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									                        PATIENT REFERENCE GROUP REPORT

This report summarises development and outcomes of Handbridge Medical Centre patient reference
group (PRG) in 2011/12.

It contains:

      1.   Profile of practice population and PRG
      2.   Process used to recruit to our PRG
      3.   Priorities for the survey and how they were agreed
      4.   Method and results of patient survey
      5.   Resulting action plan and how it was agreed
      6.   Progress made with the action plan
      7.   Confirmation of our opening times.

1 Profile of practice population and PRG
Practice population summary

Our current practice population is 6734, broken down as follows;


48% Male & 52% Female


0-29       30%

30-39 12%

40-49 15%

50-59 12%

60-69 10%

70-79 7.2%

80-89 4%

90+        0.8%


We do not have ethnicity recorded on all of our patients’ records. However from the data we have
been able to extract we estimate that approx 96% of our practice population is British & approx 4%
from other with approx 50% of those being ‘Other White’

Chairman: Kathy Cowell        Chief Executive: Kathy Doran
PRG profile

We started off with just under 40 names on our PPG list when we had our first meeting in August
2011. Since then we have had two further meetings and some of the patients have since stepped
down from the group. We currently have 28 patients on our PPG, nine men and nineteen women.
They are all white British with the age breakdown as follows;

Age       Male   Female

30-39     0      1

40-49     1      1

50-59     0      3

60-69     0      5

70-79     6      5

80-89     1      4

90+       1      0

Total     9      19

Regularly visit the practice

Our PRG members were asked to complete a form when joining the group, from these forms
45% said that they visit the practice occasionally, 52% say they visit regularly and 1% say they
rarely visit the practice.

2 Process used to recruit to our PRG

We used a range of methods to recruit members to our PRG and continue to display information
in the surgery and on the website to encourage more patients to be involved. As an ongoing
process any patient leaving a comment/suggestion in the suggestions box or making a
complaint is encouraged to join our PRG as we welcome comments from our patients whether
positive or negative.

Listed below are the methods we used to promote our PRG within the practice and local

         Small leaflets were attached to all patients’ prescriptions for approx 2-3 weeks explaining
          about the PRG to gage interest. Patients were asked to contact the surgery if they were
         Flyers and Posters were given to the Delivery drivers for 7 of the Chemists our patients
          use around the Chester area. Handbridge, Westminster Park, Owens, Sainsbury’s,

Chairman: Kathy Cowell       Chief Executive: Kathy Doran
       Morrison’s, Boots, Hoole and Boots, Chester with info regarding the PRG and upcoming
      Posters were given to mother and toddler group in Handbridge to display on their wall.
      Posters and flyers were distributed throughout our surgery.
      A advert was put in the “Overleigh Magazine” this was successful as several members
       came forward having seen the advert.
      Information about the PRG was posted on our website, asking patients to fill in a form in
       surgery if they were interested in attending the meeting.
      Forms were left at reception and in the foyer for patients to complete if they expressed
       an interest.

Copies of the posters/flyers/forms/supporting information used are attached.

3 Priorities for the survey and how they were agreed

The patient survey was discussed with the PRG at our September 2011 meeting (minutes of the
meeting available on our website) were sample copy of two surveys were shared with patients
the IPQ (Improving Practice Questionnaire) and GPQ (General Practice Questionnaire). Both
questionnaires were considered by the group and it was felt that the IPQ best met our needs
and would allow easy comparison in the future as the GPQ will not be available in 2012/13.

The PRG also discussed the merits of including additional questions on the standard IPQ
survey, the consensus of the meeting was that this was not necessary as current priority areas
such as telephone access were already included. It was therefore agreed to use the standard
IPQ survey on this occasion.

4 Method and results of patient survey

The PRG gave the practice some useful feedback on how we should manage the survey in the
practice to help us gain a good response in a timely manner. Two changes to the method we have
employed in previous years were implemented following the discussion with the PRG at the
September meeting.

The PRG suggested that we produce a cover sheet (copy attached) to be handed out to patients
with the questionnaire to give them an understanding of why we are carrying out the survey and how
it will be used. Secondly the PRG felt that we would yield a better response if doctors handed out the
surveys to patients rather than the reception team. We adopted both of these suggestions and we
did manage to secure the required number of responses in good time.

The survey was carried out in the practice between 3rd – 21st October and 189 responses were

Survey results
See attached PDF document

5 Resulting action plan and how it was agreed

Chairman: Kathy Cowell     Chief Executive: Kathy Doran
The full report was received at the practice just before Christmas and a copy was sent to the
patient Chair of our PRG. The Chair, the Senior Partner and I met on Wednesday 4th January to
discuss the results of the survey and agree the areas where the action plan should be focussed.
It was agreed that the suggested actions should be discussed with the PRG at the next meeting
on 18th January 2012, the PRG were sent a copy of the summary of the survey results in
advance of the meeting.

The PRG met on the 18th January and the suggested actions were shared with those members
present, discussed and subsequently agreed (minutes of the meeting are available on our
website). The action plan was put together following the PRG meeting and shared with the
whole practice team on 8th February 2012. The practice team fully supported the action plan and
work towards completing the actions began.

Please find the action plan attached, the fours areas outlined in the action are as follows:

       Improving telephone access

       Comfort of the waiting area

       Waiting time in the practice

       Parking provision on Greenway Street

We are currently on track to meet all of our actions within the timescales agreed with the PRG.

We have not made any significant changes to our services over the last 12 months that have
required agreement by the PRG or PCT.

6 Progress made with the action plan
A summary of the progress as of 31 March 2012 is:

You said…                          We did…                             The result is…

Improve telephone access           Training to take place during       Two apprentices’ started in
for patients between 8-            March. Additional member of         February 2012. Training is
10.30am                            staff available from 2nd April      ongoing during March and we
                                   2012                                are on track to have the extra
                                                                       member of staff answering
                                                                       phones from 2nd April.

Comfort of the Waiting Area        Cushions to be in place by          Cushions were bought in

Chairman: Kathy Cowell      Chief Executive: Kathy Doran
                                 end of March 2012                 February and are available in
                                                                   all waiting areas. We have
                                                                   different colours in each
                                                                   waiting area.

Waiting time in the Practice     Communication to be               A ‘Please Do Please Don’t’
                                 available to patients during      patient information leaflet has
                                 March 2012                        been put together. It is
                                                                   displayed in the practice, on
                                                                   the website, available to pick
                                                                   up in the surgery and been
                                                                   attached to every repeat
                                                                   prescription that is being sent
                                                                   out to patients.

Parking on Greenway Street       Initial communication to be       Confirmation that the letter
                                 sent to Local Councilor in        has been received and that
                                 February 2012.                    the councilor is taking the
                                                                   issue up with the relevant
                                                                   departments on our behalf.

7 Confirmation of our opening times
As a result of the survey we have not changed out opening times. They are:

You can call the surgery on 01244 680169 between 8am – 6.30pm Monday to Friday excluding
Bank Holidays
The surgery reception is open 8am – 6.30pm Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays
Surgery times are between 8am – 6.30pm
We are not open at evenings and weekends but a routine appointment with a Doctor or Nurse can
be made at the Extended Hours clinic based at the 1829 Building on the Countess of Chester
Hospital Health Park by calling 01244 385422.
Outside of the surgery opening hours of 8am – 6.30pm you can call the Out of Hours Service on
01244 385300.

Chairman: Kathy Cowell    Chief Executive: Kathy Doran

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