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                  Appointment of Adviser and Committee Members
                                    (Policies & Procedures, 2.2.0)

To the student: Please use this form to indicate your academic supervisor or chairperson of your
committee, and your committee members. The Graduate School requires that an M.A. student have a
minimum of two committee members, a Ph.D. student, three (from the Department; the Graduate School
appoints a Graduate School Representation to the Ph.D. committee. Ph.D. committees must be
“formalized” by the Graduate School, that is, officially appointed. This occurs after the student has
received permission to proceed into the Ph.D. program. A period of four months must pass between the
official appointment of a Ph.D. committee and sitting for the General Exam. See the University of
Washington General Catalog, or the Graduate School Web site, ).

To the faculty: Please sign your name below if you have agreed to be a member of this student’s
advisory committee.

Student:_______________________________________ Date:____________________________





Please return this form to the Graduate Secretary for inclusion in your student file.

revised 9/00

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