Czar Nicholas II

					                                 out to get Rasputin and Band Aids

                                                Prime Minister Peter Stolypin says: You don’t need that man!! He is
                                                undermining our authority and power-get rid of him!!

                                              Czar Nicholas II says: Rasputin is our friend, he is going to help Alexei
Married to Alexandra of Hesse

May 6, 1868 Died July 16, 1918
                                             Prime Minister Peter Stolypin says: He is no friend of mine

30 Friends                                              Prime Minister Peter Stolypin has been murdered
                                                               Wall II

Why won’t it stop??

                Rasputin says: Because you don’t believe in my
                abilities as your wife does, it is you who is keeping
                your son from getting better.

              Czarina Alexandra says: For God’s sake Nicholas,
              listen to the man, he’s our friend! He’s trying to
              help our family.
                                                                  Wall V

Maybe I should just abdicate

         Major General A. Elchaninov says: I’ve been telling
         you that for the past year!!! Why is it that you never
         listen to anyone other than that Rasputin and your
         wife?! Other people know best too!

           Czar Nicholas II says: General, my family’s lives
           are at stake now, of course I listen to you now!

          Czar Alexander III says: You should never give up your
          power willingly son.
                                                       Wall IV

I feel a Revolution coming…

             Vladimir Lenin says:That’s because there’s one comin’
             and it will be the death of you and your family

                            Vladimir Lenin has just joined the Bolsheviks

            Czarina Alexandra says: Oh no, Nicholas he can’t be
            serious, can he?
                                                             Wall III

I fear for my family

                  Vladimir Lenin says: As you very well should.

                    Czar Nicholas II has just Abdicated.

               Alexei says: We’re all going to die.

                                                        Deploying the army!!
               May 6, 1868                            Spending time with my wife and my
                                                      children…and Rasputin
                   Krasnoye Selo
                                                               Romantic music
                                                                    House-It’s not always Lupus
                       Married to Alexandra                        Rasputin
                          AUTOCRACY!!!                         Raising a Child With Hemophilia
                                                                (A practical guide for parents)
               Religious views here
                                              I have a wife, Alexandra who I am deeply
                                              in love with, she holds me down during
                                              these rough times. My four daughters,
Died:     July 16, 1918                       Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia are also
                                              a great deal of help. But my boy, my only
                                              boy, Alexei, he is the true reason why I
                                              remain Czar of Russia…if only he could get
                                              better or be cured, hopefully Rasputin will
                                              be able to help.

   Czarina Alexandra                                               Rasputin
                                   Alexei                                                      Anastasia
                                                                                                                 Major General A.

Czar Alexander III

                                                                              Vladimir Lenin
                     Princess Dagmar of     Prime Minister Peter
                     Denmark                                                                               Felix Yusupov

                          I make a handsome
My entire family
                                               Me and my only son

     My family’s Coat
     of Arms
                        Me with my amazing    My coronation…if only I knew what I
                        wife                  would be faced with

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