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                                       World History Study Guide
                                              Chapter 1

Be able to identify the following terms:
    1. history                                                  8.    geography
    2. culture                                                  9.    landforms
    3. archaeology                                              10.   climate
    4. fossil                                                   11.   environment
    5. artifacts                                                12.   region
    6. primary sources                                          13.   resources
    7. secondary sources

Be able to answer/explain the following:
    14. 5 terms associated with dates
    15. prehistory
    16. 2 types of geography
    17. at least 3 ways history is important
    18. provide examples of all terms above (1-13)
    19. several aspects of culture
    20. 4 clues archaeologist and historians use to study history

Ponder on the following essential questions:
   21. List the 5 terms associated with dates and what do they mean?
   22. What are similarities and differences between historians and archaeologists?
   23. What is culture and what are aspects of culture?
   24. What is a primary source and a secondary source?
   25. What are the two branches of geography and how are they different?
   26. What do geographers use to study location?
   27. How can geography affect the resources that are produced in a region?
   28. List one example of the two types of geography and how they are different.
   29. How is geography and history closely linked?

There will be a constructive response question on the test. The best way to prepare for it is to be familiar
with what history and geography are, how shape the way of life, and examples to support your answer.

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