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This report covers the work of the Cumbria SACRE
for the period September 2010 to August 2011
Chair’s introduction                    with the induction of new members.
This report covers a period of both     SACRE warmly welcomed the
positive and challenging times for      increase in the number of LA
RE in Cumbrian schools.                 officers supporting SACRE and RE.
                                        SACRE works best when it
SACRE worked on completing its          achieves full attendance from its
central role in developing and          membership,       and      we    have
revising the Agreed Syllabus. We        encouraged more working together
are very grateful to the active         in our meetings. Members come
members of the working party            from varied backgrounds, and the
tasked with the revision and are        more we learn about one another,
proud of the new syllabus.              the more effective our contribution
Celebrating RE took place which         is to the oversight of RE which can
was a national celebration month        be a central pillar of learning.
initiated by the RE Council aimed
at showcasing RE at its best.           What is SACRE?
Many      events      happened   in
Cumbrian schools which publicised       Functions:
the value and importance of RE for      Section 391 of the 1996 Education
every pupil.                            Act requires every Local Authority
                                        (LA) in England and Wales to
At the same time, despite its           constitute a Standing Advisory
statutory nature, RE was not            Council on Religious Education
included in the review of the           (SACRE) with the following
national curriculum nor was it in the   functions and duties:
list of humanities subjects that         to advise the LA on matters
count towards the E-Bacc. The             connected with collective worship
review of qualifications threatens        in community schools and the RE
the RS short course and teacher           to be given in accordance with
training numbers for RE have been         the Agreed Syllabus. This
reduced.         Some      Cumbrian       includes particular methods of
secondary RS teachers feel                teaching, the choice of materials
isolated and the stress on teachers       and the provision for the training
of RE in schools is great. SACRE          of teachers;
is working to raise the profile of RE    to require the LA to review its
and during the campaign about              current Agreed Syllabus;
these issues much lobbying and           to determine (following an
support for RE was shown by                application made by the head
Cumbria’s      SACRE,      teachers,       teacher of any community or
Heads of RS and local politicians.         foundation school) whether it is
                                           appropriate for the requirement
Administratively SACRE spent time          for collective worship to be
clarifying membership of its 4             broadly Christian should not
Committees and recruiting new              apply in the case of that school
members committed to supporting            or for some of the pupils in that
the delivery of quality RE and             school;
Collective Worship in Cumbrian
schools.     A Cumbria SACRE
Handbook was developed to help
 to publish an annual report on its      Teacher Associations:
  work which should:                      Irene Roberts-Green Vice Chair
   1) specify any matters on              from Nov 2011
      which it has advised the LA;        James Douglas
   2) broadly describe the nature         Bernadette Little
      of that advice on any               Mrs M Turner
      matters which were not              Carolyn Reade
      referred to it in the first place
      by the LA.                          Local Authority:
                                          Martin Stephenson
Purpose:                                  Roger Bingham
Within its statutory responsibilities     Joe Holliday
SACRE is concerned to support             Ian Stockdale
and enhance the provision of RE           Clare Feeney-Johnston
within Cumbrian schools where the
Agreed Syllabus is in use. It             Co-opted Members:
encourages the provision of high          Jane Yates
quality in-service training for those     Emma McVittie until June 2011
whose responsibility it is to deliver     Jill Wilson until June 2011
                                          LA Support Officers:
Decisions:                                Richard Cox
These are determined by one block         Robin Lacey
vote from each of the four groups         David Salmon – Support Officer
of SACRE members. Co-opted                from Sept 2011
members do not vote.                      Nicola Shields Clerk to SACRE
                                          from Nov 2010 to June 2011
Who is on Cumbria SACRE?
Chair:                                    Vacancies
Bert Thomas until Nov 2011                Baha’I        Baptist
Wendy Ridley from Nov 2011                Hindu         Muslim
                                          Orthadox      Sikh
Christian denominations (other            Pentecostal
than Church of England) and               Salvation Army
other faiths                              Society of Friends
Richard Teal                              United Reformed
Dai Cowles
Jacqueline Hampson                        When & where did SACRE meet?
Rabbi David Branauld                      SACRE aims to meet once a term.
Wendy Ridley                              In 2010 -2011 the following
David Pitkeathly from March 2011          meetings took place:
                                          29 November 2010 at the Skirsgill
Church of England:                        Depot, Penrith
Bert Thomas                               Attendance: 7 members present
Penny Hollander                           C of E: 0 Teachers Associations: 2
Rachel Fleming from June 2011             County Council: 3, Co-opted: 0
Vacancy                                   Other Denominations & faiths: 2
16 March 2011 at the University of      a budget of £6000 to cover the
Cumbria, Newton Rigg, Penrith           development and publication.
Attendance: 12 members present C
of E: 2, Teacher Associations: 1        What is the SACRE Budget?
County Council: 4, Co-opted: 2          SACRE’s budget has to cover the
Other Denominations & faiths: 3         cost of meetings, venue expenses,
                                        supply cover, post, photocopying,
13 June 2011 at the University of       travel expenses, and subscription
Cumbria, Newton Rigg, Penrith           costs of membership to national
Attendance: 10 members present          organisations for RE. Additional
C of E: 2, Teacher Associations: 1      resources are added when
County Council: 3, Co-opted: 1 Other    necessary for the review,
Denominations & faiths: 3               development and publication of a
                                        revised Agreed Syllabus. In the
When are future meetings?               financial year 2010-2011 the total
SACRE meetings for 2011 – 2012:         amount spent was £1635
18 October 2011 at The Parkhouse
Building - Carlisle                     What is happening about the
13 March 2012 at Kendal Fire            Agreed Syllabus?
Station                                 The Agreed Syllabus committee
22 June 2012 – The Parkhouse            consisting of Richard Cox, Penny
Building, Carlisle                      Hollander, Robin Lacey, Emma
                                        McVittie, Carolyn Reade, Wendy
What has SACRE been doing?              Ridley, Irene Roberts-Green and Jill
SACRE met three times during the        Wilson, together with teacher
year, and considered a range of         representatives, met on 7 occasions.
items, including the Ofsted long        The committee’s brief was to refresh
report entitled Transforming RE and     and update the existing syllabus,
had legal issues clarified about        taking account of best practice. At
Collective Worship.                     the June 2011 SACRE meeting the
Cumbria SACRE was part of the           Revised Agreed Syllabus was
National Agreed Syllabus                unanimously accepted and approved
Collaboration Network which             by the ASC. The new syllabus will be
involved 51 local authorities working   available online as well as in hard
collaboratively on a national           copy.
approach to the review of their
syllabuses.                             Is there support for schools?
In Nov 2010 SACRE established an        The LA support for schools is:
Agreed Syllabus Conference (ASC),
to undertake the statutory              For Secondary and Primary
requirement to review the Agreed        Schools:
Syllabus for RE every five years.       Richard Cox, Senior Adviser
The ASC appointed a committee,          Tel: 01964 505538, email:
instructed to consult with RE 
networks throughout the county,         Jill Eccles, Advanced Skills Teacher
work on the revision and make           for RE: email:
suitable recommendations to the
ASC. The ASC agreed to publish
the Revised Agreed Syllabus in
September 2011, and was allocated
For Primary School RE Support:       Local Learning Network (LLN)
Robin Lacey, General Adviser         Courses
Tel: 01228 01946 506204 email:       Hallelujah – RE and Music Georgia           Prescott ran 3 courses at various
                                     venues across the county – 17
                                     teachers attended.
Leading Teachers in RE:
                                     A number of RE Teacher Network
Helen Wren, Burton Morewood CE
                                     meetings took place each term
                                     around the county run by
                                     Emma McVitie and Georgia Prescott.
                                     A total of 100 teachers attended.
Janet Dewhurst, Newlaithes Junior
School, head@newlaithes-
                                     Have there been any
Christine Tucker, Montreal CE
                                     There have been no requests for a
                                     determination that the requirements
                                     regarding the character of collective
Gemma Anderson, Cambridge
                                     worship, as set out in the Education
                                     Act 1996, should not apply.
Cathy Ingle, Grasmere CE School:        Have there been any complaints?
                                     SACRE has a role in hearing any
                                     complaints brought to the LA about
What Continuing Professional
                                     RE and collective worship. No
Development Opportunities have
                                     complaints from parents have been
there been?
                                     received. A query about legal
Cumbria Continuous Professional
                                     requirements for Collective Worship
Development Courses (CCPD)
                                     for 6th formers was clarified.
The following one day courses for
RE were offered:
     How can we improve our         Do you have any comments on
         Teaching and Learning of    this SACRE Report?
         Judaism, Christianity and   Responses to this annual report,
         Islam? – 23 April 2010      whether from school governors,
         (provider Wendy Ridley)     elected members, headteachers,
     Leading in RE – 18 June        teachers or members of the public
         2010 (provider Wendy        will be welcomed by SACRE. Please
         Ridley)                     write to:
     RE and Community               David Salmon, SACRE Support
         Cohesion – 18 March 2011    Officer
         (provider Wendy Ridley)     5 Portland Square, Carlisle, Cumbria
     RE and the Creative            CA1 1PU
         Curriculum – 14 June 2011
         (provided Wendy Ridley)
 A total of 48 teachers attended.    Useful Websites
Where is this report circulated?
SACRE recommends the County
Council arrange the distribution of
this report to:
All educational establishments in
University of Cumbria
Cumbria Grid for Learning
National Association of SACRE’s

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