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									William Carlos Williams

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William Carlos Williams was born on September 17, 1883 in Rutherford,
NJ. He attended schools in New Jersey, Geneva, Paris, and New York City
before entering the medical school at the University of Pennsylvania in
1902. His medical internship was in NYC from 1906 to 1909, and he
practiced medicine in Rutherford for the rest of his life. During his
practice, he would bring out his typewriter to compose between
appointments. He was good friend to Ezra Pound, whom he met in college
and with whom he engaged in many arguments about poetry. Williams was
also pediatrician to Alan Ginsberg. He died in Rutherford on March 4,
       effect on Poetry
Williams has gradually surfaced as one of the largest forces in twentieth-
century American verse. Williams's work expressed American sensibility,
speech, and its rhythms. For these reasons he has affected other American
writers: Allen Ginsberg, Robert Lowell, Paul Blackburn, and many others
show how he influenced their writing. Robert Frost rivals Williams in his use
of the native idiom--his poems are true to the speech and the trapped psyches
of the New England country-people he knew; the good and bad parts of all of
their lives Williams expresses the whole nation's character including its
multiracial society, its violence, its ignorance of its own history.

National Book award in 1950

   Pulitzer Price in 1963
                                  His Work
                                                  •An Early Martyr and Other Poems, 1935
                                                  •Adam & Eve & The City, 1936
•Poems, 1909
                                                  •White Mule, 1937
•The Tempers, 1913
                                                  •Life Along the Passaic River, 1938
•Al Que Quiere! 1917
                                                  •The Complete Collected Poems of William
•Kora in Hell: Improvisations, 1920
                                                  Carlos Williams: 1906-1938, 1938.
•Sour Grapes, 1921
                                                  •In the Money, 1940
•Spring and All, 1921
                                                  •White Mule: Part II, 1940
•The Great American Novel, 1923
                                                  •Broken Span, 1941
•Go Go, 1923
                                                  •The Wedge, 1944
•Imaginations, 1923
                                                  •Paterson (Book One), 1946
•In the American Grain, 1925
                                                  •Paterson (Book Two), 1948
•A Voyage to Paragany, 1928
                                                  •The Clouds, 1948
•A Novelette and Other Prose (1921-1931), 1932
                                                  •Paterson (Book Three), 1949
•The Knife of the Times and Other Stories, 1932
                                                  •The Collected Later Poems of William
•Collected Poems: 1921-1931, 1932                 Carlos Williams, 1950
                                     His Work 2
•Make Light of It: Collected Stories, 1950            •Many Loves and Other Plays, 1961
•Paterson (Book Four), 1951                           •Pictures from Brueghel, 1962
•The Autobiography, 1951                              •Paterson, 1963
•The Collected Earlier Poems, 1951                    •Embodiment of Knowledge, 1974
•The Build-Up, 1952                                   •Something to Say: William Carlos Williams
                                                      on Younger Poets, 1985.
•The Desert Music and Other Poems, 1954
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•Selected Essays of William Carlos Williams, 1954
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•Journey to Love, 1955
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•Paterson (Book Five), 1958                           Laughlin: Selected Letters, 1989
•I Wanted To Write A Poem: The Autobiography of the   •The Letters of Denise Levertov and William
Works of a Poet, 1958                                 Carlos Williams (edited by Christopher
                                                      MacGowan), 1998
•The Farmer's Daughters, 1961
The Red Wheelbarrow

     so much depends
     a red wheel
     glazed with rain
     beside the white
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