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									Learning Plan 10
Writing a syllabus
A syllabus provides an overall picture of the course. It is a written agreement between instructors and
students that communicates competencies, class expectations, the grading plan, course guidelines and
information, as well as a schedule for the entire learning experience. In short, it provides the "big picture" to
your students. In this learning plan you will create a syllabus.

Target Competency
Create a syllabus.
          Linked Core Abilities
          Communicate effectively
          Write clearly and concisely
          You will demonstrate your competence:
          o by creating a syllabus for one of your courses.
          Your performance will be successful when:
          o Syllabus contains syllabus development or revision date.
          o Syllabus contains title and number.
          o Syllabus contains course description.
          o Syllabus contains course goals.
          o Syllabus contains day and time class meets.
          o Syllabus contains location of classes.
          o Syllabus contains required text / study guides.
          o Syllabus contains course policies.
          o Syllabus contains general information.
          o Syllabus contains instructor name.
          o Syllabus contains office location.
          o Syllabus contains office hours.
          o Syllabus contains contact information.
          o Syllabus contains competency statements.
          o Syllabus contains performance standards.
          o Syllabus contains list of learning activities.
          o Syllabus includes due dates.
          o Syllabus includes week sequence.
          Learning Objectives
          a. Describe the purpose of a syllabus.
          b. Indentify components of a well-developed syllabus.
          c. Generate information and / or guidelines to include in your syllabus.

Learning Activities
_____1.   PREVIEW the learning plan for this lesson.
_____2.   VIEW the presentation on writing a syllabus. FOLLOW ALONG in your text.
_____3.   COMPLETE Practice Handout 10.1

Assessment Activities
_____1.   COMPLETE Assessment Sheet 10.1 to create a syllabus for your own course. Use the scoring
          guide included to check your work.

                                Preparing a Syllabus

*What is the purpose of a syllabus?

A syllabus serves many different purposes. Here are a few of them:
             It serves as a compass, directing you and your students as you travel from
       the beginning to the end of a course.
             It informs the students of the final goal.
             It tells the students the path to take to meet the goal, the obstacles to
       overcome, and the requirements to reach the goal.
             It tells the student what kind of evidence will document that they reached
       the goal.
             It binds students, who wish to succeed in a course, to a path to follow.
             It binds the teacher to the same path. If instructors wish to change the path,
       they may, but the change must be communicated to the students, preferably as a
       revised syllabus, or at least in some written form.

   *What should be on a syllabus?

              A syllabus contains more than just an outline of course topics, a calendar of
   dates, or a reading list.

   An effective, well-developed syllabus has seven components:

   1.                                                      Instructor information

                                                        Instructor information lets students
              know who you are and where, when, and how they can access you for coaching or
              information. Include the following:

                 o                                         Your name
                 o                                         Location of your office, if applicable
                 o                                         Office hours or time you are
                     available for one-on-one assistance
                 o                                         Phone number or other means of
                     contacting you

   2.                                                      Course information

                                                          The following information should be
              included for the course:

                 o                                         Syllabus development or revision
                 o                                         Course title
                 o                                         Course number, if applicable

o                                            Number of clock hours, and
    number of credits or lessons, if applicable
o                                            Course description and goals
    (similar to your catalog)
o                                            Class meeting times
o                                            Location of class meetings
o                                            Required textbooks or study guides
o                                            Other reference material
o                                            Supplies (indicate who is furnishing

3.                                                         Performance expectations

                                                          This section presents the
           competencies, related core abilities, and performance standards for all learning
           plans comprising the course

4.                                                         Time line or schedule of

                                                         The construction of this section can
           vary according to the complexity of your course. If you have many learning plans,
           stating each and every assignment may be too much detail. A table showing the
           dates during which each learning plan will be covered, along with dates for major
           assignments or assessments will suffice.

5.                                                         Grading plan

                                                            This section tells the student on
           what basis you will assign grades. If you use a point system, then a chart showing
           how points are accumulated, and how many points equals what grade would be
                                                            Look at your school catalog at the
           grading system information you included there. The grading plan on the syllabus
           may be the same information.
                                                            Be sure to include a description of
           what each score in your grading system means.
                                                            If students must pass all
           competencies in order to pass the course, you should state that here.
                                                            If students must pass all
           competencies in order to pass the course, then you will need to have a re-testing
           policy that specifies time between assessments, maximum number of re-test
           opportunities, required additional learning activities before re-testing, any
           limitations on the re-test score, etc.
                                                            If your organization has pre-set
           policies around grading, be sure you follow them.

6.                                                         Course expectations

                                                         If you have a satisfactory progress
           standard, either academic or attendance or both, they should be included in this
                                                         Policies for participation, personal
           conduct, cheating, meeting deadlines, etc. are areas to consider including in this

7.                                                         General policies and information

                                                         This section is for you to include
           any other policies you have, and other general information, such as:

              o                                            Equity / inclusiveness statements
o                                         Instructions for students with
o                                          Statements regarding philosophy of
    core abilities and performance-based instruction
o                                          Lab, shop, or worksite procedures
o                                          Small group procedures
o                                          Information about tools or supplies
o                                          Bibliography
o                                          Any other items needed to
    complete the course

                                      Practice Handout 10.1
Directions: Assess the following syllabus for on on-line course called Personal
Decision-Making. Use the syllabus checklist provided.

                                                Syllabus…                         Yes   No

                         1.           contains syllabus development or revision

                         2.           contains title and number.
    Course Information

                         3.           contains course description.

                         4.           contains course goals.

                         5.           contains day and time class meets.

                         6.           contains location of classes.

                         7.           contains required text / study guides.

                         8.           contains course policies.

                         9.           contains general information.

                         1.           contains instructor name.

                         2.           contains office location.

                         3.           contains office hours.

                         4.           contains contact information

                         1.           contains competency statements.

                         2.           contains core abilities.

                         3.           contains performance standards.

                         1.           contains list of learning activities

                         2.           includes due dates

                         3.           includes week sequence

                                            Assessment 10.1

Directions: For this assessment, create a syllabus for your course. Use the
checklist provided to check your work.

                                                Syllabus…                          Yes   No

                         10.           contains syllabus development or revision

                         11.           contains title and number.
    Course Information

                         12.           contains course description.

                         13.           contains course goals.

                         14.           contains day and time class meets.

                         15.           contains location of classes.

                         16.           contains required text / study guides.

                         17.           contains course policies.

                         18.           contains general information.

                         5.            contains instructor name.

                         6.            contains office location.

                         7.            contains office hours.

                         8.            contains contact information

                         4.            contains competency statements.

                         5.            contains core abilities.

                         6.            contains performance standards.

                         4.            contains list of learning activities

                         5.            includes due dates

                         6.            includes week sequence


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