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									                     Health and Safety
                      at Work Policy

Version No:      1                       1
Approved Date:
Prepared by:             Ian Wilkinson – Local Security Management Specialist & Risk Manager
Director lead                   Gaynor Connor                        Objective No 35

Principal Objective        Director of Community        All PCT buildings and premises will be well
                                  Services              maintained and provide an appropriate and
                                                        healthy and safe environment
Approval                 Approved by:

Information:             Committee:      Risk Management         Board:     Informal Board
                         Date:                                   Date:

                         Version No: 1                  Review Date: July 2009

Applicable Primary
and / or Secondary       Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
Legislation              Management of Health & Safety at Work regulations 1999

Standards for Better
Health Core /            Domain 6 (care environment and amenities) C20
Development              Domain 3 (Gov) C7a C7c
Guidance / reference
sources                  HSE Successful Health & Safety management HSG 65
                         North Kirklees Health & Safety at Work Policy

Consultation /           Consultation with North Kirklees Health & Safety advisor
Development of           Consultations with Health & Safety Forum representatives
Policy                   Reviewed by Individual Directors
                         Reviewed by Risk Management Committee
                            1. All new employeees to be informed at Induction
Implementation of           2. All current employees to be provide with periodic refresher training
this Policy                 3. New legislation or learning from incidents will be incorporated into
                                policy & proceedures and staff instructed and monitored accordingly
                            1. Annual Health & Safety Report
                            2. Monthly monitoring of security incidents
                            3. Reduction in criminal damage to property
Performance                 4. Detection of perpetrators of crime
indicators                  5. 6 weekly Health & Safety Forum meetings and minutes
                            6. Convictions by enforcing authorities

                            1.   Fire Safety Policy
                            2.   Manual Handling Policy
                            3.   Security Policy
                            4.   Display Screen Equipment ( DSE )
Associated                  5.   Control of Substances Hazzardous to Health (COSHH)
Policies                    6.   First Aid at Work Policy

Equality Impact          Yes – Date Assessed                    No – Date for Assessment

    Version No:      1                                                                                2
    Approved Date:

Section                                      Description                         Page
  No.                                                                            No’s

                     Health and safety at work arrangements                      4
                     general policy statement

            1        Introduction                                                5

            2        Purpose                                                     5

            3        Management responsibilities                                 5
          3.1        Chief Executive                                             5
          3.2        Trust Board                                                 5
          3.3        Lead Director with responsibility for Health & Safety       5
          3.4        Trust Health and Safety Advisor                             6
          3.5        Senior Managers                                             6
          3.6        Line Managers                                               6
          3.7        Employee responsibilities                                   6

            4        Consultations and co operations with employees, stake 7
                     holders and other employers
          4.1        Consultation with employees and stakeholders          7
          4.2        Co operation and co ordination with other employers   7

            5        Procedures for serious and imminent Danger                  7

            6        Associated Policies                                         8

Version No:      1                                                           3
Approved Date:
                       GENERAL POLICY STATEMENT

The Calderdale Primary Care Trust attaches the highest importance to the
health, safety and welfare of all our staff, patients and the general public.

The aim is to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, safe
equipment and systems of work, and to provide such information, instruction,
training and supervision as is needed for this purpose.

This is achieved by supporting and encouraging management and staff in an
environment where they will work together positively and proactively towards
embedding a pro-safety culture throughout the Trust.

The trust fully supports the Health and Safety Executives stated objective to
ensure that the risks to health and safety of staff, patients, relatives, visitors
and others undertaking duties on behalf of the Trust are properly controlled.

The trust is fully committed to provide sufficient resource for continuous
improvement in health and safety performance.

Signed:            ..........................................................
                   Chief Executive

Date:              ..........................................................

Review date: ..........................................................

Version No:        1                                                            4
Approved Date:

1.   Introduction

     Calderdale Primary Care Trust is responsible under the Health and Safety at
     Work Act 1974 and associated regulations for providing, as far as is
     reasonably practicable, a safe, healthy workplace and working environment.
     This will include the provision of adequate information, instruction, training
     and supervision where required.

     It is important that the Trust can assure patients, customers, partners, and
     stakeholders that we have a robust approach to managing Health & Safety.

2    Purpose

     The purpose of this policy is:
        1) To identify responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act

         2) To provide guidance for all staff employed by Calderdale Primary
            Care Trust

         3) Outline the consultation and co operation with employees, stakeholders
            and other employers

         4) Outline procedures for Serious and Imminent danger

3    Management responsibilities:

3.1 Chief Executive
    The Chief Executive is the accountable officer responsible for all aspects of
    H&S but may delegate the day-to-day management of these responsibilities to
    other Directors and Managers within the organisation.

3.2 Trust Board
    The Trust Board is responsible for ensuring that the Trust complies with all
    aspects of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and it’s associated

3.3 Lead Director with delegated responsibility for Health & Safety
    The Chief Executive will delegate many H&S responsibilities to the lead
    Director. These will include:

         1) Periodic review of all related H&S policies.

     Version No:      1                                                          5
     Approved Date:
        2) Ensuring that trust managers and staff know and understand their
           responsibilities under H&S legislation.
        3) Recognising and encouraging the involvement of employees and
           safety representatives
        4) The Trust has adequate systems and controls in place to fulfil its
           requirements under H&S legislation.
        5) The Trust Board are advised of all H&S issues that can affect the
           running of the Trust.
        6) Systems are in place to ensure that Trust commissioned services have
           adequate provision of compliance to H&S legislation.

3.4 Trust Health and Safety Advisor
    Due to the complexity of H&S legislation the Trust has a suitably qualified
    H&S advisor responsible for a number of actions that include.

        1) Advising Board Directors of their accountabilities and responsibilities
           under H&S Legislation.
        2) Assisting the nominated Board Director for H&S in the management
           and implementation of Health and Safety Issues in line with current
           legislation and best practice (Approved Code of Practice).
        3) Providing support and advice on all H&S issues to all managers and
           staff across the Trust.
        4) Assisting with key trust actions including Fire Safety, Investigations of
           Incidents and reports and Trust security management requirements
           (Counter Fraud and Security Management Services).

3.5 Senior Managers
       1) To ensure line Managers attend all mandatory training in order to
          understand their Health and Safety responsibilities.
       2) To ensure the audit of key systems and processes to maintain the
          Health and Safety of staff and others.
       3) To ensure sufficient resource is available when required for serious
          health and safety risks or that these risks are reported immediately to
          Trust Directors.

3.6 Line Managers
       1) To keep informed Senior Managers where any serious Health and
          Safety risks are identified and not resolved
       2) To ensure the provision of adequate information, instruction, training
          and supervision for all staff and services
       3) To ensure their staff attend appropriate and timely training
       4) To encourage involvement of employees and safety representatives

3.7 Employee Responsibilities:

    This includes all staff employed to undertake work on behalf of the Trust such
    as full and part time staff, agency and temporary staff, students and
    contractors. These individuals have a number of responsibilities including;

    Version No:      1                                                            6
    Approved Date:
        1) A responsibility for their own safety and that of all other people affected
           by their acts or omissions.
        2) Attending all identified mandatory training
        3) Following safe working procedures and practices relative to their
           professional status and training.
        4) Where applicable ensuring that clear guidance on safety matters is
           conveyed to patients and/or their representatives or any other person
           who could inadvertently be affected.
        5) Familiarising themselves with, and complying with local safety and
           emergency instructions including fire defence plans and no smoking
        6) Following accident and incident reporting procedures including
           cooperating with the investigation of any accident or incident as
           required by legislation to prevent reoccurrence.
        7) Highlighting and where possible dealing with any identified hazards
           and risks in line with Trust policies and.
        8) Not recklessly interfering with equipment provided in the interests of
           health, safety and welfare.
        9) Using any required personal protective equipment or clothing and
           ensuring that such equipment or clothing is suitable and fit for purpose
           or otherwise reporting any defects or inadequacies to their line

4   Consultation and co operation with employees, stakeholders and other

4.1 Consultation with employees and stakeholders:

        1) Calderdale Primary Care Trust will provide resources and support for
           consultation with employees and stakeholders through a Health &
           Safety Forum.
        2) This Forum will report to Senior Management Committee who in turn
           report to the Trust Board

4.2 Co operation and co ordination with other employers

       1) Calderdale Primary Care trust is host to employees from other
           organisations and partners. This may be other employees in
           Calderdale Primary care properties or our employees in other
           employers’ properties.
    Calderdale Primary Care trust will work with other employers to ensure co-
    ordinated protective and preventative measures are in place and that Health
    and Safety information is exchanged.

    Version No:      1                                                              7
    Approved Date:
5 Procedures for serious and imminent danger

        1) Calderdale Primary Care Trust will provide and maintain and regularly
           review emergency procedures to minimise the risk to employees and
        2) Plans and procedures will be in place, and continually developed for
           the continuous provision of critical services
        3) All key PCT localities will hold and maintain their own emergency
           contingency plans

6 Associated Policies

        1)   Fire Safety Policy
        2)   Manual Handling Policy
        3)   Security Policy
        4)   Display Screen Equipment (DES) Policy ( Draft June 07 )
        5)   Control of Substances Hazardous to Health ( COSHH ) (Draft June 07)
        6)   First Aid at Work Policy ( Draft – June 07 )

    Version No:      1                                                         8
    Approved Date:

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