Rubrics for STB comps by S55x5R


									                                               Student Learning Assessment Rubrics
                                              School of Theology and Religious Studies

                                        Rubric for STB level Comprehensive Examinations

General Note: At the STB level, comprehensive examinations test the student’s mastery of a certain area of study without the
assumption that s/he will be able to contribute to the growth of that area, as would be expected of a doctoral student or an STL student.
STB. comprehensive examinations are generally based on the required courses as well as the reading list for the degree and are
formulated by the Ecclesiastical degrees committee. The required courses and the reading list should be such that the mastery of its
contents will constitute adequate knowledge of a broad range of theological issues to merit the degree in keeping with the standards of
the Vatican.


                                      Exceeding Expectations           Meeting Expectations                Below Expectations
                                               (3pts)                           (2pts)                              (1pt)
                                Essay shows that student            Essays address the points of    Essay fails to address the points
                                understood the terms of the         the questions with minimal      raised in the questions, or
                                questions and addressed all         or no off-topic parts. Essay    answers contain significant
                                points adequately with no part      shows that student              amounts of irrelevant material.
   Addresses the Questions      of answers going off-topic. Essay   understood the terms of         Essay fails to maintain focus on
                                shows that student understands      the questions and               the points of the questions.
                                larger contexts in which the        addressed all points.           Essay misconstrues the
                                questions can be framed.                                            question’s intent.
                                Shows real mastery of the           Student shows a good            Student shows only rudimentary
                                contents of material on reading     familiarity with the            familiarity with material from
                                list and others not on list. Can    contents of the material on     reading list. Cites data and
   Mastery of Content           cite facts and arguments from       the reading list, and is able   arguments either incorrectly
                                reading list material accurately    to cite data and arguments      from individual works or gives
                                and in detail. Student is able to   from various sources            only vague and general
                                critique sources when               accurately.                     exposition of their content with
                                appropriate.                                                        no detail.
                        No or minimal errors in              Essays contain a level of      Essays contain multiple errors in
                        grammar, spelling, and               spelling, punctuation, and     spelling, punctuation, and
    Mechanics           punctuation.                         grammatical errors             grammar.
                                                             consistent with writing that
                                                             must be done within severe
                                                             time constraints.
                        Essays are organized clearly and     Essays are organized clearly   Essays are written haphazardly
                        material is presented in logical     and the arguments flow         with no indication of prior
                        order. Vocabulary, including         logically. Student uses        outlining. Essays display some
                        technical vocabulary from the        technical vocabulary           non sequiturs and abrupt
                        field, is used accurately. Essays    accurately.                    changes of topic, and it is not
    Clarity             show signs of having been                                           always clear why facts and
                        outlined before student began                                       arguments are presented in the
                        writing.                                                            order in which they appear.
                                                                                            Technical vocabulary of the field
                                                                                            used minimally and/or
                        Essays go beyond using material      Essays answer the              Essays show minimal or no
                        from reading list to answer the      questions adequately and       ability to bring relevant data and
                        question at hand. Student goes       use relevant citations and     citations to bear on points being
                        beyond the terms of the              arguments from reading list    argued. Essays fail to juxtapose
    Critical Thinking   question to place issues in larger   sources, but do not go         details from sources in any
                        context. Juxtaposes relevant         much beyond the questions      meaningful way. Student shows
                        data from reading materials in       or raise larger issues.        minimal or no comprehension of
                        order to generate new insights                                      the point of the question under
                        and shed light on the question                                      discussion.
                        from multiple angles.


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