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									Geographical Association Annual Conference
University of Surrey 27- 29 March 2008
Sustaining Geography


Lifting The Lid
An introduction to the Curriculum Partnerships Primary Project Box KS1. The Primary
Project Box is designed to offer primary schools a practical, affordable means of ensuring
that their subject work with Key Stage 1 children builds upon the play-based, holistic
approach for the Early Years. The session showed how the themes and questions raised
by looking at children’s immediate environments could be developed into a coherent cross-
curricular whole to form a basis for more intensive subject-based work in Key Stage 2. The
presentation used the INSET presentation on the CD accompanying the 6 booklets to
show the range of materials and concepts available with additional material to support the
development of a range of cross-curricular medium term plans and concept maps. The
slides are accompanied with notes. There was general agreement that the basic concepts,
images and video clips could easily be transferred to the needs of Lower KS2. The
questions could well be echoed or restated by KS2 children – but the activities will need to
be tailored to their different needs to ensure the progression in skills and in understanding
– not forgetting the gifted and talented. The common thread in the project, regardless of
subject demands, has been the needs of the child. The starting point has been the children
themselves – and they provide the momentum, if given a chance, to own the learning.
Hence the provision, and continued provision of resources on the CD and the subject
association sites – to save you research time – so freeing up thinking time for your
children. The CD contains all the relvant URL’s to access these materials,

This should also be seen alongside the material for Workshop 30 - Thinking Inside the
Box, Helen Martin.

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