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									Vendor Satisfaction Survey
How to Use This Tool
Understanding vendor attitudes towards IT and the organization is essential for maintaining and improving the overall quality of vendor performance.
This Vendor Satisfaction Survey offers a series of satisfaction questions that an IT department can present to its vendors to get their feedback in order
to address issues and improve the vendor performance and overall relationship.
After completion of the survey, review the results, develop action plans for addressing the areas where the vendor has expressed dissatisfaction, and
explore areas where they are satisfied for lessons that can be applied to other vendor relationships.

Note: When conducting a satisfaction survey, it is imperative to disclose the results to the vendor managers and the executive team. Follow up on the
recommendations made if IT is to gain or retain credibility with its vendors and improve vendor performance. To encourage open and honest feedback,
ensure respondent anonymity, if desired.

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Vendor Satisfaction Survey
Instructions for the vendor completing the survey:
This survey asks you to evaluate the relationship between [company name] and the IT department. Your responses will be analyzed
by the vendor management team who will then work with you to address any areas for improvement.

Please mark the response that best indicates your point of view. Possible answers include:
Not Applicable
Strongly Disagree
Somewhat Disagree
Somewhat Agree
Strongly Agree

Text entered in light grey is sample text only and should be removed prior to completing the survey.

Vendor Information                                                                       Insert a response

Company Name                                                                             CommCo Inc

Representative Name (refer to one contract only)                                         Joe Doucette, Regional Sales Rep

Contact Information (refer to one contract only)                               

Product/Service Provided (refer to one contract only)                                    Telecommunications services

Contract Type                                                                            Service

A. Information Sharing: (how relevant is the information we provide to our
                                                                                         Select a response

1. We always read the background material provided to us.                                Somewhat Disagree

2. The background material provided is generally useful.                                 Somewhat Agree

3. Replies to our terminology/reference questions are received within a reasonable
                                                                                         Strongly Disagree
period of time.

4. We prefer to receive background material only on an as needed basis.                  Strongly Agree

5. We receive all the information we need, without having to request additional
                                                                                         Somewhat Agree
B. Administration: (do our admin processes negatively impact the vendor)                 Select a response

6. Payments are received in a timely manner.

7. Client payment related issues are resolved in an acceptable period of time.

8. We can always contact the person responsible for payment issues.

9. The client’s expectations for contract terms and conditions are reasonable.

10. The client’s contract negotiation process works well for us.

C. Relationship: (how cooperative is our relationship with the vendor)                   Select a response

11. We have a friendly and cooperative relationship with the client.

12. Instructions provided by the client are clear.

13. Client turnaround times for communications are reasonable.

14. Members of our team are treated with dignity and respect.

15. The client is always professional and courteous.

16. It is obvious who is the client entry point for your products/services.

17. This client compares favorably with our other customers as a company with which to
do business.

D. Communication: (are we making our needs clear to the vendors)                         Select a response

18. Client feedback is important to us.

19. The client provides feedback after the service/product has been delivered.

20. The client regularly meets with us to discuss status and issues.

21. We are updated on the client’s upcoming initiatives.

22. The clients decision making cycle is not slow or cumbersome.
E. Training: (Do our vendors understand enough about our business/processes)                  Select a response

23. Training in our client’s relevant business and processes is important to us.

24. We receive adequate training in our client’s business and processes that are
relevant to us.

25. Our client’s service/delivery expectations are reasonable.

F. Overall                                                                                    Select a response

26. I am satisfied with the overall quality of the relationship with the client company and
the IT department.
27. Please comment on any issues not addressed above or recommendations for
enhancement or improvement.

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