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    Master of Arts
International Business
     Programme Objectives
          Enlarge your
           Professional competence
           Methodological expertise
           Social competence
           Language and cross-cultural management skills

                            “I will take with me a new understanding of cultures which were once foreign to me, a handful of
                            friends, and a wealth of knowledge which has been passed to me from faculty and peers alike..”

            Rachel Christmann, USA
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     The MA.IB International Network
           Our partner universities:
              Karlstad Universitet/Sweden, University of Vilnius/Lithuania, RISEBA Riga/Latvia, University of Economics Wroclaw/Poland, University of
              Economics Bratislava/Slovakia, University of Economics, Prague/Czech Republic, ISC Paris and ESCE Paris/France, ESC Chambéry/France,
              Université Metz/France, London Southbank University/UK, Salford University/UK Universidad de Valencia and Universidad San Pablo
              North & South America
              Pfeiffer University, Charlotte NC and Coastal Carolina University/USA, Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey,
              Ciudad de México, Universidad del Rosario, Bogotá/Colombia, Universidad de Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales, Buenos Aires/Argentina
              Asia and South Pacific
              Osaka Gakuin University/Japan, Sunkyungkwan University Seoul/Korea, Assumption University Bangkok/Thailand, Swinburne University
              of Technology/Australia

           Double Degree Programmes since 1996
           Consortium of International Double Degrees (CIDD)

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     MA.IB: The VSE-Mainz Exchange
           first year at VSE, Prague
           second year at the School of Business
            FH Mainz – University of Applied Sciences

          > Earn two Master degrees (Double Degree) * see next slide
          > Benefit from an outstanding international business
             education and experience
          > Grow your international network
          > Integrate foreign language training

          Accredited by AQAS according to ENQA standards

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     MA.IB: The VSE-Mainz Double Degree
     Please note:

      In order to earn the Mainz MA.IB degree, your first (Bachelor) degree must
       be in Business or Management.

      Students with a first degree in other fields than Business or Management
       (e.g. Economics, Engineering, Philology) are welcome as exchange students –
       we are, however, not allowed to award the MA.IB degree to you.

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     MA.IB: The VSE-Mainz Exchange
     Orientation Week (September 22 – 30) – mandatory
     Winter Term 2011/12 (October 4 – January 31):
       Leadership and Organisation       5 ECTS
       Quantitative Research Methods 5 ECTS
       Business Research (Qualitative Research Methods)         5 ECTS
       Financial Reporting 5 ECTS
       International Business Environment          5 ECTS
       Deutsch als Fremdsprache          5 ECTS
       (levels: beginner/intermediate/advanced)

       Tutorials in Academic Writing / Accounting / Statistics
       Language Courses at different levels: French/Spanish/Chinese/Russian/Polish/Turkish

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     MA.IB: The VSE-Mainz Exchange
     Applied Project                                                       10 ECTS
       Team project in cooperation with a company
       (organised and supervised by MA.IB professors)
       ~10 hours/week | November 2011 – May 2012
       Internship with a company, (organised by student)
       minimum 2 months
       Work Experience in Prague during the first year of studies
       (work experience prior to your Masters studies are not recognised)
       minimum 2 months

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     MA.IB: The VSE-Mainz Exchange
     Summer Term 2012 (March 12 – June 29):
       Strategic Management (Business Policy)                                   5 ECTS
       International Business Law                                               5 ECTS
       Deutsch als Fremdsprache                                                 5 ECTS
       (levels: intermediate/advanced)

     Master Thesis (supervised by VSE or MA.IB professors)
        usually:        February/March – July
        according to MA.IB regulations, it is possible to write the thesis
         from August to December 2012 (enrolment in winter term 2012/13
         required) – please consult with VSE counsellors

     plus:
      Language Courses at different levels: French/Spanish/Chinese/Russian/Polish/Turkish

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     MA.IB: The VSE-Mainz Exchange
    Course Transfer from Prague
       International Finance – IP 402
       International Marketing – IP 405
       5 options, for example:
             Intercultural Negotiations - IP 403
             Comparative Government CEE – IP 404
             Business Network – IP 406
             European Integration – IP 325
             People Mgmt in MNE
             International Trading with Intangibles
             Environmental Economics
             Doing Business in Russia – IP 338
             China‘s Economic Transformation

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     Learning & Teaching in the MA.IB
           Student-centred learning approach
              seminars, group discussions, case studies, role plays,
              field research

           Focus on applied studies
              practical projects, case studies, market analysis, company visits, company representatives included
              in classroom discussions, Master thesis written in cooperation with international companies

           International Setting
              students from all over the world, English as language of instruction and assessment, integration
              of visiting professors, text books and articles published by authors from different parts of the
              (2 semesters to be spent abroad)

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     The Teaching Team
           own management experience outside of the university world (e.g. McKinsey,
            SAP, PWC, TRUMPF, IMF, World Bank)
           own international experience as students, researchers, professors, expatriates,
            independent business or government consultants
           intercultural teaching experience
           guest lecturers from partner universities, for example in 2009/2010:
              L. Sterbová (VSE Prague)      V. Kluger (UCES Buenos Aires)
              E. Rosker (Rosario, Bogotá)   P. Barthel (Metz, France)

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     The Students
             Our 2007-2010 students came from:
                Argentina, Belarus, Bulgaria, Canada, Cameroon, Czech Republic, China, Colombia, France,
                Germany, Greece, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Russia,
                Slovakia, South Korea, United States, Uzbekistan, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Venezuela.

             Currently enrolled (winter term 2010/11):
                Semester 1:               two groups with 22 students each
                Semester 3:               one group with 25 students
                Semester 5:               9 students (still writing their thesis)

   “The FH-Mainz MA.IB program required from us engagement and hard-work. It brings us closer to all
   the processes which occur in such a diverse business world. Thanks to the atmosphere which was created
   by all the people, students and professors, I will never forget the time spent in Mainz.”

                                                                                                  Aneta Okunowska, Poland

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     Your Benefit
             work in small international teams
             focus on applied studies rather than on developing new theories
             acquire skills needed in international business and broaden your knowledge
              adding a truly international perspective to your business education
             develop leadership and intercultural management skills

 “The MA.IB program offers an excellent platform for exchanging international
 business perspectives.
 I was most impressed by the diverse experience
 and perspectives from our classmates.”                                         Natasa Lucic, Canada

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     Fees at FH Mainz
           You pay tuition at VSE during your study
            stay at FH Mainz – no tuition fee at FH Mainz!
           FH Mainz only charges a semester fee of ~€220 (slight changes possible): this
            includes reduced prices at the cafeteria, other benefits and a semester ticket for
            public transportation in the whole area of Wiesbaden, Mainz and Frankfurt
           You may be eligible for Erasmus support – ask the VSE international

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        Student residence halls available – cost from €250 to €360 per room
        If you apply for a room in the student residence halls before July 2011 –
         reservation for you is guaranteed
        As it is extremely difficult to find rooms / apartments in the economy, we
         strongly recommend to send the application for rooms together with your
         application as exchange / double degree student

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     This will convince you …
           a high-quality professional programme
           truly international with intercultural experience
           student-centred learning
           close contact to international companies
           first-class teaching team
           personal guidance and counselling

          With a double degree you will clearly stand out from
          many of the other business graduates!

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     Contact at FH Mainz
           Programme Director
              Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schüle

                                     Programme Manager
                                       Judith Busch

          FH Mainz – University of Applied Sciences
          Lucy-Hillebrand-Str. 2
          55128 Mainz

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                      Become part of
                  the MA.IB experience!

                      The 2009 MA.IB Group

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