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          Dr. Ralf Aschemann

 - Joint degree EAM Master programmes -
      TwoEA-M final conference, Graz
• Definitions
• Examples from the TwoEA-M
  guidebook (available at our website)
• Joint degree
  “M.Sc. Industrial Ecology“
• Closing remarks
23 Sept 2010   Joint degree EAM Master programmes   2
               Introducing myself

    Working for

23 Sept 2010      Joint degree EAM Master programmes   3
               ERASMUS MUNDUS (EM)
EM Action 1: Joint Programmes including scholarships

EM Action 2: Partnerships with Third Country higher education
institutions and scholarships for mobility

EM Action 3: Promotion of European higher education

TwoEA-M is under Action 3 (former Action 4), joint programmes
are under Action 1.

EC’s objective: EM will become a brand like Fulbright Grant

23 Sept 2010               Joint degree EAM Master programmes   4
               EC‘s key goal with EM 1
“EM Action 1 will foster cooperation between higher education
     institutions and academic staff in Europe and Third Countries
    with a view to creating poles of excellence and providing highly trained
    human resources.”
“Joint programmes of outstanding academic quality are designed
    and implemented by a consortium of European universities
    from at least three different countries. Consortia may also
    include universities from other parts of the world.”
“Programmes include obligatory study and research periods, in at
    least two universities, and award recognised double, multiple
    or joint degrees.”

23 Sept 2010                  Joint degree EAM Master programmes               5
• A double degree means that two universities offer a common
  programme and curriculum and the successful students will be
  awarded with two official degrees from both universities
• A multiple degree means, that more than two universities offer
  a common programme and curriculum and the successful
  students will be awarded with an official degree from each uni-
  versity of the consortium, where they did their courses
• A joint degree means, that two or more universities offer a
  common programme and curriculum and the successful stu-
  dents will be awarded with a joint degree, i.e. a single degree
  that is officially recognised in all of the consortium countries
     (even if students didn’t attend courses in all universities of the consortium !)

23 Sept 2010                     Joint degree EAM Master programmes                     6
                   Double or multiple
                  degrees identified (1)
• Six such programmes have been identified, namely
      – M.Sc. in Sustainable Community Development together
        with M.Sc. in Sustainable Water Management (225 univer-
        sities, co-ordinated by Baltic University Programme) with
        EM modules; six months, 60 ECTS
      – M.Sc. in Environmental Technology and Management (FH
        Oldenburg/GER, Esbjerg University, DK & De Montford
        University/UK; one year programme with 90 ECTS)
      – M.Sc. in Environmental Science - Soil, Water and Biodiver-
        sity (University of Copenhagen/DK, Swedish University
         of Agricultural Sciences, University of Natural Resources
         and Applied Life Sciences/A, Hohenheim University/GER;
         with EM & EI modules, 2 years, 120 ECTS), 2 univ. with double degree
23 Sept 2010                Joint degree EAM Master programmes                  7
               Two more multiple degrees
• European Master in Tourism Management (EMTM), University
  of Southern Denmark, University of Ljubljana/SI and University
  of Girona/ESP; EM module, four years, 120 ECTS; one semester
  at each university (plus master thesis)  3 degrees, EM mod.
• The European Joint Masters of Science in Management and
  Engineering of Environment and Energy ; Ecole Des Mines
  De Nantes (EMNANTES)/F, Politechnique University of Madrid/
  ESP, Royal University of Technology Sweden (KTH)/SWE,
  Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME)/H,
  and Queens University of Belfast (QUB) in Northern Ireland;
  two years, 120 ECTS; depending on the students’ pathways
  two or three degrees (double, triple), EM module

23 Sept 2010              Joint degree EAM Master programmes       8
                    One more example
• Master of Science in Environmental Sciences, Policy and
  Management (MESPOM), co-ordinated by Central European
  University in Budapest/H; further consortium members are
  Lund Univ./SWE, University of Manchester/UK, University of
  the Aegean/GR, Monterey Institute for International Studies/
  US, and University of Saskatchewan/CDN; 2 years, 120 ECTS;
  MESPOM graduates receive three degree certificates (from the
  University of Lund, University of Manchester and Central
  European University)  no real joint degree, but a multiple one

In order to show you a joint degree, I would like to refer to a
Future ERASMUS MUNDUS Master Course, starting 2011/12

23 Sept 2010                Joint degree EAM Master programmes      9
   Short definition: Industrial Ecology is studying the material and energy
   flows through industrial systems


23 Sept 2010                  Joint EAM Master programmes                     10
               What is “Industrial Ecology“?

• Industrial ecology is an emerging interdisciplinary field
  combining natural, technical and social sciences in a
  systems view at scale levels from the global to the local. Its
  core concept is the analogy between processes
  in nature (biosphere) and processes in society (techno-sphere).
  Evolution has resulted in a highly efficient
  use of materials and energy in biosphere systems: waste from
  one process is a resource for another. In
  today's society, resources are exploited, producing unusable
  waste streams and release of pollutants to
  soil, water, and air, leading to complex sustainability problems.
  Society might take lessons from the biosphere to solve these problems.

23 Sept 2010              Joint degree EAM Master programmes               11
               Industrial Ecology: Some methods

Life cycle analysis (comparing the full range of environmental
    and social damages assignable to products and services, looking
    at raw material production, manufacture, distribution, use and
    disposal including all intervening transportation steps that are
    necessary or caused by the product's existence; cradle to grave)
Material/substance flow analysis (analyzing the flows of a
    material/substance in defined system on different scales, e.g.
    national, regional, local, along a industrial supply chain…)
Further methods, such as input-output analysis, environmental
    impact assessment and strategic environmental assessment
    (EIA/SEA) environmental management systems (EMS), cost-
    benefit-analysis (CBA) and many others

23 Sept 2010               Joint degree EAM Master programmes          12
               Joint degree “M.Sc. Industrial
• Title: M.Sc. Industrial Ecology, 2 years, 120 ECTS, including EM
  and EI modules
• Consortium: University of Graz (co-ordinator), Gothenburg Uni –
  versity of Technology/SWE, Leiden University and Delft Univer-
  sity of Technology/NL, plus third country partners (for spending
  a semester outside Europe) Waseda University/JPN, Rochester
  Institute of Technology/US, Asian Inst. of Technology/TH
• Joint degrees awarded by Sweden, Austria (in progress) and
  Netherlands (currently double degree, joint degree in prep.)
  plus diploma supplements from US and Asian partners
• Students enrolled in 2 (3, or all) of the EU universities of the
  consortium will be awarded with one degree, acknowledged by all four

23 Sept 2010             Joint degree EAM Master programmes              13
                        Curriculum structure IE
                                     The human
                                     of Industrial
                   Ecology                                  Sustainable
               methods/tools,                                Technical
               in part. f. cert.                              systems
                material syst.                             (Gothenborg)
               (Leiden, Delft)
                                     Five basic
                                    of Industrial
                I/O analysis,                               Asian per-
                 focusing on                               spectives on
                  waste and                                 Industrial
                   resource                                  Ecology
                management                                 (Asian Inst.
                    (Tokio)           Alternative           of Techn.)
                                     energy and

23 Sept 2010                       Joint degree EAM Master programmes     14
                        Closing remarks
• Bologna process  Internationalisation trend for European
  universities, enhancing mobility throughout the EU for students
  and scholars
• Double, multiple and joint degrees as innovative “international”
  degrees, boosted and supported by the EU, in particular via
  the ERASMUS MUNDUS Action 1
• EAM contents and education will become even more important
  in the future, when one is looking at the environmental
  problems we are facing
• English as European university knowledge, at least for the
  Master level?

23 Sept 2010               Joint degree EAM Master programmes        15

23 Sept 2010                Joint EAM Master programmes                16
                    Thank you …

      … for your kind attention!
      Any questions?

23 Sept 2010           Joint EAM Master programmes   17

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