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									Netbooks Comparison: What To Look For In A Netbook A good netbooks comparison should show you what's on the market, and hopefully give you some pointers about how to distinguish between the various netbooks so that you can best decide what's right for you and your budget. Hopefully, this netbooks comparison will do just that. It's kind of like getting a quick education into what the various consumer choices are. The problem with the netbooks market and why you need a netbooks comparison is this: the market is overcrowded and there's not enough that differentiates products or distinguishes between them. For instance, virtually all netbooks sell for right around $400. (Or less.) Virtually all right now at the end of 2009 have 1 Gb of memory and a 160 Gb hard drive. They all use the Intel Atom CPU processor. Well, if they're all the same, how do you figure out which one to buy? The reason you need a netbooks comparison like this one is that there is so little that distinguishes between makes and models. Right now the distinguishing features of netbooks are in the little things— size and feel of keyboard, feel of mouse pad, and clarity of the screen. Size and weight are kind of important, although most netbooks weigh under three pounds and have a footprint smaller than an 8 ½ x 11 inch sheet of paper. Also, what makes a difference between netbooks is more of the overall user experience. Which is why it's good to find a site that addresses all of these issues, like this one. Netbooks comparison sites are very useful because they break apart the information and hopefully present it in a way that's more easily understood by you the consumer. So, now that we've said all of that, as far as this netbooks comparison, exactly what do you look for in a netbook? Let's see. Netbooks Comparison: The Keyboard I'm probably biased, but one of the biggest drawbacks to netbooks is keyboard size. I have medium sized hands, but when I first typed on a netbook, it felt really cramped. That was when netbook keyboards were only about 80% the size of a full-sized laptop keyboard. Now, most (but not all!) netbooks have keyboards that are 90% or more the size of a regular laptop. That extra 10% really makes a difference. They didn't make the netbooks any bigger, by the way, just better used the real estate on the board. Netbooks Comparison: The Screen Size You definitely want a 10 inch screen. Now, that's going to seem really small to you, especially if you've been looking at one of the modern, flat-screen desktop screens lately, but believe me, with the excellent quality of these screens, you can see everything you need to with a 10 inch screen. There are netbooks that still have 8 inch screens that are still being sold, but I would stay away from them. Keyboard and screen size are my biggest have to haves as far as these mini-laptops. If you're interested in these or other features, then you need to check out a good website that features netbooks comparisons in more detail.

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