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cppe pharmacogenetics july 07 by 5K3vbv


									                  The Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education

               CPPE e- learning programme - Pharmacogenetics: genetic
                approaches to therapy
          CPPE is moving into a new and exciting area of learning by developing
          interactive e-learning programmes. Our first interactive e-learning programme
   News @ CPPE
          Pharmacogenetics: genetic approaches to therapy went live in June 2007.
          The programme makes extensive use of rich graphics and text to deliver a
          novel learning format to meet the needs of our varied audience.

          This e-learning programme has been developed for pharmacists who want to
          familiarise themselves with pharmacogenetics and genetic approaches to
          therapy. It is intended to support the learning for those new to the subject. We
          use a variety of interactive activities and exercises; some of these have fun
          elements and some will challenge your understanding and test what you have

          The programme is endorsed by the National Genetics Education and
          Development Centre (NGEDC) and was
          reviewed by Prof Peter Farndon, NGEDC Director

          This introductory programme does not provide detailed specialist learning.
          However, the e-learning format will enable us to build in additional case
          studies and allow us to add on new sections as we develop them. We hope to
          build up the complexity of the programme and include more specific
          information about pharmacogenetic testing e.g. thiopurine methyltransferase
          (TPMT) for azathioprine as well as keeping up to date with the developments
          in cancer pharmacogenomics.

          You may have seen details of our new learning pack in the recent
          pharmacogenetic feature in the Pharmaceutical journal (Vol 278, 23 June
          2007). Prof Alain Li Wan Po professional lead for pharmacy at NGEDC, who
          was cited in the article, was the key author for our Pharmacogenetics: genetic
          approaches to therapy programme.

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          Email:      0161 778 4024 (24 hour automated booking line)
          General enquiries:          0161 778 4000
                                                                                July 2007

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