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					Volleyball (2007-2008)

Event                                   Division        Date(s)
Written Materials

You may receive general information     All Divisions   Any Time

You may receive recruiting materials    DI              September 1 of junior year
                                        DII             September 1 of junior year
                                        DIII            Any Time
Phone Calls

You can call coaches at your expense    All Divisions   Any Time
                                                        Once per week starting July 1
College coaches may call you            DI              after junior year
                                                        Once per week starting June 15
                                        DII             after junior year

                                        DIII            Any Time

Off Campus Contact
You can have contact with a coach off of                Allowed starting July 1 after junior
their campus                             DI             year

                                                        June 15 after junior year. Up to 3
                                        DII             in-person off campus contacts
                                        DIII            After junior year

Campus Visits

You can take unofficial visits          DI, DII, DIII   Any Time
                                                        Allowed beginning opening day of
                                                        classes senior year. You are
                                                        limited to one official visit per
                                                        college up to a maximum of
You can take official visits            DI, DII         five official visits
                                                        Allowed beginning opening day of
                                                        classes senior year. You may
                                                        take unlimited official visits but
                                                        you may only take one official
                                        DIII            visit per college
Evaluation and Contacts

Evaluations                             DI              Up to 7 times during senior year

                                                        April 9-12; November 12-15; April
Dead Period                             DI              7-10
                           November 10 (7a.m.) - 12, 2008
                           (7a.m.); April 6 (7a.m.) - 8, 2009
                           (7a.m.) (see NCAA Recruiting
                 DII       Calendar for exceptions)

Signing Dates
                           November 12-November 19,
Early Period     DI, DII   2008
Regular Period   DI, DII   April 8, 2009 - August 1, 2009
                 DIII      Any time
What it means

General information includes camp brochures and admissions
You may receive any written information including personal
emails and letters

You are allowed to call college coaches at your expense at
Remember, you are always allowed to call coaches, but there
are several restrictions about when they can call you.

Technically, DIII coaches can call at any time, although many
follow the DI rules

This means you can visit with the coach off of their college

You are allowed to take an unlimited amount of unofficial visits
at any time during your career. An unnoficial visit is any visit by
you and your parents to a college campus paid for by you and
your parents

An official visit is any visit to a college campus by you and your
parents paid for by the college

An evaluation is an activity by a coach to evaluate your
academic or athletics ability. This would include visiting your
high school or watching you practice or compete

During a dead period a college coach may not have any in-
person contact with you or your parents at any time in the dead
DIII institutions do not use the National Letter of Intent

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