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					 European Union
Politics (PO3680)

          Dr. Raj Chari

    Overview of Course
PO3680 – European Union Politics

•   EUP meets twice a week
•   Thursday 6-7 PM; Hamilton Joly 4
•   Friday 2-3pm – 3074 Arts

•   I will teach Course in Term 1
•   Dr. Tim Hicks will teach class in Term 2
•   In Term 1, My office hours are at Thursdays at 4:30-
    5:30PM, 4.04 1 CG (Political Science)
Overview of course aims
   The general aim of this course is to provide students
    with a critical understanding and comprehensive
    knowledge of the politics and public policy making
    processes of the European Union.
   Particular attention will be paid to European
    institutions and different policy areas, including single
    market, competition, economic and monetary,
    agriculture, freedom, security and justice as well as
    external policies.
   At end of this course students will have a detailed
    understanding of: how the EU institutions work, how
    public policy is formed and theoretical
    characterisations of the policy making process.
Course management
   Lectures – 2 Times a week
   Tutorials for each student starting week 5;
   Each student will attend 6 by the end of the year
   There are 4 Groups; Must sign Up on 3rd floor Bulletin Boards
   TA – Kristin Semancik,, Ph.D. Candidate, TCD
   Why go to tutorials?
    Attendance Required!
    Help prepare for Essays
    Exam guidance
    Problem solving
    Knowing you means we can respond if problems arise
Tutorial Groups – Sign Up Sheet
3rd floor Politics Building
   Group 1
   Time/Place: Thursdays at 10 AM in CG 3
   Weeks Tutorials Meet:
   Teaching Week (TW) Semester 1: Week 5, 8 and 10
   TW Semester 2: Week 4, 6, 9

   Group 2
   Time/Place: Thursdays at 3 PM in Arts 5025
   Weeks Tutorials Meet:
   Teaching Week (TW) Semester 1: Week 5, 8 and 10
   TW Semester 2: Week 4, 6, 9

   Group 3
   Time/Place: Thursdays at 3PM in Arts 5025
   Weeks Tutorials Meet:
   Teaching Week (TW) Semester 1: Week 6, 9, 11
   TW Semester 2: Week 5, 8, 10

   Group 4
   Time/Place: Thursdays at 1 PM in AP 4.03
   Weeks Tutorials Meet:
   Teaching Week (TW) Semester 1: Week 5, 8 and 10
   TW Semester 2: Week 4, 6, 9
Reading and web resources

    Chari and Kritzinger, Understanding EU
     Policy Making (London: Pluto)

    Recommended: Hix, the Political System of
     the EU (2nd ed.) (London: Palgrave).
    There are multiple copies of these in the
Web resources
   Course outline and Powerpoint notes can all
    be downloaded from my website in Politics
    Go to: (this links to my Politics webpage)

       Click on link “Courses”

       BUT, If we find lecture attendance is poor, notes
        will be taken down and not be posted further.
Course Evaluation
•   Grades will be based on the following 2 forms of

•   1. Two (2) Essays. These will count as 25% of the
    overall mark. One essay due each Semester

•   2. An annual exam (essay format). The annual exam
    counts 75% of the overall grade. Exact date to be
    announced by Exams Office.
   In Term 1, Students are welcome to see me at my office hour
    dedicated exclusively to PO3680 students: Thursdays at 4:30-
    5:30 PM in Room 4.04 CG Further, please feel free to speak to
    me before or at the end of lectures as well. Students also have
    opportunities to raise questions related to the course at the
   I would appreciate if you did not email me and this should be
    used only as a matter of last resort. This is because the number
    of students attending this 3rd year class (estimated over 80
    students!) is so high that it would be impossible for one
    Lecturer alone to respond to all emails from the class.
   If you have a personal matter to discuss, in the first instance
    see your College Tutor and, if need be, please come to my
    office during office hours only.
Communication - When in
    If you are found using your phone in class – including texting
    someone or reading texts - it will be reported to the Junior Dean.
Sickness & Swine Flu
   If you are sick please do NOT come to class!
   NB: Trinity Pandemic (H1N1)Helpline: 01 896
    4000 (9.00-13.00 hrs and 14.00-17.00 hrs)
   24 Hour HSE Flu Information Line Freephone
    1800 94 11 00
   More information may be found at
Visiting Students
   Visiting students are expected to fulfill the same course
    requirements, in terms of coursework and exams, as Trinity
    students. Visiting students here for the whole academic year
    (or for Hilary Term only) should bear in mind, before making
    arrangements to return home, that the examination season
    does not finish until mid-May.
   For those visiting students who may be only here for the
    Michaelmas term (Semester 1) or the Hilary Term (Semester
     if you are here for Term 1, you can receive 5 ECTS credits
        and you will be expected to write two essays (each on the
        two tutorial essay topics.)
     If you are only here for Term 2, you can receive 5 ECTS
        credits and you will be expected to write two essays in the
        Term (on topics announced by Dr. Hicks)
        Lecture Outline – See Outline
        for Reqd Readings for Term 1
 Term 1
1. Introduction and Overview of the Course
      Getting to Know Each Other, Basics on the EU
     Brief History of the EU and the importance of EU Policy
    2. Actors in the Policy-Making Process
     Domestic level: Core-executives, Legislatures,
       Bureaucracies, Courts and IGs
     Supranational Level - the Commission, Council, the
       European Parliament, the European Court of Justice
     Focus on EU Interest Groups and their Regulation

    3. Theoretical Approaches
    Lecture Outline – Term 2

   Dr. Hicks will be leading these sessions and will
    be announcing specific topics at the time,
    including those on specific policy areas.
Tutorial topics – Term 1

     Tutorial 1.
      Introductory Meeting
     Tutorial 2.
      Strengths and Weaknesses of Dual Exec
     Tutorial 3.
      Lobbying Regulation at EU level in
      comparison with other political systems
Tutorial topics – Term 2

     To Be Announced in January
How to Get Course Outline For
RC’s Notes in Term 1
   Goto:

   Or, alternativly, goto, then
    go to ‘courses’ and you will see outline.

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