Radiation Safety Office Scope of Service by KyJg7XE


									MCXE-RPO                                                                                 20 May 2002

                                        RADIATION SAFETY OFFICE
                                           SCOPE OF SERVICE

1.   Mission: To ensure that all MEDDAC/DENTAC activities utilizing radioactive materials/ionizing radiation-
producing devices (1) keep radiation doses to workers, patients, and the general pubic As Low As Reasonably
Achievable, and (2) are in compliance with Federal and Army regulations regarding the use of radioactive
materials/ionizing radiation producing devices.

2.   Patient Population: All personnel on Fort Carson and MEDDAC, Fort Carson’s area of responsibility.

3.   Personnel: Authorized - 2 (one officer, one NCO)
Current - 2 (one 2LT and one NCO)

4.   Services:

     a.    Training – Radiation Safety Training for all occupationally exposed workers at MEDDAC, DENTAC,
and Veterinary clinic, initial, annual and “as needed” training is provided.

     b.    Dosimetry – Occupational radiation exposure monitoring and assessment.

     c.  X-ray Unit surveys for MEDDAC, DENTAC, Veterinary clinic, and outlying clinics in Colorado, Utah,
and Wyoming.

     d.    Area surveys where Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Licensed materials are used and stored.

     e.    Radiation Control Committee (RCC) – Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) plans agenda for and conducts
meetings of MEDDAC’s RCC.

     f.    License management–Management of MEDDAC’s NRC license, required by facilities which
possess/use byproduct radioactive materials.

     g.     Radiation Safety/Analysis Consultant – Assists Fort Carson RSO with training, analysis, supplies, and

5. Hours of Service: Administrative hours of service are Monday – Friday, 0730-1630. Emergency Service is
available at all times.

6. Continuum of Care: The Radiation Safety Office provides administrative service, and does not provide a
specific continuum of care for patients at MEDDAC, Fort Carson.

                                                              JENNIFER M. SMITH
                                                              2LT, MS, RSO
                                                              Chief, Radiation Safety Office

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