Owner General Manager Job Description by S55x5R


									                    Pool and Spa Retail & Service Job Description
                        OWNER/GENERAL MANAGER

Primary Purpose of Job
Make the business successful by directing the current and future business plans, including these
key areas – strategy, financial management, marketing, purchasing, people management and

Job Duties
1. Determine and manage the overall strategy for the business
   a. Develop a plan to carry out the business strategy from year to year:
      1. Involve key employees in the development of the plan
      2. Communicate the plan to all employees
      3. Hold all employees accountable for contributing their results
      4. Have appropriate risk management plans in place to protect the business

2. Financial Management
   a. Establish the financial plan for the year that supports the business strategy
   b. Monitor and analyze the financial results regularly
   c. Establish financial processes and procedures regarding payables, receivables, cash
      management, and inventory management
   d. Direct purchasing practices and vendor management
   e. Set product and service pricing to meet financial objectives

3. Marketing and Sales
   a. Establish the marketing and sales plan for the year that supports the business strategy
   b. Communicate the plan to all employees
   c. Provide company brand, product and sales training to all employees
   d. Set, monitor, and maintain customer satisfaction goals and practices in the business

4. Health and Safety
   a. Establish OSHA required safety and security policies and procedures
   b. Ensure all employees are trained properly on the policies and safety procedures to assure a
      safe and healthy work environment
   c. Ensure a Hazard Communication program is maintained including proper storage,
      transporting and handling of chemical products
   d. Ensure a Crisis or Emergency Action Plan is in place in the event of a fire, spill, tornado,
      robbery or a workplace violence event should occur
   e. Ensure a “certified” hazard assessment has been completed and signed off on by owner

5. Human Resources and talent management of the business
   a. Establish employee policy and procedures for the company in keeping with the workplace
      culture and pertinent employment laws
   b. Ensure all employees are trained on these policies and procedures
  c. Assess the staffing plans to ensure they meet the strategy and business plan for the year
  d. Ensure key managers are properly trained and equipped to manage their staff from a legal,
     cultural and motivational stand point to meet the requirements of the business plan and

6. Other:
   a. Attend seminars and training on chemicals, equipment, services, and employee and retail
   b. Maintain positive community relationships and involvement
   c. Maintain proper contractor licensure in jurisdictions where required, insure contractor
      agreements include “hold harmless” clauses

Job Requirements
Candidate should have one or more of the following:
    5+ years’ experience in retail management
    4‐year degree in any discipline deemed to be applicable to retail management
    5+ years’ experience in the pool/spa industry with at least 2 of those years in retail

Other requirements:
    Candidate is required to have conceptual and tactical business skills
    Strong customer orientation
    5‐10 years of managing others
    Excellent communication skills
    Strong leadership skills and abilities

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