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Evans Ofori Soccer resume web


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									                               Evans Ofori Asiamah
                                  812 Birchwood Ct.
                             North Brunswick NJ 08902
                           Date of Birth - October 28th 1990

Country of Origin – Citizen of Ghana
US Green Card Holder

College Soccer Experience


   2011 to Present.
   Syracuse University Division 1
   Defense (left back) & Mid-field

2009 to 2011
Bryant and Stratton College
 Defense (Left Back) & Midfield – with numerous assists

Club Experience

   I. 2003-2009
       Red Bull New York Academy – Major League Soccer (MLS)
       Position: Midfield/Forward
Participated in: -
    International Tournament- Dallas Cup 2005-2006
    Super Y-League North American Tournament - Florida (2005-2006)
    States Championship Cup (SCC) - Quarter, Semifinals
    Served as captain for - 3 years
    Elected to the Olympic Development Program Team Camp for 2 years - (2005-
    Selected as one of the players to have the opportunity to play against the US
       National team U16 Selected to National Pool Player.

High School Soccer Experience: -
2007 Season: -
    1ST Team All Country
    All State Honorable Mention
    Starting Player as Sophomore and Junior in High School - 2006-2007
    Elected to Varsity Team as Freshman - (1st Year High School Player) 2005
    Graduation 2009
Asiamah's journey leads to Metros
January 23, 2010

With the North American Finals being held in Tampa, Fla., all of the MetroStars youth
team players are far from home.
However, no player is farther from his home than Evans Asiamah, who was born and
raised in Ghana. The speedy forward has been one of the stars of the tournament for
the Metros' U-14s and has played a key role in providing an offensive spark to the team.

Asiamah still has fond memories of his homeland.

"Ghana was a great country," he said. "I still remember a lot of things about it -- school,
friends, everything. If I had a chance to go back to visit, I would, to see my friends."

Evans' mother was the first to arrive in America, with his dad arriving a year later with
Evans' older sister. Evans came over soon after that.

His father does not live with the family anymore, and Asiamah's uncle, John Louis, acts
as his mentor.

"John is basically a father to me," he said. "He takes really good care of me; gives me
whatever I need."

Louis also helps Asiamah's mother look after him because she is currently about to
graduate from nursing school.

Adjusting to life in America was difficult for Evans at first.

"The hardest thing was fitting in with other people and eating the food," he said. "Going
to lunch, I had to make my own African food. All the other kids would be laughing. But
as time went on I started liking pizza and McDonald's. Now I'm getting quite used to it."

The Ghanaian influence also extends to music Asiahmah's musical tastes.

"I like rap, but what I listen to a lot is my Ghanaian music. I don't play around with
it; I like it a lot."

When Evans first got to the United States, he saw clear differences in the soccer culture
compared to Ghana.

"It's really different because United States soccer is very organized, especially with the
MetroStars," he said. "I was so surprised how organized it was, how the coaches knew
what they were talking about. The players, everyone was so nice to me."

Evans also said that in Ghana pretty much everyone plays soccer.

"Soccer is the main sport in Ghana, and if you can't play soccer I don't know what else
you can do. Every kid in Ghana can play soccer."

He was especially happy that Ghana recently clinched a berth in the World Cup.
"I feel really great just to tell people, 'Ghana made it to the world Cup,'" he said. "It's
about time that we Ghanaians get noticed. It's about time people start talking about the
whole country, and how good we are at soccer."

Asiamah is happy to be playing soccer in America because he feels organized soccer
means more opportunities for players in the U.S.

"We have talented soccer players in Ghana, but it's not organized, and we don't have
the kinds of opportunities that U.S. soccer players have."

Evans first became associated with the MetroStars when a travel team coach told
Asiamah's uncle, John Louis about the opportunity to play with the team and spoke to
U-14 head coach Stan Lembryk about practicing with the team. Lembryk liked what he
saw, and the rest is history.

One of Evans' most memorable soccer moments was his first game with the
MetroStars, in which he got to play at Giants Stadium.

"Believe it or not my first actual game was at Giants Stadium with the U-16s" he said. "I
never thought I would ever play at Giants Stadium. I was so surprised. So far I feel like
the luckiest person on earth because of me playing at Giants Stadium."

Evans says the MetroStars have been one of the biggest influences in him becoming a
better player.

"I just started playing soccer for the fun of it," he said. "When I got invited to the
MetroStars that's when I started say, 'This is really important and I need to really work
hard if I wanted to be a really good soccer player in the future.'

"The MetroStars actually influenced me a lot to be a good soccer player."

Asiamah's mother has been one of his biggest influences in soccer as well. Although his
mother could not make it to Tampa for the National Championship, Evans still feels her
presence with him.

"Even though she told me she couldn't make it she told me just to understand that she
was by my side just like all the other parents" he said. "So I just pretend she's there and
just play the best that I can. So even though she's not around I feel like she's around
watching me to do the best that I can and to be respectful to everyone."

Although Asiamah doesn't have a professional soccer idol, he does admire MetroStars
U-16 player, midfielder Jay Fartura.

"I just like the way he plays and everything."

No matter how long Evans lives in America, Ghana will always be in his heart.
"No matter what, it will be part of my life," he said. "No matter what happens I will
remember what went on in Ghana. I won't forget a single thing that happened in

Soccer Rooster

U-16 update
The Red Bulls U-16 side won their first match of the Super-Y-League season, 3-0, over
Hoekenssen S.C. of Delaware last weekend. Controlling the run of play from the outset,
the U-16s scored twice in the first 21 minutes of the game and added a third in the 70th
minute to seal the victory.

The first goal came from a beautiful 40-yard diagonal ball into the path of a streaking
Zack Gomez, whose first-time cross found Eric Jorgensen in front of the net for the early
lead. The second goal came four minutes later as Evans Asiamah's precise cross found
Gomez, who knocked it in. Dylan Mencia took a flick-on from Eric Jorgensen and
finished off his breakaway to cap the game off in the 70th minute. Chris Todd and Jason
Rosenzweig combined for six saves in the shutout.

Super Y-League North American Finals ODP Select Teams

U14 Boys

Goalkeeper - Andre Ingenito (FC Westchester)
Defender - Jossimar Sanchez (MetroStars)
Defender - Victor Salinas (Mustang SC)
Defender - Joseph Rother (City Islanders Academy)
Midfielder - Kevin Bick (Chicago Magic)
Midfielder - Evans Asiamah (MetroStars)
Midfielder - Chris Bernardi (Mustang SC)
Midfielder - Joe Haboush (Richmond Strikers)
Forward - Tommy Cui (Vancouver Whitecaps)
Forward - Jonathon Castro (Washington Crossfire)
Forward - Kevin Barrera (De Anza SC)

Super Y-League 13 and 14 Boy’s ODP Select Teams Announced
Matches against US U-17 Men’s National Team (’90) highlight prospective players

14 Boys
Daniel Lovera - MF (Del Ray Soccer Club); Joseph Goodwin - GK (Raleigh CASL Elite
Jrs.); Bradley Stevens - D (Ajax Orlando FC); Joseph Spivack - MF (MetroStars);
James Matern - MF (Spokane Shadow); Bruno Bondi - D (Schulz Academy); Kenny
Kolbeck - D (Seacoast United);
Edgar Diaz - MF (SCC Breakers); Christian Barreiro - F (Baltimore Bays); John Wargo -
MF (Cleveland Soccer Academy); Christopher Curley - F(Black Watch SC); Kevin
Ashworth - MF (De Anza SC); Brian Cabrera - F (FC Westchester); Dan Dwyer - MF
(Ohio Elite Soccer Academy); Kevin Bick - MF (Chicago Magic); Ben Newman - MF
(Greensboro Dynamo); Oumar Ballo - D (Baltimore Bays); Bobby Butvin - GK
(Cleveland Internationals); Evans Asiamah - MF (MetroStars)

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