Introduction to Research (Scientific Inquiry) by GnuCI3


									The Vocabulary of Research
       What is Credibility?
• A researcher’s ability to demonstrate
  that the study is accurate based on the
  way the study was conducted.
           What is the Data?
• Recorded observations, usually in numeric or textual
    What is a Focus Group?
• A research tool where a small group of
  people are interviewed as a group for
  data collection.
   What is Generalizability?
• The extent to which research findings
  and conclusions from a study can be
  applied to the population at large.
     What is a Hypothesis?
A tentative explanation (educated guess)
 to predict an answer to research
     What is an Interview?
• A research tool in which a researcher
  asks questions of participants;
  interview are often audio- or video-
  taped for later transcription and
     What is a Likert scale?
• A scale used to assess attitude or
  opinion; subjects respond by indicating
  how strongly they agree or disagree
  with a statement provided.
     What are Limitations?
• Natural conditions that restrict the
  scope of a study and may affect its
What are Mean, Median, and
• Mean- is the averaging of values.
• Median- is the center score in a
• Mode- The most frequent score in a
• All are basic forms of statistics.
     What is Measurement?
• The operation that turns data into numbers.
      What is the Population
• The target group under investigation.
       What is a Problem?
• The topic being investigated once it has
  been refined.
        What is a Range?
• The difference between the highest and
  the lowest scores in a distribution.
What is a Research Question?
• A sentence or paragraph that explains
  the purpose of a given investigation.
      The purpose of this research was to study
 What is Random Sampling?
• Process used in research to draw a
  sample of the population strictly by
  change to be participants in a research.
       What is Reliability?
• An index of the consistency of data or
  test results; results should very nearly
  be the same, time after time.
       What is a Sample?
• A group selected from a much larger
           What is a Standard
• A term used in statistical analysis. A measure of
  variation between the scores of a distribution and the
        What is a Survey?
• A research tool that includes questions.
• It’s goal is to gain specific information.
         What is a Theory?
• A set of propositions that explain the data.
        What is Validity?
• The degree to which a measurement
  instrument measures what it is intended
  to measure (instrument)
• The degree to which a research study
  has true and accurate findings
   What is Internal Validity?
• The degree to which the effects of
  extraneous variables have been
  controlled in a study.
  What is External Validity?
• The extent to which findings of a
  particular study can be generalized
        What is a Variable?
• .Observable characteristics that vary among
       Summary of Vocabulary
•   Credibility            Problem
•   Data                   Range
•   Focus Group            Research Question
•   Generalizability       Random Sampling
•   Hypothesis             Reliability
•   Interview              Sample
•   Likert Scale           Standard Deviation
•   Limitations            Survey
•   Mean, Median, & Mode   Theory
•   Measurement            Validity
•   Population             Variable

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