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by Atticus Evil.


“Lyre Corp Office Building, near the center of the city – January 2125”




On 2:30pm, 24th of January 2125, Sinclair stood in the Lyre’s medical office lobby.
He was surrounded by an empty room except futuristic chairs and electronic posters
flashing advertisements for the multifunctional hand held device known by the
brand name of “Soul.” His arms were crossed over his teenage sister. She knelt on
the floor sobbing with her baby held tight in her arms. Sinclair shook his head and
stood her up.


       SINCLAIR                : This is not complicated, you either present the child to
                                the adoption officer or live in shame.

       She didn’t respond.

       SINCLAIR                : I can’t do this for you. I’ve done everything else to
                               get you here. But, you’re the only one that can give
                               them that child.
       KEARA                   : I changed my mind.
       SINCLAIR                : No, you can’t change your mind. We’ve been through
       KEARA                   : Why are you doing this to me.

The elevator music paused as a voice asked the mother to enter the office. The baby
started to cry. Sinclair gave a tender smile to his sister as their eyes met. He put his arm
around her at which point the smile quickly faded.

Atticus                                                                                        1
       SINCLAIR               : I am not doing this to you. You did this to yourself.
                              I’m trying to help you.
       KEARA                  : No you’re not. You don’t care about me. You’re only
                              here because father told you to. You’re his little robot. I
                              hate you. You’re everything I hate about him.
       SINCLAIR               : Keara you’re right, I don’t care. I stopped caring
                              when you became a whore. Now, I have to clean up your
                              soiled mistakes.

Double doors slid open from the outside. The boyfriend, Rorick, ran into the lobby, his
necklace caught over his shoulder and his hair wet from sweat. He pushed back a dark
hood and took off a pair of sunglasses.

       RORICK                 : Keara are you alright. How is our baby?
       KEARA                  : I don’t want to give him away.
       RORICK                 : Then don’t.
       SINCLAIR               : The decision has been made. You’re only making this
                              harder for her.
       RORICK                 : Unlike you, I think she can make her own decisions.
       KEARA                  : I have ruined everything. I will never love again.
                              Rorick marriage is impossible for us.

        As Keara cried she ran through the doors to the office. The boyfriend after her,
but the doors quickly closed behind Keara.

       COMPUTER               : Stop, only the child’s parents are allowed into the
                              central office.
       RORICK                 : I am the child’s parent. I understand, I’ve believed in
                              a fantasy, but now I no longer harbor any hope.
       SINCLAIR               : You know Rorick, you could go to prison for what you
                              did to my sister. My father said he was going to hire the
                              authorities, but I have convinced him otherwise. But if
                              you try to see her again there will be nothing I can do.
       RORICK                 : Just because your escaping bad publicity doesn’t mean
                              you are helping me. But, you can sleep peacefully, for I
                              surrender. I don’t care anymore.
       SINCLAIR               : You never really cared did you.

        Rorick took the communicator off his ear and loosened his coat as he leaped at
Sinclair almost taking him to the ground.

Atticus                                                                                    2
       RORICK                : You will never know the meaning of care. She doesn’t
                             know who you really are, not like I do. I thought, her
                             having my child would maybe make her love me or at
                             least stay with me. But now I’ve nothing, a laborer, with
                             no education that can't even afford ambrosia.
       SINCLAIR              : You’re a conman, you entangled my father in an
                             endeavor that cost him dearly. Then you stole his
                             daughter. You are the lowest form of human life.
                             Everything you touch becomes ruined.

       Rorick pushed past Sinclair and pulled the hood over his head as he exited the
building. Outside the clinic two government officers approached Rorick. Agent Erwin,
and agent Griffin, were sent to summon Rorick to the district court.

       Scene 2


       Keara sat holding her baby, the uniformed Lyre Corp employee across from her
typed on a small machine. The room contained many desks for other Lyre employees, but
he was the only one there. This day was the birthday of the country’s emperor and all the
workers had a holiday except him.

       WORKER                : How old is the child.
       KEARA                 : Three moons, two days. He was born in early spring
                             when the flowers bloom.
       WORKER                : Has the child been given any medical treatment?
       KEARA                 : The standard regulation treatment. Everything I ever
                             learned is meaningless.

        The man working behind the desk looked at her with little interest, but as her
tears became sobs he stopped typing and turned to her. His uniform was proper and his
hair didn’t move, but there was an ever so slight unconformity, he had undone his top

       WORKER                : I know this is difficult for you, but you don't have to
                             worry, he will be well taken care of.
       KEARA                 : How can you possibly know how I feel? Have you ever
                             had a child? You’re another man. Men have caused all
                             my problems. I wish that all men would die.

Atticus                                                                                  3
      WORKER                : Everything seems to be in order. I just need to ask you
                            a few more questions. Who should I record as the
      KEARA                 : He doesn't have a father.
      WORKER                : I only ask because there are some legal rights for the
                            father. Later, he might want to know what happened to
                            the child.
      KEARA                 : Rorick, the father's name is Rorick.
      WORKER                : Does Rorick have a family name.
      KEARA                 : I don't know it.
      WORKER                : Does the child have a name.
      KEARA                 : no.



       A year before, January 1, 2124, 7:40pm, when Keara first learned she was
pregnant. She and Rorick were on the floor in his apartment. They were laughing
about names. It was a day off for both of them and they had been eating snacks.

      KEARA                 : I like the name Rorick.
      RORICK                : Really, it would be interesting if he had the same
                            name, but I don't know. Rorick is boring.
      KEARA                 : Yeah, but it has a nobility to it. You could use some
                            more nobility.
      RORICK                : I thought you liked my lack of nobility.
      KEARA                 : Sometimes, but I like saying your name and if its his
                            name, I can say it all the time.
      RORICK                : Yeah, but we’ll both come when you call for us.
      KEARA                 : Yeah, I’ll have attention from both of you.
      RORICK                : I knew there was another motive behind it.


The man tapped on the desk. He and Keara were sweating and moving uncomfortably.
She met his tired gaze.

      WORKER                : Has the child been tested yet?

      Keara hesitated to answer the question, but shook her head.

Atticus                                                                               4


        A few days earlier, January 16, 2125, 5:30pm, Keara and Rorick were
waiting in a non-company affiliated office. They sat holding hands as the baby slept
in the chair beside them. The office’s white chairs and walls were discolored with
age. Stacks of archaic machines filled the corners of the room.
        They waited patently, but they were there for a long time. When their
number came up they went to the geneticist's office. The office was small with
several paper books lying on shelves. Two wooden chairs stood before a desk, the
man looked up at them from his desk and gestured for them to enter. They looked at
each other and passed a couple of silent words appearing anxious. The geneticist
turned to them in clothes fifty years out of style and well worn.

       DOCTOR                 : I looked at your child's test results. The good news is
                              that he is perfectly healthy and free of disease, which
                              meets the legal standards. The bad news is that he has
                              genes that are known for anti-social behavior. This
                              graph shows that he will have increased aggression
                              when he reaches puberty, which will evolve to homicidal
                              behavior when he becomes an adult. These genes have
                              been red flagged by the government, because there is a
                              positive correlation between having these genes and
                              those of known murderers and rapist.
       KEARA                  : Oh, my god.

       Tears began to form in her eyes. The baby immediately started crying as Keara
held him tightly against herself. Rorick's eyes were also tearing as he put his arm around
her. The geneticist brought his hand to his forehead as he sat back.

       DOCTOR                 : You should know, children that reach the age of an
                              adult with this abnormality are emotionally unstable,
                              have an overpowering sex drive and usually hurt those
                              that are closest to them. I hate to say this, but he is
                              likely to molest and or kill his own family.

       With those words Keara burst into tears again and the baby cried even louder.
Rorick was bent over in misery.

       KEARA                  : He’ll be a monster. I can’t believe it. He is so small and
       RORICK                 : Is there anyway to correct this.

Atticus                                                                                  5
    DOCTOR               : There is research currently underway to alter
                         developing youths, but it is far more difficult and
                         expensive to change genetic structures that are no
                         longer a single cell.
    RORICK               : How about medicine.
    DOCTOR               : It’s possible to keep the child on medication, but he
                         will still remain an illegal. If anyone found out his
                         condition, you two could be prosecuted for breaking the
                         safety controls in breeding.


    KEARA                : No, he hasn’t been tested. Will he be tested?
    WORKER               : It depends on the adoptive parents. We will, if they
                         want him tested.
    KEARA                : If his test are bad what’ll happen to him.

    The man stopped typing and looked at her.

    WORKER               : If he has defects, he’ll be sent to a labor camp. Greater
                         defects he’ll be sent to an off planet camp, but I
                         wouldn't worry about that, the doctor reported he was
                         in good health and there is rarely problems in
    KEARA                : But what if…what if, he wasn't pretreated.
    WORKER               : What, That’s impossible I have the pretreatment
    KEARA                : But it isn't true, my father owns this company, I didn't
                         get pretreatment because it was an accident.
    WORKER               : Why are you telling me this… we’re being recorded.

    He whispered.

    KEARA                : Don't be stupid, no one watches the cameras.
    WORKER               : If he wasn’t pretreated he could have...
    KEARA                : He’s been tested. He's illegal. Please send him to a
                         labor camp, he can work, he is strong. You could send
                         him to one of those off planet camps like you said.
    WORKER               : It’s not my decision. I can’t do anything…
    KEARA                : But, you can type, you can write that he had been
    WORKER               : I don't have a test.
    KEARA                : Say the test was lost or it will be sent, type anything,
                         but save my baby.

Atticus                                                                               6
       WORKER                 : I just don't know if it would make a difference. I'll
                              contact my boss and see what we can work out.
       KEARA                  : No, stop, only you can know this. You are the one that
                              must help me. I told you my father is the president of
                              this company. I can help your job.
       WORKER                 : There are legal concerns here, beyond my job.
       KEARA                  : You have to help me. If he is tested I will kill myself. I
                              can access any record in this company. Both of our
                              deaths will be because of you.
       WORKER                 : I’ll try to work something out.
       KEARA                  : I’m serious. If my baby is tested I’ll die and I’ll make
                              sure everyone knows it’s because of you.
       WORKER                 : Alright, I’ll make sure he doesn’t get tested.
       KEARA                  : I love you, please be strong and live a long life. I wish
                              you could be mine. I wish things were different. I wish...
                              I’m trusting you with this child our lives are in your

        Keara walked to the other side of the desk that separated the worker from her and
forced the baby into the man’s arms. She stepped back and looked at the both of them, the
baby crying while the stunned employee awkwardly held him. She held herself briefly
before running through the doors to the waiting area where she fainted; falling face first
into the room. Her brother, who had been using his soul, bent over and stood her up. He
called for the rail car, covered her with a shawl and took her to the company’s hospital.
        The worker in the clinic held the baby.

       WORKER                 : You’re not special. You have the typical face and small
                              hands that all other baby’s have. But you’ve already
                              created trouble.

       He raised his hand to his ear and pressing the sensor on the communicator.

       WORKER                 : Sir, your conformation. I’ve the president's daughter's
                              child. Yes sir, but I don't think I should be the one. I
                              understand but... Yes sir, natural causes.

        He took the child to a table in the next room. Medical supplies filled the room. He
took an air syringe from a drawer and broke the plastic seal to a cold box that held glass
tubes filled with dark liquids. An electronic buzzer sounded from an overhead speaker as
he inserted the tube inside the syringe. He opened his soul and adjusted the screen to
view the back door camera. On the screen a deliveryman held a plastic box under one

       WORKER                 : Door open.

Atticus                                                                                   7
       The man placed the syringe next to the baby and waited for the deliverer to enter
the room.

Atticus                                                                                    8

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