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					Game Pitch:

              By James Sheets
   Evil aliens have picked up our radio
    frequencies, and become infatuated with our
    celebrities. They’ve decided to invade Earth
    to kidnap Tom Cruise!
   Will Smith – ace fighter pilot – is the last our
    last, best hope at another Mission Impossible
   Simply, funny.
 2-D, top-down shooter
 Player controls a F-16 falcon jet fighter
  (Will Smith)
 Each level, player must destroy the enemy ship
  before being shot down or running out of fuel
 Player Ship
     1-hit to be destroyed
     3 Lives
   Enemy Ship
     Only 1 model
     1-hit to be destroyed
     Becomes harder as level increases
   Space to start game
     Intro screen
     Mission debriefings
     Game Completed / Game Over
   WASD keys to move ship
   Space bar to shoot
     You can fire once a second
   Esc to quit game
 Levels are all identical, except the enemy AI becomes harder
   2nd level: enemy fires faster
   3rd level: enemy moves faster
   4th level: enemy ship becomes smaller
 Hard-Capped Level Limit
   4 levels to make it quick for people to complete
   Level-limit could easily be changed by adjusting the code;
   Congratulation screen if you beat the game
 Mission debriefings between levels
   Show total score and score breakdown
   Announce enemy ship AI change
   One of the main points of playing is to attain
    a high score
     100 points for completing a level
     ½ point for every point of fuel remaining when
      the level ends
     1 point for every percent of accuracy (so, 100
      points max if you kill the ship with one shot)
   Simple AI
     Move in a direction
     Shoot randomly
   Enemy difficulty increases with level
     Each level, the alien ship will increase in 1 area:
      ▪ Ship size decreases
      ▪ Ship fires more frequently
      ▪ Ship moves faster
      ▪ Ship requires more hits to be killed
   MIDI’s of Will Smith songs
     Start screen: The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
     Gameplay: “Getting’ Jiggy with it”
   Weapons fire sounds
     Taken from “Tricks of the Windows Game
     Programming Guru’s” CD.
   Free-use F-16 models
   Free-use alien ship models
   Background scrolls to simulate movement
     Stock aerial photos for the background

This is actually a
mock-up as a
couldn’t be taken
from the game.
   500mhz Processor
   128MB Ram
   32MB Video Card

   Windows XP/Vista
   DirectX 7.0

   Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 6.0
   Show Start Screen
   Start Game
     Get Level
     Generate Alien Ship Difficulty
     Loop
      ▪   Display Score/Lives/Time/Background
      ▪   Move Alien Ship
      ▪   Detect Player Movement
      ▪   Move Any Lasers; Detect Hits
     Change/Restart Level
   Close Game
   Classes and Inheritance used for all game objects (player ship, enemy ship) and game states
   Game runs in a loop, constantly checking if the game’s state has change
     Player at a display screen
     Enter pressed; start game
     Move enemy ship (pick a new destination if needed)
     Have enemy ship fire (if it’s allowed)
     See if player is trying to move
        ▪ Move in a direction depending on key pressed
     See if player is trying to fire (if it’s allowed)
     Check if game has ended
        ▪ Player destroyed enemy
           ▪ Show score, move to next level
        ▪ Enemy destroyed player
           ▪ Subtract life, restart level
        ▪ Player out of fuel
           ▪ Subtract life, restart level
   This game won’t be distributed or sold
    commercially. I should be well within my
    rights (moral/legal) to use this material as a
    showcase for school project.
   The name of the title character could be
    changed easily to remove any Likeness Rights

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