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ENS Entry Key for Nov 2011


                                                                      Mode of
                                                 Declared First EU     at the
Service         Vessel Name      Voyage Number      Entry Port        Border
  AES          COMMANDER             10E43           Hamburg            SEA
  AES           Santa Bettina        12E44           Hamburg            SEA
  AES              TEGESOS           16E45           Hamburg            SEA
  AES          COMMANDER             11E46           Hamburg            SEA
  AEX         OOCL ANTWERP           42W44            Cagliari          SEA
  AEX         OOCL OAKLAND           26W45            Cagliari          SEA
  AEX        CANADA EXPRESS          46E44            Cagliari          SEA
  AEX          ITALY EXPRESS         54W46            Cagliari          SEA
  AEX          OOCL BRITAIN          28E45            Cagliari          SEA
  AEX       VIETNAM EXPRESS          29W47            Cagliari          SEA
  AEX       THAILAND EXPRESS         38E46            Cagliari          SEA
  AEX       OOCL HONG KONG           31E47            Cagliari          SEA
 AGM           BOX VOYAGER          VB566E           Le Havre           SEA
 AGM      HANJIN BUENOS AIRES       VB568E           Le Havre           SEA
 AGM            BOX TRADER          VB570E           Le Havre           SEA
 AGM            ALDEBARAN           VB572E           Le Havre           SEA
  ATX        ZIM RIO GRANDE          34E44          Rotterdam           SEA
  ATX         OOCL NORFOLK           35E45          Rotterdam           SEA
  ATX         CAP STEPHENS           23E46          Rotterdam           SEA
  ATX         OOCL NAGOYA            26E47          Rotterdam           SEA
  ATX        ZIM RIO GRANDE          35E48          Rotterdam           SEA
 EMX             ZIM DALIAN           014E          Constanta           SEA
 EMX          ZIM KINGSTON            114E          Constanta           SEA
 EMX              ZIM INDIA           017E          Constanta           SEA
 EMX          ZIM COLOMBO             011E          Constanta           SEA
 EUM          BUSAN EXPRESS          03W44            Genova            SEA
 EUM          APL HAMBURG             014W            Genova            SEA
 EUM      LOS ANGELES EXPRESS        54W46            Genova            SEA
 EUM          MOL PREMIUM             028W            Genova            SEA
 EUM        HYUNDAI TACOMA            024W            Genova            SEA
  GAX      YORKTOWN EXPRESS          88E44           Antwerp            SEA
  GAX        ST LOUIS EXPRESS        44E45           Antwerp            SEA
  GAX     PHILADELPHIA EXPRESS       87E46           Antwerp            SEA
  GAX     CHARLESTON EXPRESS         91E47           Antwerp            SEA
 GEX1         OOCL BELGIUM           98E45           Liverpool          SEA
 GEX1        OTTAWA EXPRESS          04E47           Liverpool          SEA
 GEX2       TORONTO EXPRESS          98E45           Antwerp            SEA
 GEX2      MONTREAL EXPRESS          93E46           Antwerp            SEA
 GEX2        OOCL MONTREAL           03E47           Antwerp            SEA
 GEX2       TORONTO EXPRESS          99E48           Antwerp            SEA
 GEX2      MONTREAL EXPRESS          94E49           Antwerp            SEA
 GMX        LIVORNO EXPRESS          06E44           Le Havre           SEA
GMX         BONN EXPRESS         71E45     Le Havre    SEA
GMX      ALTAMIRA EXPRESS        96E46     Le Havre    SEA
GMX       NORFOLK EXPRESS        21E47     Le Havre    SEA
 IPE      CMA CGM BELLINI       EP806W    Marsaxlokk   SEA
 IPE      CMA CGM BELLINI       EP806W   Southampton   SEA
 IPE    OOCL SAN FRANCISCO      EP808W    Marsaxlokk   SEA
 IPE    OOCL SAN FRANCISCO      EP808W   Southampton   SEA
 IPE       CMA CGM VERDI        EP810W    Marsaxlokk   SEA
 IPE       CMA CGM VERDI        EP810W   Southampton   SEA
 IPE      CMA CGM ROSSINI       EP812W    Marsaxlokk   SEA
 IPE      CMA CGM ROSSINI       EP812W   Southampton   SEA
LPA          NYK ORION           19W44    Rotterdam    SEA
LPA          NYK ADONIS          09W45    Rotterdam    SEA
LPA          NYK ALTAIR          07W46    Rotterdam    SEA
LPA         NYK OLYMPUS          19W47    Rotterdam    SEA
LPB      NORTHERN JUBILEE        01W43     Hamburg     SEA
LPB       CHICAGO EXPRESS        32W44     Hamburg     SEA
LPB        OSAKA EXPRESS         27W45     Hamburg     SEA
LPB        KYOTO EXPRESS         35W46     Hamburg     SEA
LPB         SOFIA EXPRESS        08W47     Hamburg     SEA
LPC        OOCL SHENZHEN         53W44   Southampton   SEA
LPC       OOCL LONG BEACH        64W45   Southampton   SEA
LPC      OOCL LUXEMBOURG         09W46   Southampton   SEA
LPC       BREMEN EXPRESS         22W47   Southampton   SEA
LPC        OOCL HAMBURG          67W48   Southampton   SEA
LPD       OOCL CALIFORNIA        28W44   Southampton   SEA
LPD          OOCL CHINA          36W45   Southampton   SEA
LPD        OOCL SHANGHAI         96W47   Southampton   SEA
NE4          YM UNISON           0033W    Rotterdam    SEA
NE4      HONG KONG BRIDGE        0013W    Rotterdam    SEA
NE4          YM UBERTY           0023W    Rotterdam    SEA
NW1      HYUNDAI NAVARINO         005W    Rotterdam    SEA
NW1      HYUNDAI MERCURY          016W    Rotterdam    SEA
NW1      HYUNDAI COURAGE          018W    Rotterdam    SEA
NW1       HYUNDAI LOYALTY         016W    Rotterdam    SEA
NW3        MOL CHARISMA           008W   Southampton   SEA
NW3          APL NINGBO           009W   Southampton   SEA
NW3          APL POLAND           022W   Southampton   SEA
NW3         MOL COSMOS            020W   Southampton   SEA
PAX    LUDWIGSHAFEN EXPRESS      15E44     Antwerp     SEA
PAX         PARIS EXPRESS        47E45     Antwerp     SEA
PAX    RIO DE JANEIRO EXPRESS    01E46     Antwerp     SEA
PAX         KOBE EXPRESS         69E47     Antwerp     SEA
PAX     ROTTERDAM EXPRESS        73E48     Antwerp     SEA
              EU24 ENS Submission Entry Key

               ETA at Declared     Country Code of
IMO Vessel    Customs Office of    Declared First EU    Declared First EU
 Number      First EU Entry Port     Entry code        Entry Customs Code
 9241918        201111131200              DE                DE004851
 9338084        201111201200              DE                DE004851
 9122215        201111271200              DE                DE004851
 9241918        201112041200              DE                DE004851
 9307011        201111171200              IT                IT044100
 9367190        201111241200              IT                IT044100
 9307023        201111261200              IT                IT044100
 9306990        201112011200              IT                IT044100
 9102318        201112031200              IT                IT044100
 9367205        201112081200              IT                IT044100
 9367188        201112101200              IT                IT044100
 9108166        201112171200              IT                IT044100
 9418377        201111271200              FR                FR002300
 9443011        201112041200              FR                FR002300
 9423035        201112111200              FR                FR002300
 9301990        201112181200              FR                FR002300
 9363376        201111141200              NL                NL000396
 9440045        201111211200              NL                NL000396
 9290426        201111281200              NL                NL000396
 9445538        201112051200              NL                NL000396
 9363376        201112121200              NL                NL000396
 9391268        201112081200              RO                ROCT1970
 9389693        201112151200              RO                ROCT1970
 9322358        201112221200              RO                ROCT1970
 9456977        201112291200              RO                ROCT1970
 9252577        201111301200              IT                IT069102
 9332860        201112071200              IT                IT069102
 9252541        201112141200              IT                IT069102
 9444261        201112211200              IT                IT069102
 9385001        201112281200              IT                IT069102
 9243174        201111241200              BE                BE101000
 9243186        201112011200              BE                BE101000
 9243203        201112081200              BE                BE101000
 9243162        201112151200              BE                BE101000
 9169419        201111131200              GB                GB000080
 9165360        201111271200              GB                GB000080
 9253727        201111101200              BE                BE101000
 9253741        201111171200              BE                BE101000
 9253739        201111241200              BE                BE101000
 9253727        201112011200              BE                BE101000
 9253741        201112081200              BE                BE101000
 8905969        201111261200              FR                FR002300
8711368   201112031200   FR   FR002300
8501426   201112101200   FR   FR002300
9104902   201112171200   FR   FR002300
9280598   201111271200   MT   MT000400
9280598   201112041200   GB   GB000290
9199268   201112041200   MT   MT000400
9199268   201112111200   GB   GB000290
9280653   201112111200   MT   MT000400
9280653   201112181200   GB   GB000290
9280639   201112181200   MT   MT000400
9280639   201112251200   GB   GB000290
9312999   201112081200   NL   NL000396
9468293   201112151200   NL   NL000396
9468308   201112221200   NL   NL000396
9312987   201112291200   NL   NL000396
9450337   201112041200   DE   DE004851
9295268   201112111200   DE   DE004851
9320697   201112181200   DE   DE004851
9295256   201112251200   DE   DE004851
9450404   201201011200   DE   DE004851
9243394   201112041200   GB   GB000290
9243409   201112111200   GB   GB000290
9417270   201112181200   GB   GB000290
9343728   201112251200   GB   GB000290
9252008   201201011200   GB   GB000290
9102289   201112011200   GB   GB000290
9108178   201112081200   GB   GB000290
9198111   201112221200   GB   GB000290
9302633   201112020001   NL   NL000396
9395161   201112090001   NL   NL000396
9337444   201112160001   NL   NL000396
9400289   201112061200   NL   NL000396
9393307   201112131200   NL   NL000396
9347542   201112201200   NL   NL000396
9393319   201112271200   NL   NL000396
9321249   201112071200   GB   GB000290
9495040   201112141200   GB   GB000290
9321263   201112211200   GB   GB000290
9388340   201112281200   GB   GB000290
8902577   201112201200   BE   BE101000
9038919   201112271200   BE   BE101000
9301847   201201031200   BE   BE101000
9143544   201201101200   BE   BE101000
9193317   201201171200   BE   BE101000

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