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									                                                         Instructions for Exporting QuickBooks data

Where did my worksheet go?
          When you export data to a new workbook, your new worksheet containing exported data goes to Sheet 1. When yo
          the new worksheet is placed in front of the last active sheet where it will be named "SheetX" using the next available

How do I make sure this tips sheet isn't exported with the QuickBooks report in the final workbook?
          Before exporting, on the Export Report Basic tab, deselect the option to include the instruction worksheet.

How can I customize and update my worksheet?
          You can set up Excel links between 2 or more worksheets. (See Microsoft Excel Help for details about linking in Ex
          feature to setup links between a QuickBooks summary report and your customized sheet.
                      >> Choose one sheet as your source worksheet into which you'll export QuickBooks data. Then create a
                      customize your data and link the data between that sheet and the source worksheet.
                      >> Export your source data to an existing worksheet and overwrite the current data so that the new data
                      >> Create Excel links between a QuickBooks data worksheet and another worksheet in the workbook.

Troubleshooting: Why don't my links work correctly after exporting data?
         Be aware that any difference in the structure of the current report from the report that you used when setting up link
         in the links between worksheets. If you are seeing wrong data in your customized worksheet, then you may have:
                      >> Moved or deleted elements, or changed the structure of the report in some way? For example:
                                 You might have moved or deleted items from item list which gets used in a report like Invent
                                 You might have moved or deleted accounts from accounts list which gets used in a report lik
                      >> You are using a report related to accounts and have account(s) with no activity associated and did no
                                 TIP: Choose display All rows (available for most of the reports), Select Modify report->Displa
                      >> Deleted exported data sheet which serves as data source.
ckBooks data

orted data goes to Sheet 1. When you export to an existing workbook,
med "SheetX" using the next available number in the series.

 final workbook?
e the instruction worksheet.

 el Help for details about linking in Excel.) You can use this

 port QuickBooks data. Then create another worksheet where you can
ource worksheet.
the current data so that the new data is used by any Excel links and formulas.
 nother worksheet in the workbook.

 rt that you used when setting up links, can cause mismatch
ed worksheet, then you may have:
ort in some way? For example:
 hich gets used in a report like Inventory Valuation report.
nts list which gets used in a report like Profit and Loss standard report.
 with no activity associated and did not choose to display "All rows".
eports), Select Modify report->Display->Advanced->Diplay row->All rows
2:34 PM                                                 XYZ ORGANIZATION                                                         SAMPLE
Accrual Basis                                              PROJECTED
                                                       July 2009 through June 2010

                Ordinary Income/Expense
                  Income                                                        Expense
                     Donation/Matching                                                    Accountant                     5,600
                        Corporations/Foundations       125,000.00                         Board of Trustees           4,000.00
                        Individual Donations            35,000.00                         Cell Phone                  4,700.00
                        Membership Dues                 40,000.00                         Computer Equipment          3,800.00
                        United Way of One County         9,000.00                         Field Trips/Transportation 6,500.00
                        United Way of Another County    20,000.00                         Fundraiser Expense         25,000.00
                        Donation/Matching - Other                                         Insurance                  65,000.00
                     Total Donation/Matching           229,000.00                         Internet                    4,000.00
                                                                                          Janitorial/Maintenance      7,800.00
                     Government Grants                                                    Office Supplies             1,000.00
                        Office of Whatever              40,000.00                         Personnel Costs           406,230.00
                        Community Block Grant           25,000.00                         Postage                     1,500.00
                        State of UT                     45,000.00                         Printing/Advertisting       2,500.00
                        One School District              5,000.00                         Professional Dues/Licensing 7,000.00
                        One City                        97,500.00                         Programming Costs          60,000.00
                        Other Grant Revenue             40,000.00                         Rent                       30,000.00
                        A County                        39,000.00                         Snacks                      4,000.00
                        Best Friend Foundation          15,130.00                         Telephone                   1,000.00
                        Work Force Services             30,000.00                         Training and Travel        18,000.00
                     Total Government Grants           336,630.00                         Utilities                  18,000.00

                     Total Other Revenue                20,000.00               Total Expense                      675,630.00

                     Special Event
                        Fundraiser - Misc.              15,000.00               Net Income                             15,000
                        Annual Big Whoopty Do           90,000.00
                     Total Special Event               105,000.00

                  Total Income                         690,630.00

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