strongly advise students to sign up for the intensive
                          Dutch language course for exchange students. It is essential if
                          you take classes in Dutch!
Language requirements
                          English: A sound knowledge of English is required when studying
                          at the faculty of Law, Economics, Political and Social Sciences or
                          when doing research in English.
                          Especially for exchange students, a 60 hour Erasmus Intensive
                          Language Course (EILC) is offered at the beginning of each
                          semester - a must for students who will be attending classes in
                          Dutch! Erasmus students who sign up for this course qualify for
                          an EILC grant, which allows them to participate for free.
                          Students who have been granted this EILC scholarship receive a
                          supplementary Erasmus grant from their National Agency or home
                          institution for the duration of the course. More info:

                          Course data:
                          • August 31 – September 17, 2009 (level I or level II)
                          • January 14 – February 4, 2010 (level I). This course is open to
                            2nd semester students only!

                          Application deadlines:
Dutch Language courses    • May 31, 2009 (1st semester and full year students)
                          • October 31, 2009 (2nd semester students)

                          How to apply for an EILC-scholarship?
                          1. Complete the EILC application form and submit it by e-mail to
                             the Erasmus co-ordinator at your home university, no later
                             than the date specified by your university.
                          2. If accepted, the Erasmus contact person should forward the
                             form by e-mail to nele.voorspoels@ua.ac.be before the
                             application deadline mentioned above.

                          Students who are not eligible for an EILC scholarschip as well as
                          students who did not obtain an EILC grant can still attend the
                          Dutch EILC. In this case, they have to apply for a voucher with
                          the International Relations Office, which entitles them to sign up
                          at the reduced rate for exchange students: € 85.

                          For an overview of the Dutch language courses organised during
                          the academic year, see http://www.linguapolis.be.
                           Departmental international co-ordinators

Each department has an academic international co-ordinator who will provide more information on the
courses on offer, credits awarded, certification, etc.

Mailing addresses for faculties and departments:
campus Drie Eiken          campus Groenenborger           campus Middelheim        City campus
Universiteitsplein 1       Groenenborgerlaan 171          Middelheimlaan 1         Prinsstraat 13
BE-2610 Antwerpen(Wilrijk) BE-2020 Antwerpen              BE-2020 Antwerpen        BE-2000 Antwerpen
BELGIUM                    BELGIUM                        BELGIUM                  BELGIUM

Faculty of Applied Economic Sciences
                                       Prof.   Dr. Liliane Van Hoof, City campus, building Z.204
                                       +32 3   265 50 28, liliane.vanhoof@ua.ac.be
               Administrator’s office: Ms.      Gerda    Boeckx,       City  campus, building B.220
                                       +32 3   265 47 98, gerda.boeckx.1@ua.ac.be

Faculty of Arts
History                               Prof. Dr. Henk De Smaele, City campus, building D.307
                                      +32 3 265 42 81, henk.desmaele@ua.ac.be
Philosophy                            Prof. Dr. Hendrik Opdebeeck, City campus, building D.427
                                      +32 3 265 41 52, hendrik.opdebeeck@ua.ac.be
Linguistics & Literature
                                Dutch: Prof. dr. Dominiek Sandra, City campus, building        D.109
                                        +32 3 265 42 47, dominiek.sandra@ua.ac.be
                              English: Prof. Dr. Geert Lernout, City campus, building          D.134
                                        +32 3 265 42 57, geert.lernout@ua.ac.be
                              French: Prof. Dr. Patrick Dendale, City campus, building         R.211
                                        +32 3 265 42 36, Patrick.dendale@ua.ac.be
                             German: Prof. dr. Tanja Mortelmans, City campus, building         D.128
                                        +32 3 265 42 64, tanja.mortelmans@ua.ac.be
                               Italian: Prof. Dr. Dieter Vermandere, City campus, building     R.228
                                        +32 3 265 48 01, dieter.vermandere@ua.ac.be
                             Spanish: Prof. Dr. Miguel Norbert Ubarri, City campus, building   R.122
                                        +32 3 265 45 73, miguel.norbertubarri@ua.ac.be
Theatre, Film and Literature Studies: Prof. Dr. Luc Van den Dries, City campus, building       D.209
                                        +32 3 265 43 04, luc.vandendries@ua.ac.be
               Administrator’s office: Ms. Linda Van Wallendael, City campus, building         R.102
                                        +32 3 265 42 37, linda.vanwallendael@ua.ac.be

Faculty of Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences
Pharmaceutical Sciences               Prof. Dr. Annick Ludwig, campus Drie Eiken, building S.737
                                      +32 3 265 27 16, annick.ludwig@ua.ac.be
Biomedical Sciences                   Prof. Dr. Fernand Harrisson, campus Groenenborger, building
                                      T.259a, +32 3 265 36 19, fernand.harrisson@ua.ac.be
Veterinary Medicine                   Prof. Dr. Chris Van Ginneken, campus Drie Eiken, building U.015
                                      +32 3 265 24 35, chris.vanginneken@ua.ac.be

Faculty of Law
                                       Prof. Dr. Georgios Pavlakos, City campus, building BL14.200
                                       +32 3 265 47 78, georgios.pavlakos@ua.ac.be
               Administrator’s office: Ms.    Mieke     Briels,    City   campus,  building  V.024
                                       +32 3 265 58 57, mieke.briels@ua.ac.be

Faculty of Medicine
                                       Mr.   Karel Van Liempt, campus Drie Eiken, building S.223
                                       +32   3 265 25 03, karel.vanliempt@ua.ac.be
               Administrator’s office: Ms.    Karin Mercelis, campus Drie Eiken, building S.224
                                       +32   3 265 26 37, karin.mercelis@ua.ac.be
Faculty of Political and Social Sciences
Faculty co-ordinator                      Prof. Dr. Alexander Dhoest, City campus, building M.182
                                          T +32 3 265 56 78, F +32 3 265 57 98
Communication Sciences                    NN
Political Sciences                        NN
Sociology                                 NN

Faculty of Sciences
Biochemistry                              Prof. Dr. Luc Moens, campus Drie Eiken,         building T.126
                                          +32 3 265 23 23, luc.moens@ua.ac.be
Biology                                   Prof. Dr. Ivan Nijs, campus Drie Eiken, building C.012
                                          +32 3 265 22 57, ivan.nijs@ua.ac.be
                                          Backup (if absent): Prof. Dr. Han Asard, campus Groenenborger
                                          building U.533, +32 3 265 36 38, han.asard@ua.ac.be
Chemistry                                 Prof. Dr. Annemie Bogaerts, campus Drie Eiken, building B.209
                                          +32 3 265 23 77, annemie.bogaerts@ua.ac.be
Mathematics                               Prof. Dr. Fred Van Oystaeyen, campus Middelheim, building
                                          G.115, +32 3 265 38 92, fred.vanoystaeyen@ua.ac.be
                Administrator’s office:   Ms. Francine Schoeters, campus Middelheim, building G.105
                                          +32 3 265 39 00, francine.schoeters@ua.ac.be
Computer Science                          Prof. Dr. Bart Goethals, campus Middelheim, building G.209
                                          +32 3 265 33 09, bart.goethals@ua.ac.be
                Administrator’s office:   Ms. Francine Schoeters, campus Middelheim, building G.105
                                          +32 3 265 39 00, francine.schoeters@ua.ac.be
Physics                        Master:    Prof. Dr. Jan Naudts, campus Groenenborger, building U.312
                                          +32 3 265 37 34, jan.naudts@ua.ac.be
                             Bachelor:    Prof. Dr. Pierre Van Mechelen, campus Groenenborger, building
                                          U.235, +32 3 265 35 73, pierre.vanmechelen@ua.ac.be
                Administrator’s office:   Ms. Tanya Haegemans, campus Groenenborger, building U.317
                                          +32 3 265 34 39, tanya.haegemans@ua.ac.be

Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development
Environmental Sciences                    Ms. Sarah Verberckmoes, campus Drie Eiken, building P.001
                                          +32 3 265 21 25, sarah.verberckmoes@ua.ac.be

Institute for Education and Information Sciences
Teacher Training                          Prof. Dr. Peter Van Petegem, City campus, building Ve35.106
                                          +32 3 265 47 05, peter.vanpetegem@ua.ac.be
Training and Educational Sciences         Dr.   David   Gijbels,     City  campus,   building   Ve35.203
                                          +32 3 265 48 07, david.gijbels@ua.ac.be

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