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									Patrick Atwater, Jr., Superintendent
                                          Tift County Public Schools                   Board of Education Members:
                                                                                        Shawn Utley, Chairman
Betty Newkirk, Asst. Supt., Instruction      207 North Ridge Avenue  P.O. Box 389      Kim Rutland, Vice Chairman
                                                                                        Rita Griffin
                                                Tifton, Georgia 31793-0389              Betty Parson
                                           Telephone 229-387-2400  Fax 229-386-1020    Marian Richbourg
                                                                                        Melanie Roberson
                                                                                        John W. Smith

                                    REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL

                                 PURCHASE AND
                          INSTALLATION OF INTERACTIVE
                                 WHITE BOARDS

                     July, 2012


The Tift County School System invites qualified vendors (as later hereinafter
defined) to submit a proposal in accordance with the terms and conditions of this
Request for Proposals (“RFP”).

Background Information:

The Tift County School System is located in the City of Tifton, Tift County,
Georgia, with its central office at 207 N. Ridge Avenue, Tifton, Georgia 31794.
There are twelve (12) separate school sites within the Tift County School System.

General Conditions:

This RFP is not a contract offer. A proposal submitted by a qualified vendor
neither commits the Tift County School System to award a contract to any vendor,
nor limits our rights to negotiate in our best interest. We reserve the right to
contract with a vendor for reasons other than price.

Failure to meet qualifications and requirements could result in the disqualification
of the proposal.

Request for Proposal (“RFP”):

   The Tift County School System hereby solicits a proposal from qualified vendors (as
   later hereinafter defined) for the cost of materials and installation for a total of 168
   wall mounted and for installation of these boards at Annie Belle Clark Primary, G.O.
   Bailey Primary, Len Lastinger Primary, Northside Primary, J.T. Reddick School, and
   Tift County High School. Cost of materials and installation for a total of 6 mobile
   interactive white boards and for installation of these boards at Annie Belle Clark
   Primary, G.O. Bailey Primary, Len Lastinger Primary, Northside Primary, and J.T.
   Reddick School. Cost per unit for 183 ActivSlate tablets and ActivHubs. Proposals
   will include the price per unit for the boards, projectors, slates, hubs and installation.
   Pricing for replacement bulbs for projectors will also be included. Pricing must be
   valid for 90 days in the event the district would want to purchase additional units
   following the proposal opening.
   Proposals should also include cost for training (to include, travel, room and board and
   registration fees) for at least one representative from the district to participate in a
   Train the Trainer Course to become a Promethean Certified trainer.

   Interactive White Board Requirements
   A Promethean product with the following specifications:
   *Interactive White Board, a minimum of 78” diagonal measurement
   (AMBTS378PUSDST) 378 Mount System with DLP Projector and
   ActivInspire Professional
      -Wall mounted, according to manufacturer’s specification
      -Connection options: USB 1.1/2 and wireless
      -Quantity 2 speakers built into the board
      -Audio, Video and USB connection
      -All connections will be located at the board
   *Online network for teachers
   *Lesson development software for teachers
   *Templates, Graphic Organizers, Assessment Layouts, Scales and Tables
   *Free software upgrades for a minimum of 5 years
   *Minimum of 2 pens per interactive whiteboard
   *All connections, cables and power supplies
   *Wall mount brackets for wall mounted units
   *Adjustable Mobile stand for mobile units (ABMS378 PEST)
   *Minimum of 5 year warranty
   * ActivSlate (ACTIVSLATE60) with minimum of 1 pen per slate
   *ActivHub (AH201) for use with ActivSlate
   *Open license to install software on multiple computers to include teacher’s
   home computer.
   *Appropriate speakers for audio connectivity with teacher work station

   Projector Requirements
   *Mounted projector with the interactive whiteboard or equivalent solution with
   bulb included

Date of Completion of Installation:

Each vendor submitting a proposal responsive to this RFP shall state therein a
projected date by which the 174 interactive whiteboards will be completely
installed and fully operational at the schools mentioned in this RFP. The
installation schedule of any additional interactive whiteboards and /or student
response systems will be negotiated at a later time if/when ordered.

Qualified Vendor:

In order to be a vendor qualified to submit a proposal in response to this RFP, a
vendor must:

      (a) Be a certified reseller/installer of the type of interactive white board
          mentioned in this RFP. Vendors responding must hold certified installer
          status. Subcontractor certification will not be accepted as an alternative.

             Written proof of the vendor’s licensing and certifications mentioned
             hereinabove must be submitted with the proposal.

Evaluation Factors:

The Tift County School System considers the following criteria when evaluating a
proposal submitted by a qualified vendor in response to this RFP. These factors
are listed in descending order of importance.

Evaluation Factors:                                    Rate:

Meets RFP Requirements                                 40%
Prices and Charges                                     40%
Previous Work / Experience in installation of boards   20%


Any vendor submitting a proposal who anticipates the use of the services of a sub-
contractor in the performance of the work described in this RFP shall include in
the proposal the name(s), address, and telephone number of the subcontractor,
along with any information related to the subcontractor’s previous work and
experience in the installation of interactive white boards. E-Verify compliance
must also be included. The use or employment of a subcontractor by any vendor to
perform the work required in this RFP shall be only with the written permission of
the Tift County School System.


Any proposal submitted in response to this RFP shall include a written statement
by the vendor indicating that, if selected by the Tift County School System to
perform the work described in this RFP, the vendor will obtain prior to the
commencement of work general liability insurance coverage providing vendor, its
agent and employees, liability coverage with limits no less than $1,000,000.00;
motor vehicle liability insurance covering all motor vehicles owned and operated
by vendor in the course of operation of vendor’s business, with liability insurance

limits no less than $1,000,000.00; and workers’ compensation insurance if
required by Georgia law.

Additional Information to be Included in Proposal:

In addition to the information to be provided in the proposal, all proposals
submitted shall also include the following information:

       (a) Name of vendor or firm submitting proposal;

       (b) Name of vendor’s representative;

       (c) Vendor’s business address and telephone number; and

       (d) Whether vendor is a corporation, limited liability company,
           partnership (general or limited), proprietorship, or other type entity.

Form of and Due Date of Proposal:

All proposals responsive to this RFP shall contain the information solicited in this
RFP, and must be received at the central office of the BOE, 207 N. Ridge Avenue,
Tifton, Georgia 31794 on or before 1:45 p.m. on Friday, July 20, 2012. Proposals
must be contained in a sealed envelope with the following information clearly
marked on the face of the sealed envelope:

              Proposal I.D. Code: TCS Interactive White Board
              Technology Department – Tift County School System
              207 N. Ridge Avenue, Tifton, Georgia 31794
              ATTN: Dana Spurlin.

Opening of Proposals:

All proposals timely received will be opened publicly at 2:00 p.m. at the BOE
office on July 20, 2012. The Tift County School System reserves the right to
reject any and all proposals, and to accept the proposal which appears to be in the
best interest of the Tift County School System.

Selection of Vendor:

The proposal deemed acceptable and in the best interest of the Tift County School
System (if any) will be recommended to the BOE for approval at its next regular
monthly meeting, or at such earlier special called meeting, the date, time, and

place of which will be duly posted and advertised prior thereto as required by
Georgia law. Should the vendor recommended be approved by the BOE,
thereafter the vendor and the BOE will enter into a written contract containing all
necessary terms and conditions designed to effectuate the proposal accepted.
The Tift County School System appreciates your time and interest in this

Sincerely yours,

Dana Spurlin
Instructional Technology Director
Tift County Board of Education


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