Ideas for ways to handle the topic of by 5K3vbv


									Ideas for ways to handle the topic of “food and nutrition”

   Who’s to blame for obesity? Food places or people?

   How about the new food pyramid? Is it better than the old one?


   Are energy drinks really, really harmful?

   Do freshmen students really gain 15 pounds? Why?

   Do freshmen students at SUU gain 15 pounds their first year?

   Is processed food bad for us? Is some processed food better than

     the original food?

   What about portion size?

   Are restaurants deceitful on purpose? Is it all about money?

     What responsibility should they have?\

   Which restaurants offer the best foods for a person who wants to

     be fit?
 What is the relationship between poverty and obesity? Are food

  companies making it more difficult for people who have limited

  means to be healthy?

 What is the relationship between health and fast foods? Do “fast”

  foods cause obesity? Is that a fallacy?

 How is gender related to health practices? Do males have more

  problems staying healthy?

 What happens when a freshman leaves home and has to cook for

  himself? Should the university require students to purchase some

  kind of meal plan? Should they monitor what freshmen eat?

 How do sports affect appetite? General health? Do some sports

  encourage unhealthy behaviors?

 What is the best way to lose weight and maintain weight loss?

 Are sugar and carbohydrates addictive? How bad is sugar for us?

 Do people in impoverished nations eat more healthy meals than

 Do energy drinks lead people to alcohol consumption?

 Are young people today healthier than they were a generation

  ago? Are they more health conscious? How?

 What effect does a person’s home life have on healthy behavior?

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