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                                                                                                         MARKETING & TECHNOLOGY

 Law is the study of the rules and guidelines by which a society maintains order and cooperation.
The effective development, implementation, interpretation, and modification of rules and
guidelines is a requirement for transmitting societal values and expectations. Study in law
exposes the student to civil and constitutional law, contracts, property, legal methods, research
and writing, torts, criminal law and taxation, lawyer and client theory, law history, and many
other areas. Specialties include civil, criminal, or labor; real estate, corporate, or patent; tort,
international, or taxation; entertainment, trust, or admiralty; bankruptcy; and environmental law.

                                     Related Majors
 Bankruptcy Law--Constitutional Law--Corporate Law--Criminal Law--English--Entertainment
   Law Environmental Law--Family Law--Foreign & International Law--Labor Law--Law
 Education Paralegal/Legal Assisting--Political Science--Real Estate Law--Tort & Insurance

                                                  High School Courses
                                                   Civics Government
                                              Public Speaking       Speech
                                                Debate         Forensics
                                                   English Psychology

                                             Related Occupations
                                Adjudicator—-P        Admiralty Lawyer—-D
                              Appeals Referee—-P Appellate Court Judge—-P
                              Bankruptcy Attorney—-P         Bar Examiner—-P
                             Corporation Lawyer—-P        Criminal Lawyer—-P
                               District Attorney—-P District Court Judge—-P
                          Employment Lawyer—-P          Environmental Lawyer—-P
                               Escrow Officer—-B Insurance Attorney—-P
                                          Judge—-P      Lawyer—-P
                              Parole/Probation Officer—-B Patent Agent—-B
                                Patent Lawyer—-P      Real Estate Buyer—-B
                                  Tax Attorney—-P       Title Attorney—-P
                            Traffic Court Magistrate—-P Trial Court Judge—-P

C=Certificate (usually requires 1 yr. or less of study; could be pre/post HS or college) AA= Associates Degree (usually equivalent to 2
full yrs. of study beyond HS) B=Bachelor’s Degree (usually equivalent to 4 or more yrs. of study beyond HS)          M=Master’s Degree
   (usually equivalent to 1-2 full yrs. of study beyond a Bachelor’s)    D=Doctoral Degree (usually equivalent to 3-5 full yrs. of study
    beyond a Bachelor’s) P=First Professional Degree (post-Bachelor’s training/study varies; may require up to 6 or more yrs. of
combined study/interning & residency for some medical majors)   V=Training/study varies greatly, is often technical and may require
                                                       an apprenticeship)

                                         Leisure Activities
 Participating in activities that involve research; visiting libraries and attending court sessions;
  reading law publications; viewing dramas or documentaries on TV or at a theater; attending
  lectures or conferences related to law; working part-time or as a volunteer in a law office or
 department; joining a student government or newspaper staff; freelance or technical writing;
   participating in a community association; joining a debate or forensics team; competing in
                              oratory contests; conversing with others.


                    Ability to speak articulately, read comprehensively, and write well

                                      Ability to persuade and influence others

                                     Broad background of general knowledge

                           Ability to make keen observations and sound judgments

            Ability to research, collect, organize, and clearly present information to others

                              Familiarity with legal practices, policies, and trends

         Intellectual capacity to perform well in most undergraduate and graduate programs

       Ability to analyze and evaluate data, make appropriate decisions and solve problems

                                 Ability to communicate abstract ideas to others

                                           Aptitude for accuracy and detail

                                                 Aptitude for leadership

                                    Values and Attributes
                                      Intellectual growth
                      Desire for recognition and appreciation from others
 Ability to work under pressure, meet deadlines, and accept close public scrutiny and criticism
               High regard for and appreciation of the law and an orderly society
                           Sensitivity to the needs of human beings
                                      Analytical mind


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